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Mitch Pronschinske01/27/13
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Java Messaging Service (JMS) Point to Point w/ JBoss Tutorial

Learn how to create a JBoss server in Eclipse, setup a JMS Queue, and do the various tasks needed to set up a point-to-point model. Learn how it is different from the pub/sub model.

Eric Gregory01/27/13
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High-Level Architecture for HDFS Slurper V2

The current HDFS Slurper was created as part of writing “Hadoop in Practice,” and it just so happened that it also happened to fulfill a need that we had at work. The one-sentence description of the Slurper is that it’s a utility that copies files between Hadoop file systems.

Mark Needham01/27/13
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R: Filter a Data Frame Based on Values in Two Columns

In the most recent assignment of the Computing for Data Analysis course we had to filter a data frame which contained N/A values in two columns to only return rows which had no N/A’s.

Venkatesh Kris...01/27/13
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5 Tips on How to Use Metrics in an Agile Project

When a team migrates to Agile methodology it becomes bit complicated. They get confused about the metrics to choose. This is because as such Agile methods are not prescriptive and freedom is given to the team to invent the ones which adds value to project.

Mitch Pronschinske01/27/13
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Getting Started with MQTT

MQTT is a connectivity protocol designed for M2M. It is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport. Hear the Eclipse Foundation experts explain what you can use it for.

Ben Kepes01/26/13
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Microsoft’s Cloud OS Play–A Logical Converged Cloud Offering

The key to success delivering solutions to existing organizations with legacy assets (at least in the medium term) is the ability to deliver a consistent platform across customer’s own data centers . . .

Isaac Taylor01/26/13
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Android Library: Drag to Sort and Swipe to Delete List View

Here's a pretty nice custom list view that allows the user to sort the items in the list view by dragging rows up and down, or removing a row dynamically with a side swipe.

Jay Fields01/26/13
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Clojure: Expectations Verify Interaction Args

I've previously written about adding interaction based testing to expectations; In this entry I'll give examples of how each argument can be also be verified using a class, regex, exception, or a custom function.

Scott Leberknight01/26/13
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Iterative Software Development, Part 3

Last time we got as far as rendering a cool-looking spaceship to the screen. We also talked a little bit about how we want to choose features: based on value. Now that we have a spaceship, it's time to figure out how to animate it.

Mitch Pronschinske01/26/13
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MQTT on iPhone

This MQTT-UIF hybrid application is running on iOS 5.1, connecting to an MQTT server of MQ and Message Broker back-end integration in the UK. Uses Eclipse Paho open source MQTT client.

Dan Pritchett01/26/13
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Focus on the Cloud, not the Clouds

There are a lot of very good conversations going on about the challenges with cloud computing. Storage is just beginning to mature in the cloud and there are many interesting issues around privacy, SOX, and PCI compliance.

Brian Swan01/26/13
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Bundler and Cross-Platform Development

Recently I helped a co-worker with getting Rails, Nginx, and Unicorn up and running in a Linux VM, using Capistrano to deploy the Rails application from the development box.

Alex Holmes01/26/13
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Sorting Text Files with MapReduce

In my last post I wrote about sorting files in Linux. Decently large files (in the tens of GBs) can be sorted fairly quickly using that approach

Arthur Charpentier01/26/13
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Topological Data Analysis, Science Behind Paywalls, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier collects links ranging from the ethics of science paywalls to discrimination based on genes.

Mitch Pronschinske01/26/13
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Understanding Oracle SOA - Part 1

This is a very well explained video about SOA basics. A little history plus some practical knowledge.