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Gil Zilberfeld01/29/13
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Just Shut Up

I have a big mouth. The kind that doesn’t shut up, especially when it needs to. But you might discover that you’ll get more by saying less.

Jaikiran Pai01/29/13
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Custom Error pages for Expired Conversations Involving CDI and JSF

Developers familiar with Java EE web applications would know that the web application deployment descriptor (web.xml) allows you to specify "error pages" which the container will display when a specific exception

Markus Eisele01/29/13
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JDBC Realm and Form Based Authentication with GlassFish and Primefaces 3.4

One of the most popular posts on my blog is the short tutorial about the JDBC Security Realm and form based Authentication on GlassFish with Primefaces.

Mark Needham01/29/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Kruskal’s Algorithm using union find in Ruby

I recently wrote a blog post describing my implementation of Kruskal’s algorithm – a greedy algorithm using to find a minimum spanning tree (MST) of a graph – and while it does the job it’s not particularly quick.

Christian Posta01/29/13
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Lean distribution of ActiveMQ

I saw a question on the mailing list asking for a simple, stripped-down, version of ActiveMQ. The default distribution and all of its runtime dependencies come in at about 44MB. I was able to get a working, “lean” version going at about 7.4MB.

Marc Löffler01/29/13
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7 Agile Myths

You’ll hear about these myths most of the time on management level, but some of them can be found on the development level, too. IMHO it’s important to be aware of these myths to be prepared for possible discussions.

Jason Sherman01/29/13
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ActiveMQ: Master/Slave Broker Configuration

Configuring a Master/Slave ActiveMQ instance is easy. With one simple attribute you can create a highly available ActiveMQ messaging platform.

Arthur Charpentier01/29/13
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Regression Tree Using Gini’s Index

In order to illustrate the construction of regression tree (using the CART methodology), consider the following simulated dataset...

Giuseppe Vettigli01/29/13
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Understanding Bloom Filter

A Bloom Filter is a data structure designed to tell you, rapidly and memory-efficiently, whether an element is present in a set.

Alex Holmes01/29/13
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Executing Variables that Contain Shell Operators

Here’s a quick example of an echo utility which outputs two lines, and a pipe operator which redirects that output to a grep utility which performs a simple filter to only include lines that contain the word “cat.”

Col Wilson01/29/13
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Install Stackless Python on Ubuntu

I'm just about to write a couple of posts on Stackless Python and theNagare Micro Framework which runs on it. So I've been installing Stackless on my Ubuntu 12.04. Here are some nice copy and paste instructions if you want to play along.

Pascal Alma01/29/13
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Mule ESB and the NoSuchMethodError: org.mule.util.ClassUtils.getClass exception

Currently I am adding some SAML related functionality to a Mule 3 implementation of one of our clients. To work with the SAML objects I make use of the OpenSAML library that is provided here as open source.

Dan Haywood01/29/13
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Apache Isis now has Shiro Integration for Security

Hot on the heels of Isis’ first release as an Apache top-level project, we’ve now released a new security component that integrates with Apache Shiro.

Jessica Thornsby01/29/13
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Apache Bloodhound 0.4 Proj Managment Tool Released

The Apache Bloodhound team has just announced their first release of 2013. Bloodhound (Incubating) is a software collaboration tool that builds on the proven project management and issue tracking system of Trac.

Mitch Pronschinske01/29/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/29/13)

A Rails vulnerability gets patch, the community begins voting for the name of the next Eclipse release, and the Ouya Android gaming console is out in the wild.