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John Sonmez02/26/13
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Where Is Agile Now?

It seems that we have now entered a phase where Agile is accepted as the default and now instead of everyone trying to pitch the idea of Agile, everyone is trying to fix their broken Agile implementations.

Edmund Kirwan02/26/13
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A Simple Suggestion to Radically Improve Your Package Structure

You don't need elaborate JSRs to build a better package structure. You just need a direction.

Alex Soto02/26/13
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Code Quality Stage Using Jenkins

In Continuous Delivery each build is potentially shippable. This fact implies among a lot of other things, to assign a none snapshot version to your components as fast as possible so you can refer them through all the process.

Claire Umeda02/26/13
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The Impact of Real-Time Big Data on Business

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, this panel of CTOs from AppNexus, adMarketplace, Tapad, x+1 and Aerospike discussed issues and best practices in architecting and operating Real-time Big Data systems at ad:tech New York, 2012.

Nadav Azaria02/26/13
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Executing a Command Line Executable From Java

In this post we'll deal with a common need for Java developers. Execute and manage an external process from within Java. Since this task is quite common we set out to find a Java library to help us accomplish it.

Alex Holmes02/26/13
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Using the Libjars Option with Hadoop

When working with MapReduce one of the challenges that is encountered early-on is determining how to make your third-part JAR’s available to the map and reduce tasks.

Steven Willmott02/26/13
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5 Things We Learned About APIs At Apistrat

We just had two amazing days at API Strategy and Practice in New York with great conversations! A full review coming up – but on the way home we just wanted to share a few technical gems which stood out from the sessions...

Ricky Ho02/26/13
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Text Processing, Part 2: Oh, Inverted Index

This is the second part of my text processing series. In this blog, we'll look into how text documents can be stored in a form that can be easily retrieved by a query. I'll used the popular open source Apache Lucene index for illustration.

Johannes Brodwall02/26/13
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Agile Release Pattern: Feature-On/Off-Switch

If you want to release frequently, a problem you may encounter is that some features, even though functionally complete, don’t stand well on their own, but require other features to be valuable to the user. A Feature-on/off-switch is a simple idea for dealing with this.

Mitch Pronschinske02/26/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/26/13)

Prepare for a deep, and critical performance review of Chrome along with some highly helpful principles for keeping your software simple. Plus, a huge Azure outage, another Linus Torvalds freakout, and a workplace with no bosses.

Nahuel Dalla Vecchia02/26/13
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The Mule Enterprise Console REST API

So you can use the UI to manage all your geographically distributed instances, but what about automation?

Todd Merritt02/26/13
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Construction Paper, Legos, and Architectural Modeling

I can remember as a kid playing with construction paper and Legos to explore my imagination. Through my exploration I was able to build airplanes, footballs, guns, and more, out of paper. Additionally I could create entire cities, robots, or anything else I could image out of Legos.

Mike Cottmeyer02/26/13
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In An Organizational Change, Culture Comes Last

That’s right, when you go to change an organization for the better, you need to do the culture part last. You can NOT change a belief system, until you first have some positive behavioral evidence.

Tobias Mayer02/26/13
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The Agile Playground #1

This is the first post in an intended series which will describe some interactive Agile games, with commentary.

Markus Eisele02/26/13
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Prime-UI, JAX-RS with Jersey and Gson on Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Cloud is around everywhere these days. It had a rough start with Larry denying the need for a cloud for a very long time