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Julian Exenberger01/01/13
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New Years Resolutions for the Java Developer

So in closing on a rather eventful year for me personally it's always good to reflect and think and thus we apply the cliché of the new years resolutions - with a twist - in that they will be Geeky.

John Cook01/01/13
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The Smallest Uninteresting Number and Fuzzy Logic

I’ve tried to think of something interesting about the number 2013 and haven’t come up with anything. This reminds me of the interesting number paradox.

Todd Merritt01/01/13
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Web Service Standard Complexity

Are we over-standardizing web services and hindering their adoption? No, and in fact I feel that it is helping its adoption in the modern corporate world.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/13
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7 Ways to Make Good Teams Great

Important info from the leaders in collaboration - Atlassian, about how you can make your dev teams better.

Ben Wootton01/01/13
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My Agile Reading List

Someone asked me for a few 'agile' book recommendations, so I came up with the following reading list, which interestingly enough, doesn’t include any books with the words agile or SCRUM in the title!

Eric Gregory01/01/13
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"FedEx" Commits with Continuous Delivery

At the 2012 San Francisco JUC, Cloudbees' Toomas Romer and Anton Arhipov discuss continuous delivery: "Packages sent via FedEx go through a tracked, automated process that makes sure that the package arrives promptly at its destination..."

Mikko Ohtamaa01/01/13
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A Skype Bot with UNIX Scripting and HTTP Webhooks Integration

Skype is the most popular IM client with over 200 million monthly users. It’s easy and reliable: anyone can use it anywhere, even on mobile. When you are working with virtual teams, Skype group chats become vital tool of communication.

Mark Needham01/01/13
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TextMate Bundles Location on Mountain Lion

Something that I’ve noticed when trying to install various different bundles is that the installation instructions which worked flawlessly on Snow Leopard don’t seem to do the job on Mountain Lion.

Eric Gregory01/01/13
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Big Data Year in Review

SiliconAngle interviews Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly on Big Data's explosive 2012.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/13
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Message Driven Architecture (Part 4)

Learn about Spring's support for Hohpe and Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. This video will include demos of several basic patterns such as Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Message Router, as well as composite patterns such as Scatter/Gather using a Splitter and Aggregator.

Chris Spagnuolo01/01/13
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Conformity, Innovation, and Progress

I believe that on a deeper level, we need to create environments on our teams, in our organizations, and in our society where people do not have to feel pressured to conform. People should be able to think freely and express their views without being hindered by the majority rule.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/13
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The Ultimate Guide to Greenhopper 6.0

Greenhopper 6.1 introduced epics , but Greenhopper 6.0 had a ton of features that you should check out if you haven't already.

Enrico Maria Cr...12/31/12
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Amazon S3 and Glacier: A Cheap Solution for Long Term Storage Needs

So far, I never needed to restore anything from Glacier, but I'm sure that day will eventually come. And I want to be prepared. And you should want to as well.

Raghuraman Bala...12/31/12
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Log archive & analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part III

In this post, we will see how to push logs from the local storage to the central log storage - Amazon S3 and what the considerations are.

Lukas Eder12/31/12
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A Map of 2012's NoSQL, NewSQL, and Other Database Options

So you want to go with the flow and implement your next application on top of some NoSQL, NotJustSQL, NewSQL, AlmostSQL, SQL++, NextGenSQL . . .