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George London02/18/13
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Using Neo4j and Tinkerpop to work with RDF. Part 1!

Warning: This is another super-technical post. If you don’t know what the Semantic Web and RDF are, this will be incomprehensible.

Anders Abel02/18/13
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Scrum – Nowhere to Hide

Scrum as a methodology is very transparent, everything is done in open sunlight where everyone can view. Following the spirit of scrum, everything is open for all stake holders to watch.

Roman Pichler02/18/13
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The Scrum Startup

Reflecting on more than ten years of experience using agile techniques to create products and helping organizations establish Agile, I am convinced that combing the introduction of Scrum with a new product development effort and setting up the Scrum team as an incubator can facilitate product and process success.

Jurgen Appelo02/18/13
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The 10 Intrinsic Desires

In Management 3.0 classes I let participants play an exercise called Moving Motivators, which uses the CHAMPFROGS model for intrinsic motivation. This model is loosely based on the book The 16 Basic Desires by Steven Reiss.

Łukasz Budnik02/18/13
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True Power of Java EE and JMS: Distributed Computations!

Keep in mind that some day your system will have to be distributed or scaled out. At the design stage it's far more easier to introduce basic enterprise architectural patterns and concepts than to introduce them during the maintenance phase

Eric Gregory02/18/13
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Communicating Through Source Code

In this ØREDEV session, Ryan McGeary explains how teams can improve communication (and results) through asynchronous collaboration.

Arthur Charpentier02/18/13
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Sorting Rows and Columns in a Matrix (with Some Music, and Some Magic)

This morning, I was working on some paper on inequality measures, and for computational reasons, I had to sort elements in a matrix.

Chas Emerick02/18/13
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100% Time

Perhaps you’ve heard of “20% time.” In many ways, it or something like it are table stakes for many software folk, and perhaps other creative specialists as well.

Sadayuki Furuhashi02/18/13
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How Cloud9 IDE Used Treasure Data to Re-segment Users

We just published Cloud9 IDE’s success story. As many of you know, Cloud9 IDE is a online development environment that makes coding more collaborative and effective.

Gary Sieling02/18/13
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Simulating a Line-Following Robot in R

I’ve been reading up on controlling mobile robots, and built a simple robotic movement simulator in R, using the graphing libraries. The model sets up a series of waypoints (red), where the robot’s path is drawn over-top.

Rob J Hyndman02/18/13
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Statistical Consulting with Zombal

Zom­bal is an online mar­ket­place for free­lance work in the maths and sci­ences. Employ­ers (aka “launch­ers” on Zom­bal) can post project list­ings for free, and can­di­dates (aka ‘catch­ers’) bid to ful­fil projects if they have the appro­pri­ate skill set.

Michael Sahota02/18/13
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Lululemon - A Stellar Example of Break-Through Organizational Culture

Christine Day, the CEO of Lululemon, gave a compelling account at the Toronto Board of Trade of how Lululemon uses culture as a core competitive advantage.

Nial Darbey02/18/13
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Complex Problem? No problem to Mule & Drools CEP!

No matter what the problem, wiring Mule ESB Flows together into an integration solution is extremely easy and by exploiting the power of Mule’s native support for the Drools Rules Engine, developers have a very powerful set of tools to tackle even the most complex of integration problems with the greatest of ease.

Nicolas Frankel02/18/13
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Spring Beans Overwriting Strategy

I find myself working more and more with Spring these days, and what I find raises questions. This week, my thoughts are turned toward beans overwriting, that is registering more than one bean with the same name.

Mitch Pronschinske02/18/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/18/13)

Have a peek at Steve Yegge's 2004 predictions (Wow, were those different times!) and Facebook's "Ginormous Data" operation that 'keeps everything'. Plus Bruce Lawson on the big WebKit switch for Opera, the world's youngest game programmer, and the most annoying homemade gadget.