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Nikita Salnikov...12/18/12
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A 12-year-old Bug in JDK, Still Out There Leaking Memory in our Applications

This story goes back. For weeks or even decades, depending on how you mark the starting date. Anyhow, few weeks ago one of our customers had problems with interpreting a leak reported by Plumbr. Quoting his words “It seems that Java itself is broken”.

Mark Needham12/18/12
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rsyncing to an AWS Instance

I wanted to try running some of the machine learning algorithms that Jen and I have been playing around with on a beefier machine so I thought spinning up an AWS instance would be the best way to do that.

Rob Williams12/18/12
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Make Way for the Interpreters

The dream of the universal speaking/translating interlocutor will not die. In some ways, you can see Siri as the latest civilian incarnation, in a line that extends through Schema, Rosetta, XML

Eric Gregory12/18/12
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The Coolest Big Data Product of 2012

CRN has posted their choices for the ten "coolest" Big Data products of 2012, including Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0, Dataguise DgHadoop, Google BigQuery, and more. Number one?

Mark Needham12/18/12
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Weka (ML for Java) - Saving and Loading Classifiers

In our continued machine learning travels Jen and I have been building some classifiers using Weka and one thing we wanted to do was save the classifier and then reuse it later.

Brian O' Neill12/18/12
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Building CQL Java Driver on Mac OSX

I wanted to play around with the new CQL java driver, but I had test failing because of a dependency on Cassandra Cluster Manager

Eric Genesky12/18/12
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More Java and Python Support in Google App Engine 1.7.4

Last week, Google announced the last update for Google App Engine in 2012. GAE 1.7.4 provides expanded EU support, as well as a new Maven plugin for Java devs.

G. Andrew Duthie12/18/12
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Back-end Data Services for Windows 8 Apps: Azure Mobile Services

In both of the previous versions of the leaderboard service, the solution involved a code-based server-side solution . . .

Duncan Brown12/18/12
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Basic Graphs: An Introduction

The purpose of this post is to give a common footing for those reading to understand what I mean when I talk about a "graph".

Eric Genesky12/18/12
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US Centers for Disease Control on AWS

This 4-minute, AWS-sponsored video shows how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention use AWS in their BioSense 2.0 program.

Eric Genesky12/18/12
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How MySQL + HandlerSocket = NoSQL

From Percona London 2012, this presentation discusses Badoo's use of HandlerSocket with MySQL to optimize server performance.

Jim Bird12/18/12
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Are Bugs Part of Technical Debt?

Everybody is talking about technical debt today: developers, testers, consultants, managers - even executives. But the more that people talk about technical debt, the fuzzier the idea gets, and more watered down the meaning of “technical debt” becomes.

Chris Travers12/18/12
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A Simpler Explanation of Object-Relational DBMS

A relational database management system is a piece of software which takes organized information and processes it in order to answer questions presented by other software.

Andreas Kollegger12/18/12
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Neo4j 1.8.1 - Stability and (Cypher) Performance

The latest stable version of Neo4j is an important milestone in terms of stability and performance.

Ben Kepes12/18/12
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Alfresco-Cloud Content Management with a Hybrid Theme

The cloud content management world is fairly divided between those who believe a public cloud delivery model is best and those who believe enterprises will only adopt a cloud approach when it is firmly protected by a private cloud.