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Jessica Thornsby03/05/13
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WANdisco Announces Free Online Hadoop Training Webinars

We’re excited to announce a series of free one-hour online Hadoop training webinars, starting with four sessions in March and April. Time will be allowed for audience Q&A at the end of each session.

Henrik Warne03/05/13
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Algorithm of the Week: A Look At Coursera's Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Part I

I took a course like this over 20 years ago, so I thought it would be good with a refresher course. There were several topics that were new to me, in particular some of the graph algorithms (case in point: Karger’s min-cut algorithm presented in the course had not been invented when I went to university).

Steve Rogalsky03/05/13
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Agile Scope Completion Techniques

One of the questions I've received in the past about agile techniques is how to ensure you've captured enough detail about your requirements in order to proceed without missing major scope elements.

Dan Diephouse03/05/13
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Exploring the CloudHub Service for Application Data Storage

This CloudHub platform service arrived in the CloudHub R20 release, harnessing Mule’s Object Store capabilities. Each CloudHub integration application is given it’s own storage, with zero configuration required. This makes it a extremely easy to implement two very important integration scenarios...

Todd Merritt03/05/13
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Software Architecture Verses Software Design

Recently, I was asked what the differences between software architecture and software design are. At a very superficial level both architecture and design seem to mean relatively the same thing. However, if we examine both of these terms further we will find that they are in fact very different due to the level of details they encompass.

Krishna Prasad03/05/13
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JUnit Testing of Spring MVC application: Testing Frontend Using Selenium

I will demonstrate how to test Web layer in Spring MVC. We can also incorporate Authentication and Authorization, learn more about it in the blogs on Spring Security.

Ben Forta03/05/13
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Upgrading ColdFusion To Java 7

Now that ColdFusion supports Java 7, you should indeed upgrade, and (as requested by several ColdFusion users) here are some instructions and pointers.

Jay Fields03/05/13
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Synchronizing Snapshots and Incrementals With Single Threading

This entry is about using single threading (via jetlang) for synchronization and guaranteed accuracy.

Peter Lawrey03/04/13
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Simplifying low latency services

While coding for Chronicle to get maximum performance is very low level, too low level for most developers, you can still get very good performance with higher level designs which make it easier to use.

Krishna Prasad03/04/13
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JUnit Testing of Spring MVC Application: Testing Controller

In this blog I will demonstrate how to test Controller in Spring MVC. The objective of this demo is two fold, to build the Controller layer using TDD and increase the code coverage during JUnit testing of Controller.

Trisha Gee03/04/13
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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Have you ever thought: How do I stay ahead of the curve? There are so many technologies out there, and more coming along, I can't even keep up with Java, let alone the other JVM languages...

Mitch Pronschinske03/04/13
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Ted Talk: Agile Programming -- for Your Family

I found a new Ted Talk on agile methodologies applied to family life. I've actually read about many families who do this and I've even met a developer who does this. He used Scrum in his own home. Now this little movement is getting attention in the form of a Ted Talk. Watch it here...

Zemian Deng03/04/13
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A Few Notes About Java clone() Method

Did you know you can create new Java instance without constructor? That's right, and this feature is brought to you by the Java clone() method.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz03/04/13
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ListenableFuture in Guava

ListenableFuture in Guava is an attempt to define consistent API for Future objects to register completion callbacks.

Steven Willmott03/04/13
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Surveying 1000 APIs – Think APIs are for Startups Only? Think Again!

A common perception of APIs is that the majority of APIs are run by web technology startups. However, in the sample, only 17% of the companies providing APIs were web technology startups by our definition of less than 3 years old with a primarily digital / web based product).