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Attila-mihaly Balazs12/01/12
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(Re)Start me up!

There are cases where you would like to start a Java process identical to the current one (or at least using the the same JVM with tweaked parameters). Some concrete cases where this would be useful:

Allen Coin12/01/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #7

Last week was Thanksgiving here in the States, we hope everyone had a good time even if you don't celebrate it! We at DZone had a great time, but this week it seems like everybody's getting sick. Oh well, it happens. Here's your NoSQL news!

Taha Siddiqi12/01/12
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Scrolling Pages : Tapestry 5 & onScrollBeyond

This blog is about adding pagination in Tapestry 5 using jQuery based onScrollBeyond(). It might sound difficult but as always tapestry makes it so easy that you wonder whether it is worth blogging about

Sander Mak12/01/12
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Unify Client-side and Server-side Rendering by Embedding JSON

Not many applications I work on these days are solely using the traditional server-side rendering model. Neither do they employ 100% client-side rendering and templating.

Mark Needham12/01/12
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Looking Inside the Black Box

I recently came across a really interesting post about black box abstraction by Angeleah where she talks about developers desire to know how things work and the need to understand when and when not to follow that instinct.

Alexander Beletsky12/01/12
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Pair Programming Takes Double Effort

I really like Pair Programming, but I would not use it as day-to-day practice as XP suggests. Most of the time, it's more efficient to work alone.

John D'Emic12/01/12
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Asynchronous Message Processing with Mule

Asynchronous applications are typically easier to scale, allow for the implementation of reliability patterns and sometimes better reflect use cases in the real world.

Mehdi Daoudi12/01/12
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Holiday Shopping 2012, Single Point of Slowness.

The majority of the top retail websites performed very well on Black Friday weekend. It seems that Newegg, however, made some mistakes in scaling their infrastructure.

Allen Coin12/01/12
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Graph Connect 2012: The role of NoSQL and Graphs in the Total Data Management Landscape

This presentation examines the drivers behind the rise of NoSQL data stores and, in particular graph databases, focusing on their use-cases and adoption trends, and exploring where graph database fit in the world of NoSQL, NewSQL, and big data.

James Betteley12/01/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 1

Today we started day 1 of our first ever ITOps sprint. This all came about because we needed a way of working out our productivity on “project tasks”, as well as learning how to triage our interruptions a bit better.

John Cook12/01/12
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Winston Churchill, Bessie Braddock, and Python

Last night I was talking with someone about the pros and cons of various programming languages and frameworks for data analysis.

Brian Gracely12/01/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 65: Cloud Cost Concerns

In this mini-cast from AWS re:Invent, Aaron speaks with Mat Ellis from Cloudability about the rising concern of tracking and controlling operating costs in the public cloud.

William Draï11/30/12
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Data Management with JavaFX and GraniteDS

JavaFX 2 is a new but very appealing technology for building client enterprise applications. Even more appealing that it is already bundled in the JRE since Java 1.7.0_07.

Eric D. Schabell11/30/12
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Advanced JBoss & Java in the Cloud [Video]

Here you will find two short videos of the demo portion of my session, first covering OpenShift while working with the command line tooling (rhc) and second showing what you can do with the OpenShift management console.

John D'Emic11/30/12
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Client-Side Mule

We’ll see in this blog post how MuleClient can be embedded in a non-Mule application to send and consume messages as a client.