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Ben Wilcock12/05/12
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Avoiding the "I'm Spartacus" Scenario in SOA

In large SOA programmes I’ve seen a similar scenario where all of a sudden, multiple in-flight projects each start to claim that they are delivering ‘the SOA’.

Trisha Gee12/05/12
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LJC Open Conference 2012

Saturday I had the pleasure of being part of the 5th London Java Community Open Conference. This is a great event to end the conference season on - it made me feel good about being part of the LJC, and got me excited about the prospects for 2013.

Geraint Jones12/05/12
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Groovy's RESTClient with Spock Extensions

This post will describe how to use the RESTClient, how to inject it into a Groovy Spock test class via custom annotations, how to swap the injected client between a real one and a mocked one using Mockito, and how to test it.

Eric Gregory12/05/12
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Dev of the Week: Brian Gracely

This week, we're talking to Brian Gracely. On top of his work as Director of Technical Marketing at EMC, Brian co-hosts the award-winning weekly podcast The Cloudcast with Aaron Delp.

Mark Needham12/05/12
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A First Failed Attempt at Natural Language Processing

One of the things I find fascinating about dating websites is that the profiles of people are almost identical so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to grab some of the free text that people write about themselves and prove the similarity.

Gareth Rushgrove12/05/12
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On the Forge

I’ve been spending a bit of time recently pushing a few Puppet modules to the Forge. I started doing it as a bit of an experiment, to find out what I liked and what worked and I decided to writeup a few opinions.

Ben Kepes12/05/12
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On Angel Investing – and Karma

It seems to me that assigning a rigid, calculated and unemotional structure to one's angel-investing misses the point.

Tony Russell-rose12/05/12
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Search Solutions 2012: Highlights and Reflections

It’s around this time of year that I re-acquaint myself with a familiar sequence of events: an initial period of doubt as to whether it’s all really worth it, then a sense of relief as the day passes off without incident, and finally a degree of satisfaction that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Lorna Mitchell12/05/12
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Datapoint: Weather API from the MetOffice

I've been working on a weather-related hobby project and noticed that MetOffice had released a new API called DataPoint. They have a selection of APIs, including some map overlays and some actual weather data, but I was especially charmed by their text APIs.

Greg Duncan12/05/12
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A Story-Based Approach to "Testing for Continuous Delivery"

This ebook presents a narrative-based approach to understanding the "changing world of testing."

Daniel Bartl12/05/12
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Real-Time Twitter Heat Map with MongoDB

Tweets basically offer two “layers” of information. The second layer is metadata. This metadata can be leveraged to experience data from Twitter in a lot of exciting new ways!

Jesse Warden12/05/12
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Video: Basics of RequireJS

RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node. I’ve posted a new video: The Basics of Require JS.

Mrabti Idriss12/05/12
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Writing Custom CellRenderer using the Declarative new GWT 2.5 UiRenderer

Before GWT 2.5, writing a custom CellRenderer to present data in a certain manner was very complicated and very difficult to achieve.

Andrzej Grzesik12/04/12
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Review of Presentation Patterns: Techniques for Crafting Better Presentations

Presentation Patterns is a new book about creating and delivering presentations. Authors: Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough and Nathaniel Schutta have huge speaking experience, and while they share a...

Mike Hadlow12/04/12
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Check Out EasyNetQ - A .NET API for RabbitMQ

Today I added a small but very nice feature: better client properties.