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Greg Duncan08/07/12
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Need Some JavaScript Fun[damentals] With Your HTML5?

Want to learn a different language? Over the course of 21 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor from www.LearnVisualStudio.net will teach you the fundamentals of Javascript programming. Tune in to learn concepts applicable to web based videogames, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic web pages.

Anders Karlsson08/07/12
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The Simple Comparison of Key-Value Stores

Faster and faster, that is what we want from our databases. And the biggest roadblock for the MySQL Dragster is the speed of the hard disk, right?

Mariano Vazquez08/07/12
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How to Use the Azure Node SDK to Browse Blobs

The last couple of weeks we were working on a new, exciting project: a collaborative, real-time markdown editor that runs on a NodeJS server, hosted on Windows Azure (you'll hear more about this soon).

Ben Kepes08/07/12
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Providing Plain English BI Insights for Salesforce Users

Recently I received an email from Saqib Waqar, CEO of Allena, an interesting new vendor in the “plain English BI” space. . .

Alex Soto08/07/12
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NoSQLUnit 0.3.2 Released

NoSQLUnit is a JUnit extension to make writing unit and integration tests of systems that use NoSQL backend easier. Visit official page for more information. In 0.3.2 release, one new NoSQL system is supported and is Neo4j.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/07/12
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Installing Apache Thrift on Ubuntu

In this post I will guide you how to install Apache Thrift on Ubuntu 12.04.

Dave Fecak08/07/12
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Advice From A JUG Leader II – Debate Breakdown

It’s been a week since I posted “Advice From A JUG Leader – Learn a Different Language” and it seems to have ruffled at least a few feathers in the Java community. I have had some opportunity to interact with some members of the Java community who have strong feelings about the content. None have called for my death, and the debate has been almost entirely polite thus far.

Chas Emerick08/07/12
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Results of the 2012 State of Clojure Survey

A few weeks ago, I opened the 2012 State of Clojure survey. Per usual, I wanted to take the Clojure community’s collective temperature, see where we all came from, what we’re using Clojure for, what weaknesses and problems exist, and hopefully provide some results that would allow everyone to calibrate priorities and such.

Matthieu Brouillard08/07/12
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FXML & JavaFX—Fueled by CDI & JBoss Weld

"Weld," SeamFramework's reference implementation, conjoins CDI and Java in a unique way. Read more to see how Weld-specific code enables error-free functionality in FXML- and JavaFX-friendly applications.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/07/12
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Installing Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu

Apache Cassandra is a distributed, extremely scalable, highly available and fault tolerant NoSQL database initiated by facebook, later open sourced as an apache project.

Chris Haddad08/07/12
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Open Source API Management

WSO2 has released the first open source API management platform. The platform is a complete solution for publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community, and scalably routing traffic, and securing API content. WSO2 API Manager is released under the Apache Software License 2.0.

Eric Genesky08/07/12
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43 Free Cloud Resources for Application Developers

The Xeround team put our heads together to produce an expanded list of 43 free cloud resources that can make life easier for application developers. All free of charge.

Greg Duncan08/07/12
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Making High-Performance, Garbage-Collector-Friendly JavaScript

Everyone is JS'ing these days, so making sure you GC well means your VM will have a high IO!

Stoimen Popov08/07/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Heap and Heapsort

Heapsort is one of the general sorting algorithms that performs in O(n.log(n)) in the worst-case, just like merge sort and quicksort, but sorts in place – as quicksort.

Rodrigo De Castro08/07/12
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Improving Intelligent Code Review

I had some ideas to improve the code review process... Reviewer suggestion: what if, based on the changed files and lines, the code review tool automatically analyzed all the checkins and previous code reviews and suggested the reviewers for you? Not only...