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Thomas Mauch12/21/12
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Characterization Tests with MagicTest

Characterization testing is one of the most important areas of software testing. The visual approach featured by MagicTest allows you to get started with testing in a few minutes and implement these test efficiently and with ease.

Peter Lawrey12/21/12
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How fast are Java Datagrams?

In a highly dynamic, fast-paced and inter-connected business environment, this way of running a business is no longer possible.

Raghuraman Bala...12/21/12
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Making your apps truly HA on AWS - lessons from the recent outage

This summer, AWS had an outage in one of their data centers. Unlike last year, this year's outage had lesser impact on only one Availability Zone in the US-East region of AWS.

Peter Zaitsev12/21/12
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Benchmarking Galera replication overhead

Of course you may expect performance overhead, as in case with Galera replication we add some network roundtrip and certification process. How big is it ? In this post I am trying to present some data from my benchmarks.

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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Last-Minute Gifts for Beginning Coders

You're looking for the right gifts for a young or beginning programmer in your life, and you need to get them in a hurry. Not to worry: here are five ideas for kids or enthusiastic new coders.

Krishna Prasad12/21/12
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Claimcheck Pattern using Spring Integration and Gemfire

Gemfire can help an ESB to achieve distributed caching by virtue of being a powerful in-memory distributed caching backbone. The Claimcheck pattern is an Enterprise Integration Pattern will be used in our example.

Jakub Holý12/21/12
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What Is Clean Code? – In Quotes

What is actually good, clean code? Why does it matter? Marry Poppendieck has, in her excellent talk Deliberate Practice in Software Development (slides), quoted a couple of leading figures of our industry on what is clean code.

Bruno Terkaly12/21/12
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Consuming Azure Mobile Services from Android: Part 2

This post will cover adding data to a relational database, understanding the application key, and creating a database and a table.

Ben Kepes12/21/12
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Drivers for Cloud Adoption - CIO Research

Interesting survey results just released that indicate cost isn’t the highest factor in cloud adoption (yay – at last people are talking more about non-cost impacts of cloud)

Jens Schauder12/21/12
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Writing Parameterized Tests with JUnit Rules

I can’t help repeating myself: JUnit Rules are among the best, maybe the best, feature of JUnit. I even gave a talk at Devoxx about Junit Rules.

Eric Genesky12/21/12
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AWS Announces EBS Snapshot Copy

Amazon Web Services recently announced the release of Elastic Block Store Snapshot Copy. This tool enables users to copy EBS snapshots for use in multiple AWS regions.

Don Pinto12/21/12
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Hello World with Couchbase and Java

My favorite technical book of all time has been the C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie affectionately referred to as K&R.

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/12
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Scrum at Google

You may not have found this awesome google tech talk from 2006. It tells the story of how a group implemented Scrum at Google and what they did to tune it to their own particular style and needs.

Greg Totsline12/21/12
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Relative Performance of Three Approaches to toString()

I put together a quick experiment to compare the relative performance of three approaches to providing toString(): generated by Eclipse, Apache Reflection, and XML Marshalling. All three approaches support inheritance.

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/12
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Master Worker Pattern in JMS

A user asked a recent question on SO for their "application which needs to process huge file stored in DB in multiple rows." Here were the steps he wanted to trigger (he didn't know how to get step 2 going).