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Raymond Camden03/03/13
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Quick Tip - Make Apache's Directory Indexes Look Nicer on Mobile

If you use Apache, then you most likely have DirectoryIndex enabled on your development server. This is the feature that lets you request a directory without a home document and see a list of folders and files.

Peter Lawrey03/02/13
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Low latency services

Low latency services are designed to be as simple as possible. All the same it is good to a have a picture of the the iteration between a low latency processing engine and the rest of the world.

Gil Zilberfeld03/02/13
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Chicken Thinking

"Put a good person in a bad system and the bad system wins, no contest.” It was amazing how quickly people, whose day job is to control actual important business numbers, lose focus of the same numbers (chicken-related, but important all the same) and their meaning.

Sarah Goff-dupont03/02/13
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TestNG

It's easy to use both JUnit and TestNG at once. Here are 3 reasons you *should*.

Andrzej Krzywda03/02/13
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Why Do Projects Take so Long?

Some projects take a long time to develop. In different contexts, the definition of "long" may vary. It was always interesting to me, what are the reasons for it. Recently, though, it became my obsession.

John Cook03/02/13
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Covariant and Contravariant

The terms covariant and contravariant come up in many contexts. The meaning in programming is an instance of the general use in category theory.

George London03/02/13
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Broken Tools - Liveblogging LinerNotes.com

Last live-blog, I made a plan to launch. Just the day before, I talked about how oftenplanning goes astray. And unsurprisingly, it’s only taken two days for my plan to get off track.

Allan Kelly03/02/13
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Story Points Considered Harmful? 1 of 4 - Journey's Start

Now I’ll admit, when I first heard this argument I thought “Well I can guess where they are coming from” - I have sympathy with the argument, I’ve always considered story points as suspect myself. I also thought “But I don’t think they are right”.

Mark Needham03/01/13
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Neo4j: Loading Data - REST API vs Batch Import

A couple of weeks ago when I first started playing around with my football data set I was loading all the data into neo4j using the REST API via neography which was taking around 4 minutes to load.

Vishal Jain03/01/13
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When to Extend Which Extension Point in Eclipse Plugin

There’s no need to tell how much popular and widely used the Eclipse platform is. And the huge success of it lies in its extensibility.

Sandeep Patel03/01/13
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Couch DB Java Integration : Couchdb4j

The CouchDB4J API is a library for accessing Documents from a Couch database.

Eric Genesky03/01/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #16

This week around the NoSQLsphere, we found an interesting best practices list for Java devs, as well as an informative post by Martin Fowler on Schemalessness.

Dave Fecak03/01/13
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The Stigma of Tech Certifications (and their real value)

What (if any) value do certifications have for your marketability, and could having a certification potentially result in the opposite of the intended effect and actually hurt your chances of being hired?

Richard Perfect03/01/13
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JavaScript Charts for Java Developers

In this article I would like to show how JavaScript charting libraries can be hooked up to server-side Java code. Many Java developers don't like dealing with JS.

Steve Smith03/01/13
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A Flaccid Scrum is a Missed Opportunity

Martin Fowler wrote a prescient article about the rise of Flaccid Scrum. Having recently worked on an agile project that could act as Exhibit A for Flaccid Scrum, I have hardened my opinion on Scrum to the point where I believe that Scrum cannot succeed without XP-style technical practices.