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Allen Coin12/14/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #9

Wednesday was 12/12/12 and, believe it or not, the world didn't end. That means we can bring you your weekly NoSQL update according to plan. Next week, though, it'll be Dec. 21... uh-oh.

Ron Gross12/14/12
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How to Setup a Free MediaWiki on Heroku

I had to setup a wiki for some project, and thought of using Heroku for this purpose. Heroku doesn’t cost anything for 1 dyno, and comes with a bundled 5MB database that might just suffice for this project’s need.

Zemian Deng12/14/12
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Checking DB Connection Using Java

For the sake of completeness, here is a Java version of the Groovy post to test your Oracle Database connection.

Roger Hughes12/14/12
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Securing your Tomcat app with SSL and Spring Security

Before you start using Spring Security in earnest one of the first things you really must do is to ensure that your web app uses the right transport protocol, which in this case is HTTPS

Paresh Mayani12/14/12
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Android 4.2: How to Create DayDream?

This article is extension of my previous article about DayDream: What exactly DayDream feature is about?. Now i assume you understood about DayDream, so now i am proceeding further for developing a small example of DayDream.

Raghuraman Bala...12/14/12
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Tracing the Thin Line Between IaaS and PaaS

To begin with, SaaS is more for the end consumers. PaaS is more for developers where it abstracts the underlying infrastructure and you simply write code for the platform and rest is taken care by the platform service provider.

Rob Galanakis12/14/12
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Is QA a Good Stepping Stone Into Development?

I’ve always heard that it was difficult to move from QA into development (game design/programming/art/production). I thought this was smart- QA people should be there to be QA people, not doing a job only because they hope it would lead to something else.

Kief Morris12/14/12
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Iterations Considered Harmful

The iteration is a cornerstone of agile development. However, the way many teams run their iterations creates serious pitfalls which can keep them from delivering software as effectively as they could.

Andrew Trice12/14/12
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Connected Second-Screen App Experiences

In this post I’ll show a proof-of-concept second screen experience where the content of a mobile PhoneGap application is being driven by an external source (a video) using audio watermarks. In this case, the mobile application is the “second screen,” and your TV is the primary screen.

Arthur Charpentier12/14/12
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The Debtor Prisoner's Dilemma, Bar Charts with R, and More Data Links of the Week

This week, Arthur Charpentier brings us links on the problem of math expertise making people seem smart, climate predictions, R modeling, and more.

Alex Soto12/14/12
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Metrics: A New Way to Monitorize Your Application

When you are running long term applications like web applications, it is good to know some statistics about them, like number of requests served, request durations, or the number active requests.

Krishna Prasad12/14/12
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Spring Integration Mock SftpServer Example

Building on his last post on how to use Spring FakeFtpServer and JUnit to test a Spring Integration flow, will show how to test Spring Integration flow using Mock SftpServer.

Eric Genesky12/13/12
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On Service SDKs and Language Support

When service providers (like Amazon in this case) are providing SDK support they typically will be catering to their largest consumer base.

Ben Kepes12/13/12
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What Will Identity Look Like in the Future?

Identity Management is arguably the crown jewels of the enterprise, and many seasoned IT folks would scoff at the idea of that being farmed out to the cloud.

Mitch Pronschinske12/13/12
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Code Puzzler Response - Find the Integer Square Root of a Positive Integer

A puzzler was given before, and all submitted solutions were based on the iteration: x_n+1 = (x_n + x/x_n) / 2. That formula is great for finding good rational approximations of the square root of a number, but it's trivial once you know the formula.