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Mitch Pronschinske02/26/13
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Cool Real-Time Purchase Map w/ WebSockets, RabbitMQ, Ruby, and D3.js

This is a real time map of transaction activity I helped architect and develop for Smart Receipt that they current use as an installation on a 50-inch display in their office in Santa Barbara, California as a show of the capabilities of their technology for customers and investors and daily inspiration for team members.

Roger Hughes02/26/13
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Producers and Consumers - Part 2 - Interrupting Worker Threads

At the end of the last post I said “although the Teletype code works it contains a couple of neat little flaws in that there's no way of shutting it down and that it's not particularly testable”. This blog is about fixing those two problems.

Roger Hughes02/26/13
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The Producer Consumer Pattern

The Producer Consumer pattern is an ideal way of separating work that needs to be done from the execution of that work. As you might guess from its name the Producer Consumer pattern contains two major components

Nicolas Frankel02/25/13
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Solr Overview From a Beginner's Point of View

I’ve recently begun diving into Search Engines in general and Solr in particular. This is my understanding of it so far.

Reza Rahman02/25/13
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Java EE 7 Schema Namespace Moving to jcp.org

The schema namespace for Java EE 7 APIs are moving from java.sun.com to now perhaps a more fitting xmlns.jcp.org.

Ted Neward02/25/13
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Java Was Not The First To Tout WORA

Charlie Kindel blogs that he thinks James Gosling (and the rest of Sun) screwed us all with Java and it's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" mantra. It's catchy, but it's wrong.

James Sugrue02/25/13
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Shipping Greatness: Book Review

Something every developer and team aspires to is shipping great software. But as we all know, it doesn't always work out that way. So what can we learn from Chris Vander Mey's Shipping Greatness?

Manu Pk02/25/13
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5 Things a Java Developer Should Consider This Year

This post is about 5 things that I am planning to do this year. I have created it for me to track my progress then thought it can be a good direction for anybody similar.

Dustin Marx02/25/13
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My Five Favorite Development Analogies

I find myself using analogies (or the closely related similes and metaphors) to illustrate points I am trying to make in various facets of software development, especially when talking with someone new to or less familiar with software development.

Bozhidar Bozhanov02/25/13
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Database Migrations and Java

There’s a trivial problem that every project has – keeping the database structure in sync with the application.

Christian Posta02/25/13
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ActiveMQ Clustering, Durable Subscribers, and Virtual Topics to the Rescue

So you want to do publish-subscribe with ActiveMQ across distributed topics and be reliable. You can just use durable subscriptions, right? Well, you could, but if you’re using clustering with ActiveMQ, you may run into unintended behavior.

Tomas Blohm02/25/13
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Mule, Esper CEP and Non-Events

I was reading John D’Emic’s brilliant post Twitter Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Esper and Drools and got truly inspired. After playing around with the combination of Mule and Esper I was amazed how good they suit each other. Esper is a Java utility for CEP.

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/13
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Shifting to Agile Requirements in a Continuous Delivery Cadence

How do you take the principles of Agile to heart for requirements? Contrary to some beliefs, Agile does not mean no requirements are documented. In this session, we'll discuss practices that engage customers and your engineering team, set you up to respond to change while keeping leadership in the loop.

John Berryman02/25/13
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Building Suggest-As-You-Type With Carrot2 Clustering

The first interaction that a customer has with your e-commerce web site is with the search box itself. So it is of utmost importance to make the user experience here is as clean and positive as possible.

Jessica Thornsby02/25/13
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Adding and Deleting Files from Command Line

When working with files under Apache Subversion’s version control, eventually you will need to start adding and removing files from your project.