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Andrzej Grzesik12/04/12
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Review of Presentation Patterns: Techniques for Crafting Better Presentations

Presentation Patterns is a new book about creating and delivering presentations. Authors: Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough and Nathaniel Schutta have huge speaking experience, and while they share a...

Mike Hadlow12/04/12
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Check Out EasyNetQ - A .NET API for RabbitMQ

Today I added a small but very nice feature: better client properties.

Ayende Rahien12/04/12
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The Command Design Pattern, Not Completely in Fashion

In most business scenarios, there really is no good way to undo things. How would you implement SendEmailCommand.Undo(), for example?

Tomasz Nurkiewicz12/04/12
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Forcing Tomcat to log through SLF4J/Logback

So you have your executable web application in JAR with bundled Tomcat (make sure to read that one first). However there are these annoying Tomcat logs at the beginning, independent from our application logs and not customizable

Douglas Rathbone12/04/12
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Reaching The Internet Event Horizon

For the last 15 odd years we have continually expanded the amount of information available at our finger tips year on year exponentially. It means my main daily input source for information is actually able to give it to my faster than my poor little evolved brain can consume it.

Nikita Salnikov...12/04/12
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Should You Trust the Default Settings in JVM?

JVMs are considered smart nowadays. Not much configuration is expected – just set the maximum heap to use in the startup scripts and you should be good to go. All other default settings are just fine. Or so some of us mistakenly thought.

Stoimen Popov12/04/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Longest Increasing Subsequence

A very common problem in computer programming is finding the longest increasing (decreasing) subsequence in a sequence of numbers (usually integers). Here's a practical way to do so.

Tom O'connor12/04/12
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Beware G-Wan Snakeoil

I’ve heard quite a bit about the “G-WAN Application Server” over the past few weeks. Initially it was a Serverfault question that left me thinking “WTF.”

John Cook12/04/12
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Learn Just One Perl Command

Learning Perl is a big commitment, but just learning Perl regular expressions is not. Perl is the leader in regular expression support, and many programming languages implement a subset of Perl’s regex features. You could just use a subset of Perl features you already know, but you’d have the option of using more features.

Hirvesh Munogee12/04/12
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Datamaps - a JavaScript Library for Interactive Maps in Data Visualizations

DataMaps is a JavaScript library for interactive maps for data visualizations. DataMaps is bundled into a single JavaScript file.

Tim Murphy12/04/12
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Microsoft at the End of the World: 2012 in Review

The end of the world must be coming. Not because the Mayan calendar says so, but because Microsoft is innovating more than Apple. Let’s take a look at what 2012 has brought us.

Ben Kepes12/04/12
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AWS, Redshift and Co-Opetition

Long time technology commentators understand the tensions between platform companies, intent on both growing their business and creating a healthy ecosystem, and ecosystem partners who leverage what the platform brings, but remain apprehensive about the long term intensions of the platform vendor.

Brian Gracely12/04/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 66: Developing Apps for the Public Cloud

In this mini-cast from AWS re:Invent, Aaron speaks with Solomon Hykes from dotCloud about developing apps for public cloud and differences in PaaS platforms.

Mike Miller12/04/12
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MapReduce's Founding Documents

I'm surprised at how few people have read a small selection of enlightening publications on MapReduce. I provide below a subjective selection that I have found particularly informative, as well as the main concepts I drew from each selection.

Konrad Garus12/04/12
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Using Angular.js with ClojureScript

You can actually use Angular with Closure – just need to use explicit dependency injection. So far Angular seemed to require the least work with CLJS, so I was happy to give it another shot.