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Bozhidar Bozhanov12/28/12
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Why Not Emacs?

Every now and then a “hardcore” programmer comes and mocks you for using a “sissy” tool like Eclipse or IntelliJ. Real programmers use emacs and vim.

Patroklos Papapetrou12/28/12
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Code Coverage Tools Comparison in Sonar

One of the key aspects when talking about software quality is the test coverage or code coverage which is how much of your source code is tested by Unit tests.

Shameer Cee12/28/12
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Introduction to Route 53

Route 53 is the scalable DNS service from AWS. It’s fairly simple and straightforward, and Amazon provides excellent documentation with detailed explanations of the concepts behind the service.

Esen Sagynov12/28/12
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CUBRID Database Support to Come to Yii PHP Framework & Propel2 PHP ORM

Yes, it has been quite a while since Yii and Propel users have been requesting to provide CUBRID Database support. And today I am very happy to announce that we have sent Pull Requests to both of these projects.

Maarten Ectors12/28/12
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If You're Just Monetizing Your Data, You're Doing It Wrong

Asking yourself how to generate new revenues from existing data is the wrong question.

Shameer Cee12/28/12
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An Introduction to OpenStack

OpenStack is an open source platform for building massively scalable cloud operating systems and can be used to power both public and private clouds.

Mike Benkovich12/28/12
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Finding Cloud Content that Works for You

There are many ways to learn a new technology. Some of us prefer to read books, others like videos or screencasts, still others will choose to go to a training style event.

Peter Pilgrim12/28/12
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Some Advice for New University Graduates w/ Dreams of Developing Software

In this post, I went with another angle of working life, I pondered for a moment, what on earth would I tell myself as the twenty something university graduate? What advice would I give to another university graduate now?

Eric Gregory12/28/12
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Geolocation: Possibilities, Problems, and Privacy - Part 2

Berkeley ISchool continues its exploration of geolocation's social data challenges and opportunities.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/28/12
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SSH Key and Passwordless Login Basics for Developers

SSH keys are useful to login over ssh (secure shell) without typing a password. Here is some basic information from a dev point-of-view on how to use SSH keys for maximum comfort and security.

Eugene Ivantsov12/28/12
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IDE in a Cloud: A Tribute to Cloud Fashion or Imminency of IDE?

A short introduction to the Exo IDE and why some coders are afraid to code in the cloud. This post will compare Online vs offline IDEs.

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/12
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Messaging for Modern Applications

Deploying modern applications in the cloud can introduce new challenges like distributing and integrating application components across private and public networks, using heterogeneous messaging systems, driving heavier workloads and horizontally scaling the messaging tier. EI patterns and RabbitMQ can help.

Pierre - Hugues...12/28/12
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OutOfMemoryError – Oracle Service Bus Alerts

This case study describes the complete steps from root cause analysis to resolution of a sudden OutOfMemoryError problem experienced with Oracle Service Bus 2.6 running on Weblogic Server 9.2.

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/12
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RabbitMQ: Messaging that Just Works (Part 2)

Emile Joubert, RabbitMQ engineer, will continue to look at the relevance of Erlang/OTP as an implementation platform, the benefits of a messaging system and common messaging patterns. Some important features in recent releases will be discussed with examples.

Zemian Deng12/28/12
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A Simple Groovy Issue Tracker Using File System

It's a chao not to track bugs and feature requests when you developing software. Having a simple issue tracker would make managing the project much more successful.