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Daniel Doubrovkine03/28/13
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Doctors, Surgery, and Open Source

“It sounds like this patient really needs to be seen first thing tomorrow morning," he said. "If she doesn’t have a Medicare coupon, we’ll see her for free.” There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here for everyone writing software, too.

Brian Pince03/28/13
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Windows Azure Mobile Services Releases HTML5 Client

Windows Azure Mobile Services is a service platform that is part of Windows Azure. The team focuses on delivering valuable services to mobile app developers, on any platform.

Pankaj Taneja03/28/13
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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Technology has been taken over by the Cloud. Putting it in simple terms, ‘Cloud’ is the new meme used to describe nirvana from clogged up computers and saving files directly to the internet. So how does it work?

Tobias Mayer03/27/13
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How to Write an Agile Job Ad

Today I came across yet another job ad for a ScrumMaster—sadly posted to an Agile online group. Here it is, in its essence. I have bolded the terms that especially jarred, but the tone of the whole thing was seriously misguided. So here is an example of how not to write an Agile job ad.

Eric Gregory03/27/13
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HOWTO: Monitor Amazon Elastic MapReduce Metrics

This tutorial from AWS details the ins and outs of monitoring EMR jobflows.

Arthur Charpentier03/27/13
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The Temporal Doppler Effect, Learnable Coding, and More Data Links

This week, Arthur Charpentier's roundup takes a look at the data behind traffic fatalities, French moustaches, and helping students understand programming.

Vijay Narayanan03/27/13
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Refactor Code Often, Continuously, Every Iteration

Refactoring is a way to improve code quality over time using incremental set of improvements – the idea is to increase the ability to make changes safer and faster and is not meant to deliver new functionality per se.

Michael Norton03/27/13
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One on One Meetings

The following is a suggested format, not a prescription. Find what works for you. This format has worked well for me for a number of years.

Tom Howlett03/27/13
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We Can’t Go on Living this Way

For years I’ve assumed that when Agile principles succeeded at a team level they would naturally spread to other teams in the organisation until eventually the whole organisation would embrace openness and failing fast.

Damaris Coll03/27/13
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Ranking Conferences by Social Endogamy Using Graph Databases

Lately there is lot of research interest in the area of the benchmarking of Graph Databases and NOSQL, which is a great area to explore. However, it is also of relevance to take a look at research that is not about Graph Databases per se but instead uses some of their advantages to perform the experiments.

Steven Willmott03/27/13
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The Yummly API: A digital kitchen platform

What API(s) does Yummly offer today? Using algorithms, collaborative filtering, and machine learning to structure and analyze massive recipe data sets, the Yummly Recipe API powers the search for recipes based on users’ unique food preferences.

Mitch Pronschinske03/27/13
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AWS Messaging: Amazon SQS and SNS

Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS are important systems for sending, managing, and queuing system notifications. This session details the fundamentals on how to use these services, demonstrates the value for application developers, and covers some common use cases.

Reza Rahman03/27/13
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A Gentle Introduction to JMS 2

My well-respected colleague and good friend Arun Gupta continues his admirable effort to provide some very early coverage of Java EE 7 features

Omri Erel03/27/13
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SaaS Implementation in Small Business

Using SaaS in your small business is convenient, scalable, and completely viable.

Mario Fusco03/27/13
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Why We Need Lambda Expressions in Java - Part 1

Lambda expressions are coming to Java 8, but apparently they are still encountering some resistance and not all Java developers are convinced of their usefulness.