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Eric Minick12/11/12
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In Defense of DevOps Teams

It’s in vogue right now to claim that there’s no such thing as a DevOps team or warn about certain kinds of teams that brand themselves DevOps but are not. Jez Humble’s doing it. Patrick Debois has made similar noises in the past.

John Cook12/11/12
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On Sleeper Theorems

I remember being unsettled by Bayes theorem when I took my first probability course. I found it easy to prove but hard to understand. I couldn’t decide whether it was trivial or profound. Then years later I found myself using Bayes theorem routinely.

Mehdi Daoudi12/11/12
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IT Operations News Roundup — Dec 3rd to 9th

In case you missed them last week, here's a roundup of noteworthy IT ops links, including Firefox's new approach to page load, 61 countries that can't be easily cut off from the web, and a hack that leverages Amazon's Silk browser for backdoor cloud computing.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz12/11/12
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Introducing H-Rider

H-rider is a UI dev tool for working with HBase. H-rider offers a convenient user interface to poke around data stored in HBase which our developers find very useful both for development and debugging

Johanna Rothman12/11/12
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Agile is Not for Everyone

I’m not saying agile is for the elite. Far from it. I’m saying agile is for people who want to and can manage the cultural change that it requires. And, if you try to do many of the technical and project management practices we suggest in agile, you will be better off.

Andreas Kollegger12/11/12
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Neo4j 1.9 M02 - Under the Hood

We have been working hard over the last weeks to tune and improve many aspects in the Neo4j internals, to deliver an even faster, more stable and less resource intensive graph database in this 1.9.M02 milestone release.

James Sugrue12/11/12
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Wireframe Sketcher: A Must Have For UI Developers

If you're developing user interfaces for any application, you'll want to use a prototyping tool at some stage to get your ideas and workflows across to a wider audience.

Ayende Rahien12/11/12
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What the Façade Pattern Is and What it Ain’t

I decided to respond to some of the comments about the design patterns series in my blog in a full blown post, because they are quite important.

Diego Fernandez12/11/12
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Cross domain REST calls using CORS

To fight XSS attacks, the web browser imposes the same origin policy for HTTP requests made by JavaScript code. But there are a lot of use cases where this kind of cross domain HTTP request is desired, so developers came up with some workarounds.

Zemian Deng12/11/12
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Inspecting Your Oracle Database

Some quick tips on how to inspect what you have in your Oracle database.

Akber Choudhry12/11/12
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Fluency and Control with HttpClient

The new HttpClient provides a fluent interface that is quite intuitive. However, any non-trivial implementation soon starts to miss the flexibility of configuring the connection manager.

Jens Schauder12/11/12
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Baby Steps, Reverse Refactoring and DNA

Last Week I was for two days at the XP-Days Germany. A great fun conference. Highly recommended. Especially if you prefer highly interactive sessions over somebody telling you how to do your day job right.

Matt Raible12/11/12
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Improving AppFuse's PageSpeed with Apache

One of the most important things when developing webapps is to make them fast. With AppFuse, we've tried to incorporate many of the 14 rules for faster-loading websites.

Pavel Bernshtam12/10/12
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Web Applications Development with Gaelyk

For a long time I wondered this: what is the best framework for small, experimental web applications?

John Sonmez12/10/12
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The 4 Most Important Skills for a Software Developer

Most often the question someone asks is based on whether or not they should invest their time in a particular programming language or technology versus another. What I give them is the 4 most time-tested skills of importance for a developer