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Gareth Llewellyn01/08/13
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Dabbling in Home Automation

Once everything was wired up and no fuses blown it was time to start automating!

Eric Gregory01/08/13
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Gazzang Predicts This Will Be the Year of Big Data

SOA World magazine points to a 2013 prediction from Gazzang, a company dealing with Linux data security. Gazzang reckons that 2013 will be the year big data really comes to the fore, with developments such as...

Scott Leberknight01/08/13
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Distributed Lock using Zookeeper

On my project we have a number of software components that run concurrently, some on a cron, and some as part of our build process. Many of these components need to mutate data in our data store and have the possibility of conflicting with one another.

Eric Gregory01/08/13
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Google Says In-Browser Maps Will Come Back to Windows Phone

First, Google Maps "didn't work on mobile IE" and redirected to the Google homepage. Then a little tinkering changed the story. Now Google Maps is coming back.

Bob Hartman01/08/13
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Agile Practitioners Aren’t Supposed to Use Flamethrowers – Are They?

Most of us have not been in a literal flamethrower war, but some of us have been in our share of them in the virtual world. I may be showing my age, but we used to have a phrase for arguments on message boards: flame wars or flaming.

Todd Merritt01/08/13
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Domain Specific Software Engineering (DSSE)

Domain Specific Software Engineering (DSSE) believes that creating every application from nothing is not advantageous when existing systems can be leveraged to create the same application in less time and with less cost. This belief is founded in the idea that forcing applications to recreate exiting functionality is unnecessary.

Chris Spagnuolo01/08/13
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Know Your Users - Create Personas

If you create a persona for each one of your user types and start using their names in your user stories, you'll start feeling more connected to your users. They won't be a generic mass out there anymore. You'll be developing software for somebody.

Achala Chathura...01/08/13
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How to register an OSGI service

Check out this quick snippet including the necessary code for registering an OSGi service in WSO2 Appfactory.

Mitch Pronschinske01/08/13
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Scaling Web Applications with Message Queues

Asynchronous messaging shouldn't just be seen as something only enterprise developers. Lenz Gschwendtner had some very good tutorial steps in his presentation at a Linux conference last year.

Stoimen Popov01/08/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Adding Large Integers

We know how to add two integers using a perfectly simple and useful algorithm learned from school or even earlier. This is perhaps one of the very first techniques we learn in mathematics. However we need to answer few questions.

Marcin Grzejszczak01/08/13
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Hamcrest Matchers, Guava Predicate and Builder Design Pattern

Often, while coding we have to deal with some POJO objects that have dozens of fields in them. Many times we initialize those classes through a constructor having dozens of arguments which is terrible in any possibly imaginable way :)

Paul Miller01/07/13
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[Some of] What You Need to Know About the Cloud for 2013

Towards the end of last year, David Linthicum and I joined GigaOM’s Adam Lesser on a skype chat to take a look back at cloud successes and failures in 2012, and forward to cloud opportunities in 2013.

Shannon Behrens01/07/13
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Dart: An Algorithm to Unindent Code

Remembering to ignore lines that only have whitespace makes the problem even harder. Here's some Dart code that I wrote to do it. I do believe the performance is O(num_lines * max_line_length), which I think is optimal.

Mark Needham01/07/13
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Finding ways to use bash command line history shortcuts

A couple of months ago I wrote about a bunch of command line history shortcuts that Phil had taught me and after recently coming across Peteris Krumins’ bash history cheat sheet I thought it’d be interesting to find some real ways to use them.

Allen Coin01/07/13
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Misspelling "Windows Phone" Makes Google Maps Work on WP8

The mobile web version of Google Maps is optimized for WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, since Internet Explorer is not a WebKit browser, Windows Phone devices are not able to access Google Maps for the mobile web. I thought this was weird so I did a short experiment to see if that was true. Watch the video...