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Hemanth Madhavarao12/18/12
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EventEmitter in node.js

Sometime back I had pawed at Making promises with javascript, but the node school of thought offers an attractive pattern of EventEmitters. EventEmitters are very much similar to PubSub, but are more tightly coupled and give more control.

Mitch Pronschinske12/18/12
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What Was New in RabbitMQ in 2012

In the last year and a half, RabbitMQ has seen six major new releases. RabbitMQ 3.0 was a big step this year for the messaging queue (and NoSQL distributed cache). The Spring-based open source project had a ton of new features added this year and this article will get you informed about what's new.

Mitch Pronschinske12/18/12
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Oracle Service Bus Poster

Any OSB users out there? Check out this OSB poster that comes courtesy of EAIESB, a vendor of SOA based solutions using Oracle Fusion, Glass Fish ESB commercial and open source tools. Print it and pin it up!

Eric Genesky12/17/12
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Author Kevin Rutherford on This Week's Refactoring Patterns Refcard

This week, DZone continues a series of pattern-related Refcardz with Refactoring Patterns, written by Kevin Rutherford, who is also the author of the book Refactoring in Ruby .

Willie Wheeler12/17/12
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The Virtues of Cowboy Development

The cowboy developer adds unplanned features, commits code past the code freeze and generally works outside the control structures that management has put in place to keep development manageable. However, one man’s emergency release is another man’s continuous delivery.

Peter Butkovic12/17/12
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Jumpstart with Eclipse, Maven and Tomcat (web/app server)

Sometimes from idea to it's realization is not an easy way. I've found a nice way to setup Eclipse war (possibly ear) project built with maven.

Ben Kepes12/17/12
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HP Discover–Awesome Potential But Massive Challenges

If I had to summarize my thoughts on HP coming out of the event, it would be to say that it is a massive company, with an incredible existing market share and customer base and with some super smart people on board. However . . .

Nicolas Frankel12/17/12
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Short-term Benefits in the Information Service business

It’s a fact that companies and their management have money in mind. However, they’re many ways to achieve this goal. In my short career as an employee, I’ve been faced with two strategies, the short-term one and the long-term one.

James Sugrue12/17/12
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Project Nashorn: JavaScript's Second Chance on the JVM

Project Nashorn will allow the JVM to maintain it's relevance by providing a better JavaScript engine. We spoke to Henrik Stahl at Oracle to find out more

Sandro Mancuso12/17/12
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The Wrong Notion of Time

How come Agile projects are now failing? Why do we still have the same old problems?

Eric Genesky12/17/12
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Azure Helps NORAD Track Santa

Microsoft announced last Thursday that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) team, Windows Azure, and Bing Maps will be working together to track Santa this year.

Eric Genesky12/17/12
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Optimizing MongoDB on AWS

Tools from AWS and 10gen are combined in this presentation on optimizing one of the world's most famous NoSQL solutions on the cloud.

Dalip Mahal12/17/12
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Software Professionals do Inspections

Are you a software professional or not? I'm not talking about having some kind of official certification here. I'm asking whether creating high quality code on a repeatable basis is your top priority.

Paul Miller12/17/12
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HP: Too Many Clouds

Hewlett Packard used its Discover event in Frankfurt last week to reassert the company’s cloud credentials.

Mahdi Yusuf12/17/12
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Code of Conduct: Open Source

I am writing this mostly out of frustration with developers. Hopefully this can shine some rules of conduct when discussing software on a medium like Github.