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Eric Minick03/07/13
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C-Suite Signals Towards DevOps

CIO.com (and the print edtion) is reporting that CIOs are increasingly looking to embed IT staff in the business units they serve rather than centralize them all directly under the CIO.

Mitch Pronschinske03/07/13
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From open source to open API with Restlet

The impressive rise of open web APIs disrupts the way we develop on the Web, in a way probably as important as open source.

Tobias Mayer03/07/13
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The Robustness Index

Running into a common problem, again—deliver fast and maintain quality—a team of developers and I discussed how we might create visibility around this without having to get into long explanations about about technical debt with non-technically-minded people. We came up with the robustness index.

Jim Highsmith03/07/13
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Build Less, Start Sooner

So these two strategies, Build Less Software and Start Sooner, sound simple on the surface, but in practice they can be very difficult to implement because of organizational inertia and politics. But they can be very effective and worth the effort to pursue.

Lokesh Gupta03/07/13
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Java is Pass by Value and Not Pass by Reference

There has been a good amount of debate on whether "java is pass by value or pass by reference?". Well, lets conclude it last time, Java is pass by value and not pass by reference . . .

Hubert Klein Ikkink03/07/13
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Grails Goodness: Injecting Grails Services into Spring Beans

Every Grails service we create is also a Spring bean and in this blog post we see how we can inject a Grails service into a Spring bean we have written ourselves.

Jurgen Appelo03/06/13
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The Big List of Agile Practices

This post is probably going to be hated and loved at the same time. Because, when people talk about agile practices, they can sometimes become very religious. Which means I may be putting my head in a noose with this one.

Mark Hinkle03/06/13
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Cloud Talks from ApacheCon NA 2013

Last week's ApacheCon featured a ton of talks on open source cloud computing especially related to Apache CloudStack and Hadoop. Here's a list of the cloudier talks . . .

Nikita Salnikov...03/06/13
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Most Popular Java Environments

We have now been discovering leaks for more than a year with Plumbr. Throughout this time we have gathered anonymous statistics from the free Plumbr installations out there.

Yung Chou03/06/13
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System Center 2012 SP1 Explained: Cloud Management, A Primer

As IT architectures, methodologies, solutions, and cloud computing are rapidly converging, system management plays an increasingly critical role and has become a focal point of any cloud initiative.

Pascal Alma03/06/13
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Keeping Track of Your Amazon AWS Products

I guess you have noticed that the whole field of IT infrastructure has changed and is still changing significantly with the opportunities that the cloud is offering. Especially Amazon.

Ryan Carter03/06/13
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Natively Running Mule on OpenShift

n this article I'll show how you can run Mule natively on OpenShift wihout using a Servlet container and show you how I got over a few implementation hurdles.

Reza Rahman03/06/13
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A JPA Facade for Neo4J

NoSQL is obviously a hot topic in the enterprise these days, at least at the water cooler if not in the production data center just yet.

Francois Zaninotto03/06/13
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Visual Patterns in Source Code Arrangement

Source code arrangement is a matter of debate. What would you consider a good practice for the number of lines of code per file, the number of files per directory, the total number of files in a project? To help answer these questions, one must see the big picture: how does a project code look from a bird's eye view?

Tomas Blohm03/06/13
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Mule and Quartz – Scheduled Jobs and Long Running Tasks

Recently I had a situation where I needed to get confirmations from an external system (webservice) at frequent intervals and add them to a database. Of course, Quartz came to mind.