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Alen Komljen02/22/13
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More on Running WordPress on OpenShift

So here is second part of running WordPress on OpenShift article. As I said this post will show you how to install OpenShift CLI, how to create snapshots . . .

Lukas Eder02/22/13
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jOOQ’s Reason for Being

It is worth thinking about why you should (or should not) use jOOQ in a given project. Specifically, you might be choosing between jOOQ and JPA or other persistence frameworks

Cedric Beust02/22/13
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Answer to the "School" Challenge

I’m happy to see mostly correct answers to the School coding challenge. To make things more interesting, let’s start by looking at a naïve (and wrong) solution:

Greg Ness02/22/13
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Thinking Beyond Cloud Migration

Just as enterprises start to dabble in cloud migration (by merely migrating virtualized instances and sometimes services into public clouds), along comes the hybrid cloud meme . . .

Krishna Prasad02/22/13
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Datawarehouse with Hadoop+Hbase+Hive+SpringBatch – Part 2

To begin with let me tell you the choice of using Hive was to understand not to use Hive as a JDBC equivalent. It was more to understand how to use Hive as a powerful datawarehouse analytics engine.

Jason Whaley02/22/13
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Why I Write Tests

My tests aren’t for me. They are for you… and you, and you, and you!

David Pollak02/22/13
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First Bit of Lift 3.0

I've just started the Lift 3.0 code branch. Lift 3.0 will be based on Scala 2.10+ and will use features exclusive to 2.10 including macros. Lift 3.0 will also cut away at a lot of cruft that's grown onto Lift over the years, so 3.0 will have a bunch of breaking changes.

Eric Genesky02/22/13
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Taming the Monolith - Modernizing Old Code at RunRev

The project described in this post will make the platform an order of magnitude more flexible, extensible and faster to develop by both our team and the community.

Eric Genesky02/22/13
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Google App Engine offers Java 7 Runtime Support

Yesterday, Google announced App Engline Java 7 runtime as one of its 'experimental' features that is on its way towards wider availability.

Reza Shafii02/22/13
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Mule ESB and Mule Studio 3.4 Beta

Today we are happy to announce the beta release of Mule 3.4. This release of Mule ESB and Studio bring together a large set of innovative features that together greatly improve developer productivity and add powerful capabilities for the development of SaaS integrations.

Nadav Azaria02/22/13
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Performance Parameters - What Should I Expose?

Did you ever let your end-user determine your application's thread pool size? Well if you didn't then you are a better man then us, because we did and we were wrong doing so. In this article I will tell you why.

Arthur Charpentier02/22/13
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What Ockham Really Said, the Math of Marital Ruin, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier's link roundup takes a Big Data-fied look at porn star names, misconceptions about Ockham's Razor, and the mathematics of marital discord.

Paul Hammant02/22/13
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Continuous Delivery: Professionals vs. Amateurs

Where a performance becomes automatic for the performer through practice, and where repeated performance has value, then there could well be a transition from amateur to professional for the performer.

Jessica Thornsby02/22/13
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Hadoop Console: Simplified Hadoop for the Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the latest release in our string of Big Data announcements: the WANdisco Hadoop Console (WHC.) WHC is a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy for enterprises to deploy, monitor and manage their Hadoop implementations, without the need for expert HBase or HDFS knowledge.

Mitch Pronschinske02/22/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/22/13)

The JDK 8 dev preview is pushed back and Riak 1.3 is released. Plus, some uncommon opinions about the Agile Manifesto and Write Once, Run Everywhere.