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Marko Rodriguez11/19/12
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Deploying the Aurelius Graph Cluster

This post demonstrates how to set up the cluster on Amazon EC2 (a popular cloud service provider) with Titan and Faunus graph technologies.

Nishant Chandra11/19/12
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The Evolution of Recommendation Systems

The state-of-the-art algorithms in Recommendation systems that seek to predict the 'rating' or 'preference' that a user would give to an item (such as music, books, or movies) with improved accuracy.

Ayende Rahien11/19/12
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Does the Prototype Design Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

Surprisingly enough, there are very few useful concrete examples of this, even in the literature. A lot of the time you see reference to ConcreteImplA and ConcreteImplB.

Kelvin Tan11/19/12
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Extract Second- and Top-Level Domains from URLs with Java

It turns out that extracting second- and top-level domains is not a simple task. Regex alone has no way of handling this.

Gerard Gallant11/19/12
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If You're in the Windows Store, Don't Forget a Privacy Policy

When I first submitted my app to the Windows Store, it failed certification. In order to figure out why, I had to do some digging.

Ben Kepes11/19/12
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Cloud Adoption: Remember the Human Element

One of my regular themes when talking about the cloud are the barriers to adoption or, to put it more coarsely, how we can remove the friction and allow more organizations to enjoy the benefits that the cloud can bring.

Markus Eisele11/19/12
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Devoxx 2012 Trip Report - Clouds and Sunshine

This has been an exciting week. After leaving JavaOne this was the next conference on my schedule. Somehow insane given the fact, that I hardly had a chance to clear all the work that has been left over.

Duncan Brown11/19/12
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So, You Want to be a Grapher?

As of late, I've become fascinated with the whole NoSQL paradigm. Having spent most of my professional career dealing with RDBMSes, I was curious as to how the whole Big Data notion fit into things.

Borislav Iordanov11/19/12
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Is HyperGraphDB an Object-Oriented Database or Not?

HyperGraphDB was announced as a graph database. But there's been criticism in the past that it was actually more of an OO database than a graph database, so why not call it that?

Romain Delamare11/19/12
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How do you test your tests? – Mutation analysis of Java programs with PIT

Software testing aims at checking the correctness of a program. But how can you check the correctness of your tests? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Mutation analysis can help you evaluate the quality of a test suite.

Asankha Perera11/18/12
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Tomcat: How to Stop Biting When You Can't Chew More

This post illustrates a pure Java program that utilizes Java NIO to stop accepting new messages when one is not able to handle the load, without any dependence on the TCP backlog etc.

Jan Machacek11/18/12
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Purity and Dirty Secrets

I left a dirty secret lurking in my previous post about 2 phase authentication with text messages. I hope many of you felt uneasy reading the val secret = generateSecret line

Tomasz Nurkiewicz11/18/12
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Remote Actors - Discovering Akka

Assume our test application became a huge success and slowly a single server is not capable of handling growing traffic. We are faced with two choices

Jay Fields11/18/12
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Elisp: Automated Switching Between Clojure Test and Source Files

The majority of the work that I do in emacs is Clojure programming. The Clojure navigation support (M-.) is usually all I need, but one thing that I find myself doing manually fairly often is jumping between tests and source.

Roger Hughes11/18/12
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Is Programming the Art of Making the Right Decision?

When you know that your code is going to be read by a good number of programmers, it focuses your mind on trying to provide the best solution possible that’ll demonstrate what you’re talking about