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Allen Coin01/11/13
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The evolution of data grids, from local caching to distributed computing

This presentation will look at how the use of data grids have evolved from distributed caching to doing highly sophisticated distributed computing today.

Adam Warski01/11/13
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Unexpected Problems with Apache and mod_rewrite Under High Load

In one of the projects that we are currently working on we have a fairly typical setup with one server (Apache with mod_rewrite) proxying traffic to backend servers. When we increased to 700 requests/second, after some time we started getting 503 responses.

Eric Genesky01/11/13
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The Spring Data Project - An Interview with David Turanski

Roberto Zican wanted to know more about the Spring Data project, so he interviewed David Turanski, Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource, a division of VMWare.

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/13
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Curated List of The Best and Worst Practices of APIs

I've gathered together a substantial list of useful resources for the best and worst practices when it comes to building an API. Hope you find this curated list very bookmarkable!

Ben Kepes01/11/13
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Which Apps to Move to the Cloud?

When travel and talk to companies about the cloud, one of the common questions I get is about how to choose which applications to move to the cloud . . .

Eric Genesky01/11/13
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NoSQL or Traditional Databases: Not Much Difference

Traditional Enterprise Database vendors often bring up the lack of professional monitoring and management tool support for NoSQL solutions.

Anton Arhipov01/11/13
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Java EE 7 Public Draft was Published. I Demand Java EE Light Profile!

On December 20, 2012 a public draft of Java EE 7 has been uploaded. On first sight, the new spec is rather an improvement of the subsequent specs in Java EE 6

Peter Lawrey01/11/13
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Should Java be More High Level or Low Level?

While Java should be looking to add higher level functionality, it should also consider the lower level features languages like the *C* languages support

Eric Genesky01/11/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #12

This week in the realm of NoSQL, Martin Fowler wrote a popular post on schemaless data structures, and Brian O'Neil published a tutorial for creating your first Java applications with Cassandra.

Eric Genesky01/11/13
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Spring and Cloud Foundry - A Marriage Made in Heaven

Spring is the only enterprise Java framework that runs on environments like GAE's JVM. On Cloud Foundry, there is tight integration for Spring developers.

James Sugrue01/11/13
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Using View Animations in Android

With View animations, you can animate the scale, position, rotation, and alpha of any type of View.

Brian Swan01/11/13
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Using the Azure VM Depot

Yesterday, Microsoft Open Technologies announced a complementary service to Windows Azure VMs - the VM Depot.

Charles Moulliard01/11/13
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Measure Elapsed Time with Camel

Apache Camel provides an event notifier support class which allows you to keep information about what happened on Exchange, Route and Endpoint. One of the benefits of this class is that you can easily audit messages created in Camel Routes, collect information and report that in log by example.

Gaurav Mantri01/11/13
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Karma and Team Management - My Experience at Cerebrata

Our team management policies are built around one simple principle: Karma is a bitch! You mess with karma and in time karma messes with you...

Jez Humble01/11/13
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On Antifragility in Systems and Organizational Architecture

In his new book, Antifragile, Nassim Taleb discusses the behaviour of complex systems and distinguishes three kinds: those that are fragile, those that are robust or resilient, and those that are antifragile.