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Eric Gregory04/08/13
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Going Mobile with Raspberry Pi

Want to take your Pi project mobile, or maybe prototype a mobile project with your Pi? These tutorials teach you to build a Raspberry Pi laptop, handheld, and Google Glass-style wearable HUD.

Christopher Taylor04/08/13
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Big Data Piled Up So High It Reaches the Cloud

“Big data is any data that when you pile it up reaches into the Cloud.” This was the opening statement for Jack Norris, CMO of MapR at the Cloud Connect Conference in Santa Clara today. He was paraphrasing the analysts but it was the ideal frame up for the Big Data Track at a Cloud conference.

Scott Leberknight04/08/13
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Capture a Signature on iOS

The Square Engineering Blog has a great article on Smoother Signatures for Android, but I didn't find anything specifically about iOS. So, what is the best way to capture a users signature on an iOS device?

Krishna Prasad04/08/13
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Incorporating Authorization into Play 2.x (Scala) application

In continuation of Play 2.x (Scala) is it a Spring MVC contender? – Introduction, in this blog, I will demonstrate how to use play20-auth to adopt to coffee example.

Edwin Dalorzo04/08/13
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Covariance and Contravariance In Java

I have found that in order to understand covariance and contravariance a few examples with Java arrays are always a good start.

Blaise Doughan04/08/13
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MOXy's Object Graphs - Input/Output Partial Models to XML & JSON

Suppose you have a domain model that you want to expose as a RESTful service. The problem is you only want to input/output part of your data.

Mitch Pronschinske04/08/13
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Don't Forget About the Kestrel Messaging Queue

In the messaging queue lineup, the incumbents tend to be ActiveMQ or RabbitMQ and the upstarts who are making headway into the spotlight are usually ZeroMQ or Kafka. I wanted to remind developers in need of a good messaging architecture to also keep an eye on a queue called "Kestrel" (formerly Scarling).

Brian Lewis04/08/13
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SkyDrive for iOS - New Version!

SkyDrive is a file hosting service that enables users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device.

Dustin Marx04/08/13
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Bending NetBeans Code Templates to My Will

This post looks at how I learned to bend NetBeans code templates to my will, helping me to be much happier with the template code completion.

Rick Copeland04/08/13
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MongoDB Pub/Sub with Capped Collections

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know that my NoSQL database of choice is MongoDB. One thing that MongoDB isn't known for, however, is building a publish / subscribe system.

Mitch Pronschinske04/07/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/8)

More about asm.js from John Resig and also some amazing benchmarks for comparing a ton of different web frameworks. Plus Rackspace is suing patent trolls and a blogger explores what is really necessary in a programming language.

Kane Mar04/07/13
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5 Big Scrum Questions – Issue 2

This is the second issue of James Brett‘s 5 Questions. From the first issue of 5 Questions ”The ideas was to ask five specific questions to members of the Scrum community and post the their replies.” In issue 2 of the five questions series we hear from one of the godfarthers of Scrum Ken Schwaber.

Zac Gery04/07/13
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Programming Barcodes: Scanning the Nuances

Every purchase from a supermarket, clothing outlet, or hardware store involves scanning a barcode. Over the last 10 years, interactions with barcode technology have vastly improved. The following sections provide a simple overview of interacting with barcodes and scanners.

Jacky Chan04/07/13
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jenv: An RVM Clone for Java

jenv is a tool for managing parallel versions of Java Development Kits on any Unix-based system.

Esther Derby 04/07/13
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Promoting Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives

I have no doubt that retrospectives that are too short, don’t result in action / experiment, or fail to delve beneath the surface are a waste of time. But what about earnest retrospectives that focus on an area of concern, examine data, analyze underlying issues and result in action?