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Ben Kepes01/07/13
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Force.com and the Uber-Democratization of Programming

In the last few weeks I’ve started to riff on James Govenor’s meme, that of developers becoming the new kingmakers.

John Cook01/07/13
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The Closet Bayesian

I find it grating when someone asks “Are you a Bayesian?” It implies an inappropriate degree of commitment and exclusivity. Bayesian statistics is just a tool. Statistics itself is just tool, one way of understanding the world.

Alex Crafts01/07/13
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Palantir's Stephen Cohen on Big Data: "Humans are of a Greater Order than Algorithms"

Is 2013 the year we're all replaced by an apocalyptic revolt of robotic yellow elephants? Not so fast, says Palantir's Stephen Cohen.

Eric Gregory01/07/13
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DevOps at Netflix

In this presentation from AWS re:Invent, Netflix Reliability Architect Jeremy Edberg discusses DevOps at Netflix.

James Lorenzen01/07/13
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Configuring CAS Externally Using Spring Import

The recommended way to extend CAS is using maven overlays. It's real simple to modify the default behavior in CAS by copying the files from the CAS WAR into your own WAR directory. But how can we enable the SimpleTestUsernamePassword authentication handler for local development and test servers, while disabling it for production systems?'

Sadayuki Furuhashi01/07/13
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Enabling Facebook’s Log Infrastructure with Fluentd

Learn how to replace Scribe with Fluentd.

Gary Sieling01/07/13
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Building a Statistical Significance Testing Web Service with R

R is a programming language focused on solving statistical and mathematical calculations. R programs often operate on large, in-memory data sets, which feels somewhat similar to database programming.

Wayne Adams01/07/13
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Analyzing Mortage Data with Hadoop MapReduce: Java vs. Pig

If you are trying to reconcile records between two systems (e.g. to find lost revenue in a telecom billing system), you'd prefer not to lose any records. If you are examining polling data to predict an election, you can probably afford to lose a few records.

Jurgen Appelo01/07/13
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I Made a Lot of Money, and It Made Me Very Happy

If you stop separating work from life, and instead see the first as an implementation of the second, you can stop separating money from motivation, and instead see one as a metric for the other.

Mitch Pronschinske01/07/13
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SwitchYard - Service Monitoring

The SwitchYard 1.0 release could be just around the corner, so if you're a fan of the JBoss stack of open source tooling, check this one out. Here's an early overview of the Service Monitoring in SwitchYard.

John Cook01/07/13
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Fractured Work

Vivek Haldir’s recent post Quantum of Work points out something obvious in retrospect: programming is intrinsically fractured. It does little good to tell a programmer to unplug and concentrate. He or she cannot work for more than a few minutes before needing to look something up online or interact with someone.

Mitch Pronschinske01/07/13
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Messaging with JMS and MDBs on OpenShift

In this screencast you'll learn how to deploy a simple application using messaging to the cloud. You'll need an OpenShift Account.

Todd Merritt01/07/13
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Software Architecture Analysis Method (SAAM)

Software Architecture Analysis Method (SAAM) is a methodology used to determine how specific application quality attributes were achieved and how possible changes in the future will affect quality attributes based on hypothetical cases studies.

Brian Hitney01/07/13
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Rock, Paper, Azure Re-launch!

I’m a little late getting this out (pesky vacations and all) but we re-launched Rock, Paper, Azure (RPA) a few weeks back with weekly competitions!

Jay Fields01/07/13
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Clojure: Expectations Before Run Hook

The expectations library now supports calling an arbitrary number of custom functions before the test suite is run.