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Kristina Chodorow12/29/12
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MongoDB Puzzler #1

Suppose that the collection test.foo contained the following documents . . .

Andreas Kollegger12/29/12
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Neo4j 1.9 M03 Released

in the middle of the end-of-year festivities we are happy to announce another Neo4j 1.9 milestone before the year ends.

Konrad Malawski12/29/12
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Scala 2.10 – or, Why You Will Love Implicit Value Classes

Hip hip hurray. Scala 2.10 is Final (as can be read on scala-internals) so it’s high time for another blog post celebrating all the awesomeness it’s going to bring into our daily lifes!

Peter Lawrey12/29/12
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Can Synchronization be Optimised Away?

There is a common misconception that because the JIT is smart and synchronization can be eliminated for an object which is only local to a method that there is no performance impact.

Tom O'connor12/29/12
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Dennis Nedry and the Human Single Point of Failure

After you've spent the last year or two eliminating the single points of failure from your computational infrastructure, you realise that you're the only one who knows which cronjobs run when, and on which servers.

Brian Gracely12/29/12
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What Will You Do for Free in 2013?

The most frequent conversation I had this year was with colleagues who asked for advice on their "career path". How should they stay motivated? How do they take on new or bigger responsibility? How do they earn more money?

Greg Duncan12/29/12
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So Long and Thanks for All the Expression: Expression Suite is End-of-Life

So long Expression, it was an interesting time. Now I wonder if this means Microsoft is better positioned to buy Adobe?

Mitch Pronschinske12/29/12
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RabbitMQ: Messaging that Just Works (Part 3)

Emile Joubert, RabbitMQ engineer, will continue look at the relevance of Erlang/OTP as an implementation platform, the benefits of a messaging system and common messaging patterns. Some important features in recent releases will be discussed with examples.

Steve Rogalsky12/29/12
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Tips for Facilitating a User Story Mapping Session

Here are a few additional tips on creating a user story map that you might find helpful. This is specifically about how you should run the meetings and what supplies to use.

Mitch Pronschinske12/29/12
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Message Driven Architecture (Part 1)

Learn about Spring's support for Hohpe and Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. This video will include demos of several basic patterns such as Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Message Router, as well as composite patterns such as Scatter/Gather using a Splitter and Aggregator.

Marcin Grzejszczak12/28/12
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Google Guava Cache with regular expression patterns

Quite recently I've seen a nice presentation about Google Guava and we came to the conclusion in our project that it could be really interesting to use the its Cache functionallity. Let us take a look at the regexp Pattern class and its compile function.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/28/12
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What's Wrong with Unix People?

I don’t want to flame here, but the argument that one should not position a cursor using a mouse reflects either total 1) ignorance 2) stupidy 3) lack of vision.

James Betteley12/28/12
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ITOps Sprint 1 Review

Our first ever ITOps sprint completed on Friday 7th December amid much fanfare and celebration (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The team completed a whopping grand total of 103 points. Among the highlights were:

Bozhidar Bozhanov12/28/12
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Why Not Emacs?

Every now and then a “hardcore” programmer comes and mocks you for using a “sissy” tool like Eclipse or IntelliJ. Real programmers use emacs and vim.

Patroklos Papapetrou12/28/12
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Code Coverage Tools Comparison in Sonar

One of the key aspects when talking about software quality is the test coverage or code coverage which is how much of your source code is tested by Unit tests.