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Trevor Parsons01/16/13
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How Do I Know if My Heroku App is Slow

So you’ve written a nice new Heroku app and have tested it thoroughly - it seems really fast – yay!!!

Pierre - Hugues...01/16/13
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Java Verbose GC - Tutorial Video

This is my first tutorial video which will provide you with technical detail on how to enable and analyze the verbose:gc output data of your JVM process.

Jens Schauder01/16/13
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The Importance of Packages

I remember approximately 15 years ago when I started learning Java. I read a lot about this ‘package’ thing and ‘namespaces’ and I totally didn’t get it.

Ben Kepes01/16/13
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Because Old School Retail is Dead - NetSuite Acquires Retail Anywhere

NetSuite’s acquisition of Point of Sale (POS) vendor Retail Anywhere creates a powerful offering that allows retail businesses to compete in the face of a challenging environment.

Mark Needham01/16/13
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Clojure: Reading and Writing a Reasonably Sized File

In a post a couple of days ago I described some code I’d written in R to find out all the features with zero variance in the Kaggle Digit Recognizer data set and yesterday I started working on some code to remove those features.

Venkatesh Kris...01/16/13
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The 4 Ingredients of Building Hyper-Productive Teams

It is every leader’s dream to build hyper productive teams. Irrespective of the cultural background of teams, domain or technology being used, my own personal experiences of building hyper productive teams concur with several research papers.

Mitch Pronschinske01/16/13
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How Many Queues Are Best For Max Performance? RabbitMQ

A generally useful question posed by Charming asks how many queues one should use in RabbitMQ for the maximum message passing throughput/performance.  I thought I'd distill the answers by Brian Kelly and RobotEyes here for anyone who's worried about...

John Cook01/16/13
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Management Principle from Dune

Too often we act as if every decision is weighty and permanent. Of course some decisions are weighty and permanent, but most are not. Wisdom is knowing which decisions are and which are not.

Steve Rogalsky01/16/13
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Kanban At Home

Kanban has crept from the workplace into our home. Here is a quick post to tell you how we build our board, how we use it, and the results.

Mikio Braun01/16/13
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What is Streamdrill's Trick?

In the previous posts I talked about what streamdrill is good for and how it compares to other Big Data approaches to real-time event processing.

Cagdas Basaraner01/16/13
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A Serverless, Zero-Configuration Database Solution: SQLite

Most software need saving data. Sometimes that data is predicted to be small and hundreds or thousands of transactions on it will not be needed at the same time.

David Winterbottom01/16/13
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Configuring Logging for Postgres.app

You're using Postgres.app on a Mac for local development but are getting SQL errors from your application. You're seeing an error message.

Raghuraman Bala...01/16/13
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Log Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part IV

We now have the logs coming from CloudFront, Web/App and Search tier to the centralized log storage in Amazon S3. In this final post of this series, let's now see what are the options at storage level from cost point of view and what to do with mountains of logs.

Ravi Kalakota01/16/13
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Is the Big Data Shakeout Coming in 2013?

Is the inevitable Big Data shakeout coming? If you are an enterprise customer, how do you prepare for this? What strategies do you adopt to take advantage of the situation?

Bill Bejeck01/16/13
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MapReduce Algorithms – Secondary Sorting

This post covers the pattern of secondary sorting, found in chapter 3 of Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce.