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Simon Martinelli03/19/13
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New Open Source Project SQL Result Mapper

In JPA there is no Constructor Expression for native SQL queries. SQL Result Mapper fills the gap! And because the implementation was quite easy there is an implentation for JDBC as well.

Javier Manzano03/19/13
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Ultra-Lean Startup: Trying to Get Feedback from Community for Codeely

What is that “crap” of Ultra-Lean? Well, is just a silly name that I’ve just invented to describe the way I’m working.

Achala Chathura...03/19/13
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JMS-source -> ESB-Processing -> JMS-destination

Recently I prepared a demo and thought it might be useful if I share it in my blog. If you are new to WSO2 ESB, it is recommended to refer the following prior posts.

Jakub Holý03/19/13
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Books Our Developers Should Read

There are a few books that every developer in Iterate should read because they express what we believe in and are extremely valuable in themselves.

Jamie Craane03/19/13
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Reasons for IntelliJ

I often get the question why I use Intellij in favor of another IDE, in this case Eclipse. Most of the time I answer that question by demonstrating some features of IntelliJ and showing how integrated everything is.

Giorgio Sironi03/19/13
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MongoDB 2.4 is Out!

Today MongoDB has seen a new big release, 2.4. Between the features that have been added we can see hash-based sharding, capped arrays, and a brand new Text Search feature.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis03/19/13
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What It's Like To Work For 10gen

At our annual meetings we have nerdy contests. Last year, rocket building. This year, Lego robots that we programmed to push each other off a table.

Kin Lane03/19/13
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The API Pipes, From Resource to Last Mile

This post is an aggregation of ongoing thoughts I'm having around my role in the API space, a diagram I drew the other day while enjoying an IPA, and inescapable thoughts fueled up by a post by Patrick Meir over at iRevolution, called Crisis Mapping, Neogeography and the Delusion of Democratization.

Juhani Lehtimaki03/19/13
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Taylor Ling's Android UI Design Kit updated to 4.2!

The new update adds support for Nexus 4 resolution (768x1280) as well as some new UI elements for quick usage

Dustin Marx03/19/13
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"Booting AMX" in GlassFish 3 with Groovy

This post demonstrates using Groovy to explore the standard JMX MBeans provided by the Java Platform as well as the AMX beans that GlassFish provides. The last Groovy code snippet invokes GlassFish's "bootAMX" operation to unleash significantly more GlassFish JMX-based monitoring and managing capabilities.

Todd O. Dampier03/19/13
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MongoDB: Replication Lag and the Facts of Life

So you’re checking in on your latest awesome application one day — it’s really getting traction! You’re proud of its uptime record, thanks in part to the MongoDB replica set underneath it.

Janet Revell03/19/13
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Journey of 1,000 Miles Towards Documentation Nirvana

Long a candidate for improvement, Mule Documentation has recently undergone several foundation-layer improvements that will help us move more quickly as we produce new content and clean up the old.

Matt Raible03/19/13
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How Do You Choose Web Framework Candidates to Compare?

Have you ever been in a situation where you've been able to pick a web framework across all languages?

Chris Keene03/19/13
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Hadoop Will Not Mow Your Lawn

It turns out that when you have a lot of "best minds" working on the same problem, you come up with some pretty interesting technology - no matter how inane that problem may be.

Mitch Pronschinske03/19/13
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Agile vs. Fragile

This comic/infographic reminds us of some good examples of the 'agile' responses to certain situations vs. the lazy or 'fragile' response. Be honest, have you noticed yourself falling into the fragile categories of some of these panels?