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Sandro Mancuso02/12/13
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Frustrations and Aspirations of a Software Craftsman

For a while I've been thinking about what makes me like or dislike a project. Having spent a very big part of my career working for consultancy companies, I was exposed to many different environments, industries, team sizes, processes and technologies.

Moshe Kaplan02/12/13
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MongoDB Configuration File Tuning

For those of us who are regular to MySQL, its configuration file (my.cnf) and the many options in it (some may say too many), mongoDB seems to be the simple.

Ryan Carter02/12/13
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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing with Mule, AJAX and JavaScript

CORS works via a set of HTTP headers in the request from the client app and the response from the requested resource. Here's how you can harness it fully in Mule using some JavaScript.

Jens Schauder02/12/13
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Coding Standards ARE Important

Zac Gery thinks when it comes to coding standards: "in most circumstances the unrecognized pitfalls outweigh the benefits". I strongly disagree! But lets go through his points one by one.

Lukas Eder02/12/13
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Java Trivia: the Double-Checked Locking Pattern

In most cases, it is sufficient to simply mark a lazy initialising method as synchronized. The following example can be found in the Wikipedia article about double-checked locking:

Carey Flichel02/12/13
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Configuring Clustering in Quartz and Obsidian Schedulers

Job scheduling is used on many software projects to enable both internal jobs and third-party integration. Clustering can provide a huge boost to reliability by providing fail-over and load-sharing

Ricky Ho02/12/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Basic Planning

You can think of planning as a graph search problem where each node in the graph represents a possible "state" of the reality. A directed edge from nodeA to nodeB representing an "action" is available to transition stateA to stateB.

Lorna Mitchell02/12/13
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Endpoints for HTTP Testing

While working on a book ("PHP Web Services" from O'Reilly, not out yet but soon!) recently, I was looking for some place I could make HTTP requests to, to show off how to make different kinds of requests with different tools.

Jens Schauder02/12/13
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Who is Teaching Software Developers How to Use a File?

When I was about fourteen, I got a really interesting present from my uncle: a construction set for a ship.

Edmund Kirwan02/12/13
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Can We Measure Encapsulation?

A system's encapsulation is usually judged by reviewers based on their subjective appreciation of the problem-domain. But is there any other way?

Paul Underwood02/12/13
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Exploring Test Driven Development

In this post we will investigate test driven development and how we can use it to improve our development process.

Swathi Venkatachala02/12/13
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Hadoop Hangover: Launch a Hadoop Cluster CDH4 Using Apache Whirr

This post is about how-to launch a CDH4 MRv1 or CDH4 Yarn cluster on EC2 instances. It's said that you can launch a cluster with the help of Whirr and in a matter of 5 minutes! This is very true if and only if everything works out well!

Arthur Charpentier02/12/13
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Pills, Half Pills, and Probabilities

Yesterday, I was uploading some old posts to complete the migration (I get back to my old posts, one by one, to check links of pictures, reformating R codes, etc). And I re-discovered a post published amost 2 years ago, on nuns and Hell’s Angels in an airplaine.

Steve Rogalsky02/12/13
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How to Prioritize a User Story Map

It is no wonder that when Jeff Patton showed me how to create a user story map and use it to create thin application slices to prioritize agile projects effectively that I was hooked.

Bilgin Ibryam02/12/13
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On Making My First Commit to Camel

Contribution is important in the open source community, and one project that I had meant to contribute to for a while was the Apache Camel project. I remember it was last year. It was a camel-fop component.