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Mitch Pronschinske11/24/12
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Facebook Engineer: Move Fast and Ship Things

A Facebook engineer explains operational and release processes that are used at one of the largest websites. He'll be walking through a typical change from inception to the final deployment into production.

Kasia Gogolek11/24/12
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Installing Git on a New Server

I’ve been hearing a lot of good about Git in the last few years, from the simplicity of use, speed to decentralized repositories. Here’s a quick run through, how to install Git on a new server.

Kelvin Tan11/24/12
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Anatomy of a Lucene Tokenizer

A term is the unit of search in Lucene. A Lucene document comprises of a set of terms. Tokenization means splitting up a string into tokens, or terms. A Lucene Tokenizer is what both Lucene (and correspondingly, Solr) uses to tokenize text.

Ayende Rahien11/24/12
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Design Patterns in the Test of Time: Proxy

Proxies are such a success that they are literally baked into both the language and the platform . . .

Mihai Dinca - P...11/23/12
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How useful are Java regular expressions to you?

Java regular expressions are a powerful tool you can use in so many occasions. This post does not intend to make you learn about regular expressions, but to show some real use cases when such patterns can help. We can organize this use cases in following...

cyrille martraire11/23/12
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Surface-area Over Volume Ratio – a Metaphor for Software Design

There’s a metaphor I had in mind for a long time when thinking about software design: because I’m proudly lazy, in order to make the code smaller and easier to learn, I must do my best to reduce the « surface-area over volume ratio » of the software.

Sandeep Bhandari11/23/12
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How String equals Method Works

The equals method is declared in Object class and hence is inherited by all classes in Java. The purpose of equals method is to provide logical equality.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz11/23/12
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Parallelization of a Simple Use Case Explained

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me about the possibilities of speeding up the following process: they are generating some data in two stages, reading from a database and processing the results

Peter Lawrey11/23/12
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Why Double.NaN==Double.NaN is false

I was just studying OCPJP questions and I found this strange code, where comparing Double.Nan returned false.

Mikko Ohtamaa11/23/12
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Migrating from BIND DNS servers to Amazon Route 53 by using cli53

Amazon Route 53 offers DNS as a hosted service. They maintain robust DNS service for you with easy to user web interface and API.

Daniel Bartl11/23/12
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Using MongoDB Geospatial with Spring Data and a Basic JQuery Mobile UI

This article shows how to use the MongoDB spatial feature in combination with Spring and a Web REST service.

Adam Warski11/23/12
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ElasticMQ is Now Synced to Maven Central

Thanks to Sonatype OSS repositories, ElasticMQ version 0.6.1 is now synced to central. All of the artifacts, except the standalone server (which depends on Ostrich, which isn’t available in the central repo) are synchronized.

Rodrigo De Castro11/23/12
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G-Wan Web Server

I read a post on the performance of Node.js vs. G-Wan and have quite a few things in there that caught my attention. Let's take a look.

John Cook11/23/12
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Dual Polyhedra for Kids

These figures are duals of each other: If you put a vertex in the middle of each face of one of the shapes, and connect all the new vertices, you get the other shape. You could use these as a tangible way to introduce duality to kids.

Pierre - Hugues...11/23/12
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How to Resolve java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

This article is intended for Java beginners currently facing java.lang.ClassNotFoundException challenges. It will provide you with an overview of this common Java exception, a sample Java program to support your learning process and resolution strategies.