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Eric Genesky12/18/12
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How MySQL + HandlerSocket = NoSQL

From Percona London 2012, this presentation discusses Badoo's use of HandlerSocket with MySQL to optimize server performance.

Jim Bird12/18/12
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Are Bugs Part of Technical Debt?

Everybody is talking about technical debt today: developers, testers, consultants, managers - even executives. But the more that people talk about technical debt, the fuzzier the idea gets, and more watered down the meaning of “technical debt” becomes.

Chris Travers12/18/12
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A Simpler Explanation of Object-Relational DBMS

A relational database management system is a piece of software which takes organized information and processes it in order to answer questions presented by other software.

Andreas Kollegger12/18/12
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Neo4j 1.8.1 - Stability and (Cypher) Performance

The latest stable version of Neo4j is an important milestone in terms of stability and performance.

Ben Kepes12/18/12
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Alfresco-Cloud Content Management with a Hybrid Theme

The cloud content management world is fairly divided between those who believe a public cloud delivery model is best and those who believe enterprises will only adopt a cloud approach when it is firmly protected by a private cloud.

John D'Emic12/18/12
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Implementing a Circuit Breaker to Define Your Own Integration Patterns

This blog entry will demonstrate how the Mule DevKit makes it easy to implement complex, schema-aware message processors in your Mule apps. This allows you to define your own integration patterns, perhaps particular to your organization, and have them peacefully co-exist with the rest of the Mule ecosystem.

Anthony Goubard12/18/12
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Installing Java on Ubuntu

I decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 in Virtual Box. Java doesn't seem to work out of the box, at least for applets. So I installed Oracle Java JRE for Linux.

Mitch Pronschinske12/18/12
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Securing RESTful Web Services with OAuth 2.0

When and why would you use OAuth2? The answer, as often with such questions, is "it depends", but there are some features of OAuth2 that make it compelling in some situations, especially in systems composed of many lightweight web services, which becoming a very common architectural pattern.

Rodrigo De Castro12/18/12
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Code Reviews: Small and Done by Experts

My core ideas about Code Reviews: (1) reviews must be small; (2) reviews must be done by experts, otherwise they don't offer much value.From my experience, most of the developers wanted feedback and took them well to improve the code.

Tharindu Mathew12/18/12
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Introducing Federated Analytics

Federated analytics is a term I coined up to identify a specific capability offered by a data analytics platform. Federated analytics is the capability of joining various, distributed data sources and performing analytics as if they were a single data source.

Eric Gregory12/18/12
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Webinar: Introducing Spring Hadoop

The Spring Source Developer Channel provides an introductory webinar on Spring Hadoop.

Hemanth Madhavarao12/18/12
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Live Reload with Grunt

Sometime back I had published an entry on Node Packing with grunt but live reload has been so fascinating to most of the webdevs, it would be worth to make your own tiny server that reloads files as and when it gets edited.

Swizec Teller12/18/12
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Elegantly using socket.io in backbone apps

The way apps are usually organized in Backbone is that data is king. A view reacts to some user action and changes some data in a model. Everybody who’s listening for that change then reacts and does something either to their view (adding something new on the screen, say) or data gets changed.

Hemanth Madhavarao12/18/12
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EventEmitter in node.js

Sometime back I had pawed at Making promises with javascript, but the node school of thought offers an attractive pattern of EventEmitters. EventEmitters are very much similar to PubSub, but are more tightly coupled and give more control.

Mitch Pronschinske12/18/12
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What Was New in RabbitMQ in 2012

In the last year and a half, RabbitMQ has seen six major new releases. RabbitMQ 3.0 was a big step this year for the messaging queue (and NoSQL distributed cache). The Spring-based open source project had a ton of new features added this year and this article will get you informed about what's new.