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Mahdi Yusuf12/17/12
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Code of Conduct: Open Source

I am writing this mostly out of frustration with developers. Hopefully this can shine some rules of conduct when discussing software on a medium like Github.

Krishna Prasad12/17/12
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Spring Security Certificate Authentication Authorization Example

In this blog, I will demonstrate how you can achieve Certificates Authentication and Authorization in Spring Security.

Andreas Kollegger12/17/12
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Announcing New Neo4j GraphDB Meetups

This week, Neo4j announced three new graph database meetups, in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Esen Sagynov12/17/12
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An Illustrated Guide to How Data is Stored in NoSQL DB Cubrid RDBMS

In this article I will explain how data is stored in CUBRID RDBMS. I will describe the concept of objects, classes, and OID in CUBRID.

Ben Wootton12/17/12
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The State of the Modern Web App Landscape

With so many tools, techniques, and industry trends crossing over into the mainstream, 2012 is shaping up to be one of the most interesting years in software development in a long while. The landscape is literally changing underneath us developers at the moment.

Paul Miller12/17/12
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‘Autonomy Inside’ Matters at Hewlett Packard

Is HP and Autonomy really the match made in heaven that was implied? Do Autonomy and HP Vertica really fit together like peas in a pod? Are there no rough edges and mismatches at all?

John Cook12/17/12
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An Extended Probability Distribution Chart

Lawrence Leemis published a chart in 1986 showing the relationships between around 20 probability distributions. I made an online version of this chart a few years ago...

Tom O'connor12/17/12
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Understanding Network Motifs

It occurs to me that in scalable systems engineering (the sort of thing I do for a living), you only tend to see Bi-fan networks and Bi-parallel ones.

Robert Maclean12/17/12
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NDepend + Windows Store apps = Winning

I love NDepend: it's an amazingly powerful tool that is brutally honest and unforgiving, and the rewards it brings are massive.

Merrick Chaffer12/17/12
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TSQL Performance Tuning

Below is an example of the TSQL you can use to investigate your stored procedure's performance. Best to put this in a snippet if you're using VS 2012 or greater versions of SQL Management Studio I find.

Rodrigo De Castro12/17/12
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Performance Review

It's not a surprise that Microsoft's performance review has been so debated in the past few years, and more recently after Vanity's Fair post on "Microsoft's Downfall."

Peter Zaitsev12/17/12
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The Optimization That (Often) Isn’t: Index Merge Intersection

Prior to version 5.0, MySQL could only use one index per table in a given query without any exceptions; folks that didn’t understand this limitation would often have tables with lots of single-column indexes on columns which commonly appeared in their WHERE clauses, and they’d wonder why the EXPLAIN plan for a given SELECT would show N possible index choices but only one index actually used.

Gerard Davison12/17/12
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JSON-Schema in WADL

Gerard Davison has been looking into how to attach a JSON-Schema grammar of a JSON document in a WADL description of a service. This isn't a specification yet; but a proposal of how it might work consistently.

David Bland12/17/12
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Estimate the Total Cost of Agile Projects

Estimating the cost of software is, at best, an educated guess. There are many variables, but David Bland is going to look at the questions surrounding cost estimation and give us some hope for getting better at it.

Mitch Pronschinske12/17/12
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Spring 3.2 is Ready for Production - Spring Integration 2.2 Too!

Just a few weeks ago Spring 2.2 GA was released as one of many tools in the Spring family. In case you missed it, the Spring Framework itself had its GA release, completing the last step in Spring's yearly dev cycle. There is some wonderful new stuff to enjoy and plenty of other cool stuff on the way, like Spring Scala.