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Peter Lawrey11/21/12
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Why is it not Allowed in Java to Overload Foo(Object…) with Foo(Object[])?

I was wondering why it is not allowed in Java to overload Foo(Object[] args) with Foo(Object... args), though they are used in a different way?

Blaise Doughan11/21/12
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Using JAXB With XSLT to Produce HTML

In this post I will demonstrate how to leverage this by applying an XSLT stylesheet to a JAXB model to produce HTML

Venkatt Guhesan11/21/12
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Getting Started With vertx (vert.io) – an Alternative to node.js

Lately there has been a lot of synergy and publicity around node.js (especially if you want to utilize the robust features of a JavaScript language on the server-side). If you are not familiar with this, I would suggest you look at the following link:

Ayende Rahien11/21/12
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API Server Design - Making De-Normalization the Norm

n database design classes in Computer Science, we learn that normalization is a good thing. And it certainly is a good thing . . . for databases.

Tony Siciliani11/20/12
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A Few Tips for Beginning Android Development

Here are a few tips from my personal experience with Android development.

Ayende Rahien11/20/12
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Design Patterns in the Test of Time: Bridge

Bridge is quite complex, mostly because it is composed of Abstraction, Refined Abstraction, Implementor and Concrete Implementor. Here is a concrete example (pun intended) . . .

Stoimen Popov11/20/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree

Along with Kruskal’s minimum spanning tree algorithm, there’s another general algorithm that solves the problem. The algorithm of Prim.

James Sugrue11/20/12
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How To Be The Next Big Thing

Everyone wants to be the next big thing, but few of us are fortunate enough to know where to start. Paul Graham gave some insight into this in his latest post

Gary Sieling11/20/12
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Installing CouchDB on a VirtualBox instance with Chef and Vagrant

This post will walk you through the quick installation of CouchDB onto a VirtualBox instance with Chef and Vagrant.

Duncan Brown11/20/12
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Neo4j: First Blood

This post is about my first foray into the graph database world. I chose as my first victim/offering Neo4j. I'll likely end up writing more than a few articles about this particular database, but, I thought I'd start with the basics.

John Cook11/20/12
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The Most Interesting Logs in the World

I occasionally get a comments from people who see “log” in one of my posts and think “log base 10.” They’ll say they get a different result than I do and ask whether I made a mistake. So to eliminate confusion, let me explain my notation.

Ben Kepes11/20/12
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Continuuity, the PaaS of Big Data

Big data leverages a bunch of predominantly open source components – Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Pig, etc – but tying together these components is complex and difficult. Continuuity may mitigate this complexity by providing a pre-integrated big data platform on top of which customers can build apps.

Ben Kepes11/20/12
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Banking 2.0 and the Future of Bank Branches

As I’ve been talking to people around a particular interest area of mine – banking in the digital age – I’ve noticed an interesting cyclical progression.

Peter Lawrey11/20/12
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Java Intrinsics and Performance

I received a question about how to count the number of 1's a number will have in binary? I included a performance comparison of using Integer.bitCount() which can be turned into an intrinic i.e. a single machine code instruction POPCNT and the Java code which does the same thing.

Mitch Pronschinske11/20/12
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2 Open Source Tools to Manage MySQL Servers Like a Champ

Box has two great open-source tools which will help you manage your MySQL servers like the pros: Anemometer will change the way you look at query performance optimization and Rain Gauge will make sure you never miss important events. Don't miss a chance to see both in action!