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Mariano Gonzalez04/04/13
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Upload your Salesforce.com Attachments to Box w/ Mule Studio

SOAP, JMS, Restful, SFTP… Sometimes your integration just comes to the point in which you need to be able to download a file from your browser. The number of file storage services on the cloud just keeps climbing. One that is particularly gaining a lot of momentum and putting a lot of effort on cloud to cloud integration is Box.

Alex Curylo04/04/13
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iOS Tool For Tracking Your App Store Ranking

This looks like a nifty tool for your App Store SEO efforts. It helps you understand your app's rankings at a glance.

Dan Haywood04/04/13
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Go Play with the DHTMLX Viewer for Apache Isis

Mylaensys (Madytyoo and chums) have just blogged about their viewer for Apache Isis based on the DHTMLX Javascript widget library. The post provides a bunch of tech details along points to a simple example you can play with running on Google App Engine.

Paul Hammant04/04/13
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Maintained Divergence

Simply put, Maintained Divergence is where you have two branches that have a common origin, and while merges may happen in either direction, there are differences that remain over time.

Oliver Hookins04/04/13
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Apple Can't Obey Its Own Specifications

It turns out that iTunes (at least 11.0.2 build 26) doesn’t actually implement Apple’s own specification properly, in that it can’t handle media segment URIs relative to the URI of the m3u8 playlist.

Jim Bird04/04/13
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War Games, Pair Testing and Other Fun Ways to Find Bugs

I've already examined how important good testing is to the health of a project, a product and an organization. There’s a lot more to good testing than running an automated test suite in Continuous Integration and forcing someone to walk through functional test scripts and check lists.

Troy Hunt04/04/13
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5 Ways to Implement HTTPS in an Insufficient Manner (and Leak Sensitive Data)

HTTPS or SSL or TLS or whatever you want to call it can be a confusing beast. Some say it’s just about protecting your password and banking info whilst the packets are flying around the web but I’ve long said that SSL is not about encryption.

Reza Rahman04/04/13
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Getting Started with JSON-P

For those unaware, JSON-P is now in the proposed final draft stage. Do feel free to download the draft and take a look at it yourself.

Comsysto Gmbh04/04/13
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Background of Collaborative Filtering with Mahout

In order to set up Apache Mahout, a library written in Java to perform scalable machine learning algorithms based on Hadoop, in the architecture of Mario’s fabulous online shop for pizza, pasta and co, we’d like to know which recommendation strategy is the best for our so-far fictional use case.

Marko Rodriguez04/04/13
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Titan Server: From a Single Server to a Highly Available Cluster

Titan is a distributed graph database capable of storing graphs on the order of hundreds of billions of edges while, at the same time, supporting billions of real-time graph traversals a day.

Krishna Prasad04/04/13
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Testing Frontend integration with Play 2.x (Scala)

In this blog, I will demonstrate how we implement a simple test to test the Web layer using TestServer.

James Sugrue04/04/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: ISBN Validator

This week's challenge is to check if a given string is a valid ISBN.

Yung Chou04/04/13
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Why Private Cloud?

Some IT decision makers may wonder, I have already virtualized my datacenter and am running a highly virtualized IT environment, do I still need a private cloud? If so, why?

Eric Genesky04/04/13
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6 Minutes to Get Started with Node.js on Heroku

Here's a quick tutorial for getting going with Node.js and the Express web framework deployed to Heroku.

Eric Genesky04/04/13
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Journey Through the Cloud: Managing Your Cloud Assets

This webinar introduces Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud Formation, both of which are built on the AWS cloud and can help to manage technical assets as an enterprise grows.