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Kris Buytaert02/06/13
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Check Out check_graphite

During my Puppetcamp Gent talk last week, I explained how to get alerts based on trends from graphite. A number of people asked me how to do that.

Arthur Charpentier02/06/13
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Taking a Random Walk

What does this time series look like? It looks like a random walk, doesn’t it?

Rafał Kuć02/06/13
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Developing Your Own Solr Filter - Part 2

In the previous entry “Developing Your Own Solr Filter” we’ve shown how to implement a simple filter and how to use it in Apache Solr.

Glenn Dejaeger02/06/13
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How to Become Hyper-Productive

Learn about 10 things you can do in your workflow, communication, and engineering techniques to make yourself more productive than you've ever been.

Mitch Pronschinske02/06/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/6/13)

Learn the difference between SO and Programming Stack Exchange with a little help from Bayes. Also find out about the 4 reasons your UX investment isn't paying off. Plus news around New Relic, MySQL, Java, and Ouya.

Venkatesh Kris...02/06/13
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Day to Day Tools Used in Agile Projects

Here is the list of tools being used in an Agile environment that were discussed in this forum post. I have added some based on my previous experience as well.

Mark O'neill02/06/13
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The Goldilocks Question and your API Analytics

When I think about API Analytics, I like to think about the "Goldilocks Question". This question is "Who's been using my APIs?". One of the tests of an API Analytics solution is how easy it makes it to answer this question.

Mark Needham02/05/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Bellman-Ford Algorithm in Python

Bellman-Ford computes the single source shortest path which means that if we have a 5 vertex graph we’d need to run it 5 times to find the shortest path for each vertex and then find the shortest paths of those shortest paths.

Rahman Usta02/05/13
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Revolution of Java - Project Lambda - Slide & Sample Codes

This post contains a slide show and code examples about Java 8 - Lambda Project that demonstrated İstanbul Java Day 2013.

Peter Pilgrim02/05/13
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GlassFish 4 Promoted Build, Gradle and Embedded Application Server

Very recently, perhaps towards end of last year, the GlassFish open source team released GlassFish 4.0 beta 72 as a promoted build.

Jan Machacek02/05/13
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Neo4j and Spray JSON

The title of this post may be a bit confusing–what does Neo4j have to do with Spray JSON?

Lorna Mitchell02/05/13
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Teaching Those Beginning The Journey

Becoming a master developer is like becoming a master craftsman; you just can't rush the process. You learn the basics, apply those skills, and over time master them and adapt them to be your own.

Eric Genesky02/05/13
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An Updated Database Landscape Map

The folks over at 451 have updated their Database Landscape Map to accomodate some significant modifications and additions to the original map . . .

Jim Bird02/05/13
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Don’t Take the Technical Debt Metaphor Too Far

Because “technical debt” has the word “debt” in it, many people have decided that it makes sense to think and work with technical debt in monetary terms, and treat technical debt as a real financial cost.

Ryan Carter02/05/13
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Local WebHooks with Mule Cloud Connect and LocalTunnel v2

When using an external API for WebHooks or Callbacks as discussed in Chapters 3 and 5 of Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect . . .