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Allen Coin12/01/12
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Graph Connect 2012: The role of NoSQL and Graphs in the Total Data Management Landscape

This presentation examines the drivers behind the rise of NoSQL data stores and, in particular graph databases, focusing on their use-cases and adoption trends, and exploring where graph database fit in the world of NoSQL, NewSQL, and big data.

James Betteley12/01/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 1

Today we started day 1 of our first ever ITOps sprint. This all came about because we needed a way of working out our productivity on “project tasks”, as well as learning how to triage our interruptions a bit better.

John Cook12/01/12
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Winston Churchill, Bessie Braddock, and Python

Last night I was talking with someone about the pros and cons of various programming languages and frameworks for data analysis.

Brian Gracely12/01/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 65: Cloud Cost Concerns

In this mini-cast from AWS re:Invent, Aaron speaks with Mat Ellis from Cloudability about the rising concern of tracking and controlling operating costs in the public cloud.

William Draï11/30/12
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Data Management with JavaFX and GraniteDS

JavaFX 2 is a new but very appealing technology for building client enterprise applications. Even more appealing that it is already bundled in the JRE since Java 1.7.0_07.

Eric D. Schabell11/30/12
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Advanced JBoss & Java in the Cloud [Video]

Here you will find two short videos of the demo portion of my session, first covering OpenShift while working with the command line tooling (rhc) and second showing what you can do with the OpenShift management console.

John D'Emic11/30/12
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Client-Side Mule

We’ll see in this blog post how MuleClient can be embedded in a non-Mule application to send and consume messages as a client.

Marcin Grzejszczak11/30/12
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Apache Camel with Spring, Routing with Enrichment Service

The idea of the previous example was to simplify the work that we had to do in a manual way - we've sed JmsTemplate and Spring listener containers. The routing as such unfortunately was still done by us. In order to facilitate this process we can use Apache Camel.

Mark O'neill11/30/12
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Another Key Difference Between REST and SOAP

SOAP is heavyweight, while REST is light and mobile-friendly. However, there is another key difference which is often overlooked . . .

Daniel Doubrovkine11/30/12
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TaxCloud: SOAP Service Integration in Ruby

Let me know if you use some of these ideas, post your comments and suggestions and please help improve the tax_cloud gem on Github.

Stephen Forte11/30/12
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Building a Data Warehouse, Part 4: Extraction, Transformation, and Load

In Part III, we looked at where to put the data warehouse tables. Today we are going to look at how to populate those tables and keep them in sync with your OLTP system.

Daniel Doubrovkine11/30/12
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Debugging “object has no properties” in a MongoDB map/reduce

You got to love debugging JavaScript errors. Here’s an interesting one from a MongoDB map/reduce and how to resolve it.

Kief Morris11/30/12
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CD Pipeline Implementation: Tracer Bullet (Trail Marker)

The idea is to get the simplest implementation of a pipeline in place, prioritizing a fully working skeleton that stretches across the full path to production over a fully featured, final-design functionality for each stage of the pipeline.

Ben Kepes11/30/12
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Heroku Joins Cloud Foundry for Multi-PaaS Support from Appsecute

There's a massive tension in the enterprise – on the one side, developers who just want to be able to get sh1t done with tools that allow them to deliver outcomes. On the other, enterprise IT tasked with ensuring that data and services remain secure.

John Cook11/30/12
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Equivalent Form of the Riemann Hypothesis

The famous Riemann hypothesis is equivalent to the following not-so-famous conjecture...