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Bozhidar Bozhanov02/25/13
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Database Migrations and Java

There’s a trivial problem that every project has – keeping the database structure in sync with the application.

Christian Posta02/25/13
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ActiveMQ Clustering, Durable Subscribers, and Virtual Topics to the Rescue

So you want to do publish-subscribe with ActiveMQ across distributed topics and be reliable. You can just use durable subscriptions, right? Well, you could, but if you’re using clustering with ActiveMQ, you may run into unintended behavior.

Tomas Blohm02/25/13
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Mule, Esper CEP and Non-Events

I was reading John D’Emic’s brilliant post Twitter Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Esper and Drools and got truly inspired. After playing around with the combination of Mule and Esper I was amazed how good they suit each other. Esper is a Java utility for CEP.

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/13
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Shifting to Agile Requirements in a Continuous Delivery Cadence

How do you take the principles of Agile to heart for requirements? Contrary to some beliefs, Agile does not mean no requirements are documented. In this session, we'll discuss practices that engage customers and your engineering team, set you up to respond to change while keeping leadership in the loop.

John Berryman02/25/13
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Building Suggest-As-You-Type With Carrot2 Clustering

The first interaction that a customer has with your e-commerce web site is with the search box itself. So it is of utmost importance to make the user experience here is as clean and positive as possible.

Jessica Thornsby02/25/13
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Adding and Deleting Files from Command Line

When working with files under Apache Subversion’s version control, eventually you will need to start adding and removing files from your project.

Davy Suvee02/25/13
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Counting Triangles Smarter: or, How to Beat Big Data Vendors at Their Own Game

A few months ago, I discovered Vertica’s “Counting Triangles”-article through Prismatic. The blog post describes a number of benchmarks on counting triangles in large networks.

Jonathan Callahan02/25/13
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Using R — Package Installation Problems

The post titled Installing Packages described the basics of package installation with R. The process is wonderfully simple when everything goes well.

Doug Turnbull02/25/13
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Lucene 4 Finite State Automata In 10 Minutes (Intro & Tutorial)

This article is intended to help you bootstrap your ability to work with Finite State Automata (note automata == plural of automaton).

Michael Mainguy02/25/13
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Java Static Fields

A great many people starting out with java development have only a vague understanding of the difference between a "public static String", "public String", and the difference between a class and an object. As this was confusing to me at first, I thought I would give a quick overview.

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/13
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RabbitMQ Clustering on the RaspberryPi

If you're a RaspberryPi fanboy like me, you'll want to see this video showing how to cluster RabbitMQ using three RaspberryPis for hardware.

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/25/13)

Learn why it's not James Gosling's fault that we think more about 'write once, run everywhere' instead of the customer. Plus, see the performance numbers of Chrome's LocalStorage DB and get a taste of OpenJDK's new wiki.

Eric Genesky02/25/13
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Dart Refcard Author: Chris Buckett

This week's Refcard is on the upstart web scripting language out of Google, Dart. Today we have an interview to share with the card's author, Chris Buckett. Chris is probably one of the biggest champions in the community for Dart.

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/13
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RabbitMQ Simulator

The goal of this app is to use it as a teaching tool for tutorials, presentations & more. Also it could serve as a topology designer for messaging applications since it supports exporting the design to RabbitMQ.

Krishna Prasad02/25/13
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Configuring Spring MVC for AJAX to enable SEO

AJAX based web applications always have challenges with Search engines. The fundamental aspect of AJAX is the content bound to AJAX components are not statically bound when the page loads