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Mohamed Radwan10/30/12
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My New TestConfig Framework Now on CodePlex!

I am pleased to announce that my new Testing and Configuration Framework (TestingConf Utilities) just published on CodePlex.

Chris Keene10/30/12
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PaaS Is Automation

Like cloud computing in general, PaaS has struggled to articulate clearly why it deserves to capture the hearts and minds of enterprise developers.

Arthur Charpentier10/30/12
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Correlation Implying Causation and More Data Links of the Week

This week's data and science links from Arthur Charpentier take a close look at the L'Aquila trial, argue that correlation sometimes implies causation, and more.

Bruno Terkaly10/30/12
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Augmented Reality in the Cloud - High Level w/ Windows 8 as Example

Augmented reality has the advantage of including the real-life image into the experience. Moreover, developers can take advantage of this capability today.

Paul Underwood10/30/12
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11 Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

In this tutorial we are going to cover what changes help change your website from being a slow low ranking site to a race horse.

Joonas Javanainen10/30/12
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Advanced ZK: Asynchronous UI Updates and Background Processing – Part 2

In part 1 I showed how server push and threads can be used to execute background tasks in a ZK application. However, the simple example had a major flaw that makes it a bad approach for real-world applications: it starts a new thread for each background task.

Baxter Denney10/30/12
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Want to Get Rid of Documents with Duplicate Content?

Whether you’re combining data from two different data sources, have multiple purchases from the same customer or just entered the same data in a web form twice, it seems like everyone faces the problem of duplicate data at one point or the other.

Henrik Warne10/30/12
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4 Reasons Why Bugs Are Good For You

Every once in a while I read something along the lines of: “most developers just want to write new features, they don’t want to work with maintenance and bug-fixing”. If that’s true, then most developers are missing out on the fun and benefits of finding and fixing bugs.

Blaise Doughan10/30/12
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Updating EclipseLink in WebLogic

JSON binding was added to EclipseLink in version 2.4. If you are using a version of that does not contain this version (i.e. WebLogic 10.3.4 (11g) contains EclipseLink 2.1.2), then by default you won't have access to this functionality. The recommended solution to this problem is to create a shared library in WebLogic for the newer release of EclipseLink.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz10/30/12
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Testing Quartz Cron Expressions

Declaring complex Cron expressions is still giving me some headaches, especially when some more advanced constructs are used. After all, can you tell when the following trigger will fire "0 0 17 L-3W 6-9 ? *"? Since triggers are often meant to run far in the future, it's desired to test them beforehand and make sure they will actually fire when we think they will.

Stoimen Popov10/29/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Shortest Path in a Directed Acyclic Graph

There’s a faster algorithm running in linear time that can find the shortest paths from a given source node to all other reachable vertices in a directed acyclic graph, also known as a DAG.

Mitch Pronschinske10/29/12
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The Algorithms of Memory

I’ve been trying over the last couple days to list all the different memory patterns I can see myself using. I’ve also tried to pull out systems I know of that do the same for comparison, although I can’t find direct equivalents in all cases.

Willie Wheeler10/29/12
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Large-Scale Continuous Integration Requires Code Modularity

Where large development teams and codebases are involved, code modularity is a key enabler for continuous delivery. At a high level this shouldn’t be too terribly surprising—it’s easier to move a larger number of smaller pieces through the deployment pipeline than it is to push a single bigger thing through.

Borislav Iordanov10/29/12
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Domain Modeling with OWL - Part 2

In this second installment of the OWL introductory series, we will be doing a little bit of math. If you ever plan to create a moderately complex OWL 2 model, understanding the mathematical foundations will give you the right intuitions and spare you unpleasant surprises.

Brian Gracely10/29/12
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The Cloudcast Takes the Krispy Kreme Challenge for Charity

This year, the Cloudcast is taking its ability to give back and have fun to a new level, asking listeners to (jointly) help make a donation to the sponsor of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, North Carolina Children's Hospital.