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Rafał Kuć03/14/13
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SolrCloud HOWTO

What is the most important change in 4.x version of Apache Solr? I think there are many of them but Solr Cloud is definitely something that changed a lot in Solr architecture.

Mikko Ohtamaa03/14/13
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The Ultimate Python Colorized Logger

To make logging based debugging and diagnostics more fun, I created the following enhanced Python logging solution.

Mario Fusco03/14/13
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A Refactoring Exercise Using Java8 Lambda Expressions

Finally Java with its 8th major release will get lambda expressions and then will become a bit more functional. Anyway just using lambda expression is probably not enough to claim that you are doing functional programming and, more important, to leverage its potentialities.

Erich Styger03/14/13
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Quick Switch Editor in Eclipse

I want to have as many source files as possible open in Eclipse. But there is simply not enough screen real estate to show them all:

Pascal Alma03/14/13
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Combining Mule with a BPEL Engine

In this post I will show you how you can start a BPEL process in Apache ODE with Mule. As you will see, it is merely a combination of posts I made earlier, but I think it is nice to have the complete thing in one post.

James Sugrue03/14/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Splitting Linked Lists

This week the challenge is to split a linked list into two.

Allen Coin03/14/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013.03.14)

Today: Words of wisdom for engineers, Android Project Lead Andy Rubin steps down, Netflix can now share your viewing history through Netflix Social, and A Monkey Controls a Robot with Its Mind!

Blaise Doughan03/14/13
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JAXB and java.util.Map

Is it ironic that it can be difficult to map the java.util.Map class in JAXB (JSR-222)? In this post I will cover some items that will make it much easier.

Krishna Prasad03/14/13
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Integrating Play 2.1 with Slick 1.0.0 Database Query DSL

In the next few blogs I will be writing enterprise class web application using Play and Scala. I will be covering topics like Database modelling and Security

Michael Heinrichs03/14/13
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JavaFX Library for Inverse Kinematics 2.0

I finally found some time to look into my old library for inverse kinematics. I wrote it a couple of years ago for JavaFX 1.x. And I decided to port it to JavaFX 2.

Hubert Klein Ikkink03/14/13
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Grails Goodness: Using Spring Bean Aliases

Grails uses dependency injection by convention. This means if we have a property messageService then a Spring bean or Grails service with the name messageService is injected.

Pari Charb03/14/13
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Java and C++

Since I started my job as a developer, I spent 99% of my time on Java. I learn't at University C, C++ and lots of others, but didn't work a lot on them.

Mike Cohn03/14/13
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Simulating a Project by Resampling Velocity

I want to talk about a technique called “resampling” that I’ve become quite fond of for making predictions about future velocity, a method for measuring the rate at which agile teams consistently deliver value.

Nial Darbey03/14/13
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Extending Mule with DevKit – the LDAPConnector

We’ll show you the main ingredients needed in the development of a new Connector by walking you through the code of our LDAP Connector. This will allow you to connect to any LDAP server and perform every LDAP operation.

Felix Dahlke03/14/13
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Working Remotely: The Best Thing I've Ever Done

It’s been six months since I switched jobs and began to work from home most of the time. It’s downright amazing, the best thing I’ve ever done.