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Konrad Malawski12/13/12
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Use Scala’s DynamicVariable to Avoid Closing Over a Value in Akka

If you’ve ever read Akka’s docs about Actors or saw this blogbost about how to avoid closing over the sender in Akka you already know why you shouldn’t close over the sender value when implementing actors with futures inside them.

Giorgio Sironi12/12/12
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The danger of large releases: Trenord case study

Stopping or delaying the majority of trains (and thousands of people) for days isn't the best advertising for large releases.

Ashish Sarin12/12/12
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Interacting with newly created bean instances using Spring's BeanPostProcessor

BeanPostProcessor is used to interact with newly created bean instances before and/or after their initialization method is invoked by the Spring container. You can use BeanPostProcessor to execute custom logic before and/or after bean’s initialization method is invoked by the Spring container.

Kristoffer Sjögren12/12/12
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WSDL Sucks

WSDL sucks. The whole WS-* protocol stack sucks. There, I said it. System integration should not be this hard

Brent Stineman12/12/12
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Azure Websites Quotas, Scaling, and Pricing

Today’s topic is Windows Azure Web Sites quotas and pricing. Currently we (Microsoft) doesn’t IMHO do a very good job of making this information real clear.

Krishna Kumar12/12/12
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Software Development and Geography

This is a nice image from 37Signals showing where their developers are located around the world . . .

Mark Needham12/12/12
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Micro Services: Plugging in 3rd party components

Over the past few weeks I’ve been involved in conversations with different clients around micro services and one thing about this architecture that seems quite popular is the ability to easily plug in 3rd party components.

Raghuraman Bala...12/12/12
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Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier: Introduction

In this first part of a multi-post article let's take up a case of a typical e-commerce web application with the above characteristics and setup a best practice architecture for logging, analysis and archiving in AWS.

Eric Gregory12/12/12
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Dev of the Week: Hirvesh Munogee

This week we're talking to Hirvesh Munogee, founder and editor of Functionn, a site collecting and sharing open source resources for web developers and designers.

Ben Wootton12/12/12
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Why DevOps Matters (To Developers)

DevOps stems from the idea that developers and operations should work more closely together – communicating, knowledge sharing, and collaborating to increase the quality of the systems that we build and operate.

Eric Gregory12/12/12
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This is How John Deere Uses R

Statistical analysis helps many companies navigate the unsteady landscape of fulfillment and demand. Recently we ran across this seminar that explains how John Deere uses R for just that.

Michael Mccandless12/12/12
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Fun with Lucene's Faceted Search Module

These days faceted search and navigation is common and users have come to expect and rely upon it. Lucene's facet module, first appearing in the 3.4.0 release, offers a powerful implementation, making it trivial to add a faceted user interface to your search application.

Moshe Kaplan12/12/12
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How Do You Use Rsync for High Availability Environments?

Rsync has a simple protocol that replicates a directory (one or more) on a single server to other servers. This can be achieved in two different methods...

Ayende Rahien12/12/12
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Does the Adapter Design Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

In computer programming, the adapter pattern (often referred to as the wrapper pattern or simply a wrapper) is a design pattern that translates one interface for a class into a compatible interface.

Tom Howlett12/12/12
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Build and Fix -> Discover, Build and Clean

When I started working for a software house our work was mostly made up of building and fixing, we were told what to build, didn’t do it very well and spent most of our time fixing it. Today our daily activities are a bit different so I thought I’d try to break them down