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Andriy Redko02/24/13
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Your logs are your data: logstash + elasticsearch

Topic of today's post stays a bit aside from day-to-day coding and development but nonetheless covers a very important subject: our application log files. Our apps do generate enormous amount of logs which if done rightare extremely handy for problems troubleshooting.

Rob J Hyndman02/24/13
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Removing White Space Around R Figures

When I want to insert fig­ures gen­er­ated in R into a LaTeX doc­u­ment, it looks bet­ter if I first remove the white space around the fig­ure. Unfor­tu­nately, R does not make this easy as the graphs are gen­er­ated to look good on a screen, not in a document.

Arthur Charpentier02/24/13
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Further Reading on GLMs and Ratemaking

Arthur Charpentier collects some predictive modeling resources from an actuarial journal on ratemarking.

Edvin Syse02/24/13
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Eclipse RAP 2.0 QuickStart with IntelliJ IDEA

Eclipse RAP 2.0 is finally out! I've created a quickstart project that will get you up and running with RAP 2.0, including project files for IntelliJ IDEA 12 if that's your IDE of choice, and automatic creation of a deployable WAR artifact.

Mitch Pronschinske02/24/13
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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Extreme Programming

Here's a nice short presentation that quickly covers the pros and cons of extreme programming.

Mitch Pronschinske02/24/13
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Demo: Spring Insight plugins for Spring Integration and RabbitMQ

A close look at Spring Insight's plugins for Spring Integration and RabbitMQ. The Spring Integration and RabbitMQ plugins combined provide a powerful tool for tracking how a distributed asynchronous applications are performing.

Madhuka Udantha02/24/13
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VFS Transport for WSO2 ESB

The VFS transport uses the versatile Apache Commons-VFS library as the underline library for various file system related operations. This is a simple tutorial on VFS in WSO2 ESB. I will be using WSO2 4.5.0 on windows7.

Hebert Coelho D...02/23/13
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EasyCriteria 2.0 – JPA Criteria Should Be Easy

Unfortunately JPA criteria has a huge problem that is its verbosity. Why not make easier? Thinking like this that EasyCriteria framework were born and now it is on version 2.0.

Jan Machacek02/23/13
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Akka and CUDA

Let’s continue our discussion of native components that react to messages from Akka. We will wire in actual image processing to our C++ code. To make the matters even more interesting, I’ll show you how to use the CUDA-enabled build of OpenCV.

Kane Mar02/23/13
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Agile Demand Outstripping Supply

Advertised agile jobs outnumbered candidates 4.59 to 1. The top three job titles requiring agile skills: java developer, software engineer and project manager. These are just the stats from a a Yoh IT report.

Comsysto Gmbh02/23/13
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How to Present Spring Data Neo4j Nodes in a JavaFX TableView

Today I would like to show you how to create a JavaFX TableView that displays Spring Data Neo4j nodes.

Arthur Charpentier02/23/13
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Modeling Individual Losses with Mixtures

Usually, the sentence that I keep saying in my regression classes is “please, look at your data“. In our previous post, we’ve been playing like most econometricians: we did not look at the data.

Gerard Davison02/23/13
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A Little Temporal Feedback When Running Tests

I have been working a lot recently with a bunch of test jobs that are intermittently getting stuck. Now it is possible to work out the point where the problem is occurring by looking at the date labels on the LOG output; but it is hard visually to pick these discontinuities out.

Kevin Chabot02/23/13
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Collections, meet Expression!

The Apache Collections library is a great library for working with collections. However, the need to write verbose predicates that are sometimes difficult to read reduces the ease of use for that library.

Bootstrap Mark...02/23/13
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Bootstrap’s Top 10 Big Data Predictions for This Year, Part 2

Big data is one of the dominant marketing topics of 2013 and Bootstrap believes that every technology related company needs to define their big data positioning and value-proposition.