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Andrew C. Oliver10/31/12
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Transparent Indexing by Hibernate Search

The Hibernate Search project has very good documentation (indeed, much of this implementation comes from that documentation).

Mark Needham10/31/12
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Mahout: Using a Saved Random Forest/DecisionTree

One thing I wanted to do while playing around with random forests using Mahout was to save the random forest and then use use it again. Assuming we already have a DecisionForest built, we’d just need the following code to save it to disc.

Krishna Prasad10/31/12
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Java Web Development Frameworks: Play 2.0 and Spring MVC

Recently, while exploring alternative Java Web Development frameworks, I stumbled upon Play 2.0, I wanted to compare this with Spring MVC, which has strong enterprise development capabilities.

Wille Faler10/31/12
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Anecdote Driven Development & Science in Software Development

I've sat on both sides of the table: I have been in the "ivory towers" of considering how business strategy affects technology strategy. I've been down in the trenches writing software.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/31/12
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Gradle Goodness: Exclude Transitive Dependency from All Configurations

We can exclude transitive dependencies easily from specific configurations. To exclude them from all configurations we can use Groovy's spread-dot operator and invoke the exclude() method on each configuration.

Mark Needham10/31/12
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How We're Using Story Points

A couple of weeks ago Joshua Kerievsky wrote a post describing how he and his teams don’t use story points anymore because of the problems they’d had with them which included:

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/31/12
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Gradle Goodness: Running Java Applications from External Dependency

If we want to run Java code from an external dependency we must first pull in the dependency with the Java application code. The best way to do this is to create a new dependency configuration.

Joonas Javanainen10/31/12
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ZK Gritter: Growl-like notifications for ZK apps

Jawwa ZK Gritter is an open source library that can be used to add Growl-like notifications to ZK apps. The library provides a simple-to-use server-side Java API that can be used to control notifications in the application. Installation instructions are available in the reference manual.

Jens Schauder10/31/12
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Massive Open Online Courses

You might have missed it but right now there is another revolution going on: MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses. The idea is that exceptional teachers make their lectures available to everyone.

Eric Gregory10/30/12
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Code Stories: Patrick Wyatt, Game Programmer and Producer of Warcraft

In his two decades in the gaming industry, Patrick Wyatt has had a hand in a long list of games, from The Lost Vikings to Starcraft to Tera. He was kind enough to help us inaugurate Code Stories, a new series of conversations at DZone.

Wille Faler10/30/12
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The IDE as a Bad Programming Language Enabler

If the language is good enough, an IDE is strictly not needed as long as you have good support for syntax highlighting and parens matching in the case of Clojure, or indentation in the case of Haskell. In the case of Scala, I don't think an IDE is required either, provided you can reign in your bad habits in terms of source organization from Java.

Mitch Pronschinske10/30/12
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Cure Your Join Pains! Hear From Graph DB Experts

I recently talked with Dr. Jim Webber, the chief scientist at Neo Technology, to get some insights into the current events around graph databases and some background on the the widespread growing interest in graph dbs.

Rodrigo De Castro10/30/12
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What Makes a Great Operations Leader?

Read some of the great answers from John Allspaw to the question: "What are the attributes (other than technical ability/experience) that make a great VP of Technical Operations?"

Mohamed Radwan10/30/12
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My New TestConfig Framework Now on CodePlex!

I am pleased to announce that my new Testing and Configuration Framework (TestingConf Utilities) just published on CodePlex.

Chris Keene10/30/12
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PaaS Is Automation

Like cloud computing in general, PaaS has struggled to articulate clearly why it deserves to capture the hearts and minds of enterprise developers.