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Raghuraman Bala...12/15/12
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Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part 1

Here's a follow-up to the introductory post on archive and analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier. Enjoy.

Nishant Chandra12/15/12
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MySQL Performance Considerations

Over-sized columns, maintaining indexes, hibernate tuning etc - Common MySQL performance and data issues and how to deal with them.

Jan Machacek12/15/12
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How to Persist Instances in Cassandra Using Hector and Scala

I am going to show you how I went about solving how to persist instances in Cassandra, using Hector, in the function insert(instance) in Scala. To work out how these instances are going to be persisted, I shall use type classes. More than just the code, I...

Allen Coin12/15/12
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Douglas Crockford: Monads and Gonads

Douglas Crockford discusses one of the most elusive of all programming concepts: the monads. He attempts to break the long-standing Monad tutorial curse by explaining the concept and applications of monads in a way that is actually understandable to the audience.

Jim Bird12/15/12
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Agile Estimating: Story Points and Decay

I don't agree with the opinion that Story Points are better for estimation than Ideal Days. When we do estimates, we use Ideal Days, because thinking this way is more natural and more useful, and because these estimates are more meaningful to people inside and outside of the team.

Mark Needham12/15/12
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Data Science: Discovery Work

Aaron Erickson recently wrote a blog post where he talks through some of the problems he’s seen with big data initiatives where organisations end up buying a product and expecting it to magically produce results.

Joe Miller12/15/12
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Simulate Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Low Bandwidth on Mac OSX

Sometimes while testing you may want to be able to simulate network latency, or packet loss, or low bandwidth. I have done this with Linux and tc/netem as well as with Shunra on Windows, but I had never done it on Mac OSX.

Mitch Pronschinske12/15/12
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Intro to Mule ESB and the Elegant 'Endpoint' Data Channel

This is a core concepts example that demonstrates how to invoke a Mule application using HTTP. The example introduces two key concepts in Mule.

Simon Brown12/15/12
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The Frustrated Architect

I tend to get one of two responses if I introduce myself as a software architect. Either people think it's really cool and want to know more or they give me a look that says "I want to talk to somebody that actually writes software, not a box drawing hand-waver".

Rob Williams12/15/12
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New Ruminations on Agile Tools

Been a couple years ago that I went from Rally to AgileZen. About to move to Atlassian now. Here's my personal review of some of those products.

Martijn Verburg12/14/12
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The Diabolical Developer's 2012 and a new GC Tool

The Diabolical Developer's year in a Nutshell including a new Garbage Collection tool.....

Mitch Pronschinske12/14/12
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Kafka Possibly Moving to Java CRC, Akka Suggested

If you haven't heard of Kafka, a super-fast distributed message queue from LinkedIn, you probably ought to look into it, and it's heavily involved Apache incubator community.

Mitch Pronschinske12/14/12
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Screencast: Spring + Hibernate Integration

Learn how to save form data by using stored procedures with Spring, and Hibernate MVC technologies. You'll also learn how to write a stored procedure, and even create a database from scratch.

Chris Haddad12/14/12
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The 5 Components of an API Management Platform

When you select an API Management Platform, look for a solution enabling developers to rapidly find, subscribe to, and evaluate the APIs that enterprises make available. The development tools should provide on-demand self-service subscription and collaboration channels.

David Bland12/14/12
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How to do Agile Performance Reviews

Like it or not, performance-based pay is a reality of our industry. David Bland looks at some practical/useful tips and techniques on how software companies could implement performanced-based pay effectively and fairly.