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Jagadeesh Motamarri03/14/13
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Spring Integration Feed Adapter: How to receive RSS feeds using Spring?

Spring Integration provides a feed adapter for Web Syndication to subscribe to an RSS or an ATOM feed. The following Maven dependency is required for the feed adapter.

Tang Yong03/14/13
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Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE Part2 : Building a Fighterfish's Environment

In the Part1 , I introduced Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE and Fighterfish , simply saying, Fighterfish is the implementation of Glassfish OSGi-JavaEE.

Ayende Rahien03/14/13
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Reviewing RavenBurgerCo: What Could be Improved?

There are two things that I would change in the RavenBurgerCo sample app. The first would be session management, I dislike code like this:

Steven Willmott03/14/13
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The Value of APIs for Valuable Data

As the interfaces to data change increasingly quickly on the web and mobile applications, having an API strategy in place provides a stable platform for new products both from within the company and from outside.

Satish Ab03/14/13
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Sample Q & A application using Spring Framework & Mongo DB

This post focuses on bootstrapping the Spring application and also provides details about maven dependencies for the Spring Framework, MongoDB Driver, Spring Data, and other dependencies.

Mark Hinkle03/14/13
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Security in the Cloud and the CCSK

Search for cloud computing and you will get approximately 190 million results, search for cloud computing security and you will get 120 million results

Greg Ness03/14/13
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Hybrid Cloud and the Power of Synergy

An entirely new generation of hybrid cloud solutions and operating models are about to transform IT.

Slim Ouertani03/13/13
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Rest with Scala and Vert.x

A previous post introduced some features of using Scala with Vert.x. This post covers how to publish Rest web services in an elegant and simple fashion.

Andrea Del Bene03/13/13
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Implement RSS Feeds with a Custom Wicket Resource

In Wicket the best way to add dynamic functionalities to our web application (such as csv export, pdf generated on the fly, etc...) is implementing a custom resource.

Nadav Azaria03/13/13
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The Inner Software Model and the End User

A good model makes me happy. If it was developed by me then it will be the first thing I will show when presenting my work. If it is others it will be the first things that will make me appreciate their work.

Richard Perfect03/13/13
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How to Recommend a Tough Decision (And Still Be Loved By Your Client)

Often when working as a Architect/Consultant/Freelancer/Developer you won't be allowed to make the important decisions yourself. The decision might be too big.

Mike Cohn03/13/13
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Agile in the Age of Hyperspecialization

Agile does not at all require individuals to be generalists, but individuals are expected to work together as a team. The handoff-driven model created by hyperspecialization and used on sites like TopCoder are anything but agile. So where does this go?

Giorgio Sironi03/13/13
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From Java to PHP

We are welcoming some new colleagues that come from a Java background in the Onebip team, both from the development and operations field. Here's a primer on learning PHP in this situation, that you may find useful when introducing similar people in your PHP-based projects.

Bruno Pedro03/13/13
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Using Facades to Decouple API Integrations

The most important part of building an integration with an API is actually writing the code that will connect to the Web service and invoke its methods. I'll show you why using the Facade pattern to decouple these calls from your existing code is a good idea and what kinds of problems might be prevented.

John Ferguson Smart03/13/13
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It ain't just reds and greens: Automated Acceptance Testing and quaternary test outcomes

Although they seem simple enough on the surface, test outcomes are actually quite complicated beasts.