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Mikko Ohtamaa03/12/13
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Migrating and Moving Issues Between GitHub Issue Trackers

Some time ago I had to migrate issues from a Github project to another. In this particular case, I moved Plone CMS developer documentation issues from under my personal Github account to under the Plone’s collective community team project.

Lokesh Gupta03/12/13
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Unit Testing Best Practices: JUnit Reference Guide

In programming, “Unit testing is a method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine if they are fit for use.” Now, this unit of source code can very on different scenarios.

Eric Genesky03/12/13
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Three NoSQL Methods: RavenDB, Neo4j, MongoDB

This session features Oren Eini, Alistair Jones, and Chris Harris, each of whom were given 10 minutes to present a different NoSQL solution.

Chee-keong Lee03/12/13
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Thoughts on Clustering Ouya Game Units

Rather than giving up or giving away the old models, wouldn't it be great if the older units could be clustered (linked) with the new units or additional units?

Ayende Rahien03/12/13
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The Cost of Getting Data from LevelDB

We are currently investigating the usage of LevelDB as a storage engine in RavenDB. Some of the things that we feel very strongly about is transactions (LevelDB doesn’t have it) and performance (for a different definition of the one usually bandied about).

Gil Zilberfeld03/12/13
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The Real Enemy: Testers That Can't Program & Programmers That Can't Test

Lior Friedman asked whether a tester should know how to program or become obsolete. Lanette Creamer said the same fate awaits programmers who can’t test.

Eric Genesky03/12/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013/3/12)

Save Mario in an updated version of Donkey Kong, build your own Steam Box, and check out an easy Mongo management tool.

Pascal Alma03/12/13
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Getting Started with WSO2 ESB by Running the Samples

This shows that the sample is running correctly and all expected actions take place. Next step will be going through all other examples to get a better understanding of the possibilities of the WSO2 ESB.

Mitch Pronschinske03/12/13
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Win An Awesome T-Shirt By Helping Make Our Comparison Guide Great!

These are some of the coolest developer t-shirts we've designed in the history of DZone (and the world!). Normally you have to unlock some major achievements as a DZone user to get one of these babies, but this week, everyone has a shot. Just help us out with our PaaS / IaaS guide.

Mitch Pronschinske03/12/13
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Going Async - Practical Patterns for Push-Enabled Applications

One of the most mind-bending shifts that is occurring is in transitioning from a world of purely request-response, to the world of client-server full duplex communication that is enabled by the latest smart client platforms.

Mark Hinkle03/12/13
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Puppet and CloudStack

It thrilled me to no end when I saw folks like Jason Hancock doing work around automating configuration of CloudStack instances . . .

Steve Rogalsky03/11/13
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It’s the System, Not (and?) the People

“It’s the system, not the people,” but paradoxically: “It’s all about the people" "We believe it’s all about people. We believe by systematically focusing on people, treating them as the heart of organizational systems, that success will follow for all.”

Jakub Kubrynski03/11/13
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As a developer I want to use XML extremely easily

There are many libraries supporting XML for Java, but it's very hard to find something really cool. I think I've found mythical silver bullet in Java Object Oriented XML - JOOX.

Lukas Eder03/11/13
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Hibernate, and Querying 50k Records. Too Much?

An interesting read, showing that Hibernate can quickly get to its limits when it comes to querying 50k records – a relatively small number of records for a sophisticated database.

Mark Needham03/11/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: Finding Football Stadiums Near a City

One of the things that I wanted to add to my football graph was something location related so I could try out neo4j spatial and I thought the easiest way to do that was to model the location of football stadiums.