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Sam Kyatham04/10/13
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Acquaintance With Groovy

This post helps get you acquainted with Groovy, if you've never worked with it before.

Mitch Pronschinske04/10/13
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Using Android's ObjectAnimator

Learn how to use property animations, specifically ObjectAnimator, to perform various view animations. Compare this approach to that of the ViewAnimations demo, which shows how to achieve similar effects using the pre-3.0 animation APIs.

Giorgio Sironi04/10/13
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Monitoring with DataDog

Recently I found myself sending more and more business metrics to Datadog , a Software as a Service solution that promises to collect all your data points and build business metrics, displaying them as graphs and triggering alerts whenever they get to critically low (or high) levels.

Reza Rahman04/10/13
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JMS 2, Bean Validation 1.1, JBatch, JSON-P Go Final!

Java EE 7 is almost to the finish line! The first slew of Java EE 7 JSRs have successfully passed their Final Approval Ballots and are now final. JMS 2 (JSR 343), Bean Validation 1.1 (JSR 349), JBatch (JSR 352), and JSON-P (JSR 353) all passed with near unanimous support from the JCP Executive Committee.

Istvan Szegedi04/10/13
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Introducing NuoDB - An Elastically Scalable Cloud Database

Traditional relational databases are built upon a synchronous, client-server architecture that is often limited in terms of scalability requirements that are posed by distributed computing systems.

David Green04/10/13
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Choosing a Programming Language

What programming language to use is probably the single biggest technical decision facing a project. That one decision, affects every one that follows – from the frameworks and libraries you can use, to the people you hire. So how do you go about choosing what programming language to use?

Rob Hinds04/10/13
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Building an RSS Reader for Android

This tutorial will walk through building an RSS reader on the Android platform (focusing on 3.0 + as it will be using Fragments). All the code is available as a complete, working Android app that you can fork/download and fire up straight away on a compatible Android device/emulator.

Eric Gregory04/10/13
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Dev of the Week: Paul Hammant

This week we're talking to Paul Hammant, a consultant at ThoughtWorks known for his work on Dependency Injection, Selenium browser, and Client-Side MVC frameworks.

Ryan Fahey04/10/13
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Machine Learning: Naïve Bayes Rule for Malware Detection and Classification

This paper presents statistics and machine learning principles as an exercise while analyzing malware. Conditional probability or Bayes’ probability is what we will use to gain insight into the data gleaned from a sample set and how you might use it to make your own poor man’s malware classifier.

Jim Bird04/10/13
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Penetration Testing Shouldn't be a Waste of Time

When you’re hiring a pen tester, you’re paying for information. But it’s your responsibility to get as much good information as possible, to understand it and to use it properly.

Issam Lahlali04/10/13
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Lessons to learn from the Hibernate Core implementation

In general the widely used libraries are well designed and implemented, and it’s very interesting to learn from them some coding best practices. Let’s take a look inside the hibernate core library and discover some of its design keys.

Eric Gregory04/10/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/10)

Today: Reactive.js, solid state on the cheap, and the successor to Meego, plus arguments against data dictatorship and complacent cartography in web design.

Edmund Kirwan04/10/13
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The Structure of Struts.

A super-interesting look at how the Struts framework has changed over the years displaying the package-structure as a spoiklin diagram. Very timely given this weekend's end of life for Struts 1.x.

Avigail Ofer04/10/13
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How Xeround Scales for 3 Million Mobile Gamers

Cloud applications are prone to “cloud bursts” – a sudden spike in demand once the application gains momentum, or following a certain marketing campaign that boosts usage.

Mark Needham04/10/13
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Python: Reading a JSON file

I’ve been playing around with some code to spin up AWS instances using Fabric and Boto and one thing that I wanted to do was define a bunch of default properties in a JSON file and then load this into a script.