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Steve Smith03/01/13
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A Flaccid Scrum is a Missed Opportunity

Martin Fowler wrote a prescient article about the rise of Flaccid Scrum. Having recently worked on an agile project that could act as Exhibit A for Flaccid Scrum, I have hardened my opinion on Scrum to the point where I believe that Scrum cannot succeed without XP-style technical practices.

Paul Reed03/01/13
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The Ship Show: Demystifying DevOps - A Chat with Damon Edwards

We sit down for a chat with the host of The DevOps Cafe, Damon Edwards, to talk through the finer points of DevOps. We ask some pointed questions in an attempt to get a good, concrete definition of “DevOps,” but without the hype that often comes prepackaged with the discussion.

Oliver Hookins03/01/13
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Can't Create New Network Sockets? Maybe It Isn't User Limits...

I’ve been doing a lot more programming in Go recently, mostly because it has awesome concurrency primitives but also because it is generally a pretty amazing language.

Edmund Kirwan03/01/13
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Is Your Code Structured Like This?

We should learn from the classics. Let's see what we can learn from JUnit's structure.

James Shore03/01/13
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Estimation and Fluency

Martin Fowler recently asked me via email if I thought there might be a relationship between Agile Fluency and how teams approach estimation. This is my response...

Eric Gregory03/01/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/1/13)

Today, learn how a rural farming community in England took the internet into their own hands, explore the history of curly braces, and take a look at every website ever.

Troy Hunt03/01/13
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Lousy ABC Cryptography Cracked in Seconds as Aussie Passwords are Exposed

45 seconds. That’s how long it took to crack 53% of the ABC’s now very public password database.

Moshe Kaplan03/01/13
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Instant Deployment with Git

One of the nicest things in git is that you can actually deploy code to production (or just your test environment) w/o implementing a complicated CI solution.

Mike Cottmeyer03/01/13
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Agile Networking Communities in Your Area

The best way to advance your agile journey is to get plugged in with others who are doing it. Here is a quick list of local and virtual communities, where you can find other practitioners like you.

Roman Pichler03/01/13
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The Product Demo as an Agile Market Research Method

This post helps you use your product demos as an effective agile market research tool: to collect relevant feedback in order to validate your ideas and improve your product. If you employ your demos to sign off user stories then this article will show you how to get much more out of them.

Rob Terpilowski03/01/13
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JavaFX is Eye Candy and I Have a Sweet Tooth. (Another Extreme UI Makeover)

I will illustrate a makeover I implemented for a new screen using JavaFX, which we had originally had planned to use Swing when the UI was first designed.

Chris Travers03/01/13
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The LedgerSMB Service Locator for UDF's: How it Works

We use currently a stored procedure API divided into an upper and lower half, The upper half generates an API call for the lower half, which can be called independently when finer control is needed.

Nadav Azaria03/01/13
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The Wizard Design Pattern

We all love wizards.... (Software wizards I mean). We are always happy to jump on those ''Next" buttons like we were dancing the funky chicken on our… well you get the point.

Dan Haywood03/01/13
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Marrying DHTMLX with Apache Isis

Mylaensys have just publicised on their blog the fact that they are working on an integration between DHTMLX and Apache Isis.

Jens Schauder03/01/13
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Introducing Degraph for Visualizing Package Dependencies

Degraph analyses the dependencies of a bunch of class or jar files and creates a graph representation of it.