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Johannes Brodwall04/08/13
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How to Start an Agile Project

How do you start an agile project and ensure room for future enhancements? How can we achieve flexibility at the beginning? This is my answer.

Jurgen Appelo04/08/13
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Empowerment, That Horrible Word

What scientists call distributed control is usually called empowerment by management consultants. However, some experts don’t like the term. The word seems to suggest that people are “disempowered” by default and need to be “empowered” by their managers.

Steve Rogalsky04/08/13
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In Pursuit of Better, Not Best

I realize that many of you already scowl when you hear anyone talk about 'best practices'. Instead of adding to that discussion, I'd like to share a short story with you about someone who influenced me to keep looking for better and to never assume that I've reached 'best.'

Mikko Ohtamaa04/08/13
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PLOG2013 Symposium Post-Mortem

There was a PLOG2013 symposium in spring 2013, for developers and alike. It was organized by Abstract IT in Italy, on the coast of Mediterranean, in the city of Sorrento.

Mike Stonebraker04/08/13
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877,000 TPS with Erlang and VoltDB

Running on a suitable EC2 configuration (see details below), with our new VoltDB Erlang driver we achieved 877,519 transactions per second.

Sara Chipps04/08/13
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DIY Hardware Hack Day

Wanted to write about the Hack Weekend we had here in NYC a month-or-so ago, it was my first time putting one together, and I thought it would be good to share wisdom.

Adam Warski04/08/13
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MacWire 0.1: Framework-less Dependency Injection with Scala Macros

Using Dependency Injection is almost a standard when developing software. However, in many cases it may seem that using the pattern implicates using a DI container/framework. But is a framework really needed?

Maarten Ectors04/08/13
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Fast and Inaccurate: BlinkDB

The idea might sound strange at first. Why would you want a database that delivers inaccurate data? But BlinkDB trades accuracy for speed. When you query data you can specify how quickly and without much confidence you need the answer.

Mark Needham04/08/13
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Treating Servers as Cattle, Not as Pets

Although I didn’t go to Dev Ops Days London earlier in the year I was following the hash tag on twitter and one of my favourites things that I read was the following: “Treating servers as cattle, not as pets.”

Andy Hawthorne04/08/13
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Upgrading to Ruby 2.0 on Mountain Lion

Ruby 2.0 was released on 24th February to coincide with Ruby’s 20th anniversary. If you use RVM, and want to try out Rails 4.0 beta, then ideally you’ll want to be running Ruby 2.0. Here’s what I did to keep my development environment working the way I like it.

Adrian Milne04/08/13
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Spring ActiveMQ Producer Client Template

This is just a very small, very simple template project for sending messages to JMS queues. In my current role we have a lot of different components and systems glued together by ActiveMQ and Camel.

Eric Gregory04/08/13
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Going Mobile with Raspberry Pi

Want to take your Pi project mobile, or maybe prototype a mobile project with your Pi? These tutorials teach you to build a Raspberry Pi laptop, handheld, and Google Glass-style wearable HUD.

Christopher Taylor04/08/13
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Big Data Piled Up So High It Reaches the Cloud

“Big data is any data that when you pile it up reaches into the Cloud.” This was the opening statement for Jack Norris, CMO of MapR at the Cloud Connect Conference in Santa Clara today. He was paraphrasing the analysts but it was the ideal frame up for the Big Data Track at a Cloud conference.

Scott Leberknight04/08/13
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Capture a Signature on iOS

The Square Engineering Blog has a great article on Smoother Signatures for Android, but I didn't find anything specifically about iOS. So, what is the best way to capture a users signature on an iOS device?

Krishna Prasad04/08/13
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Incorporating Authorization into Play 2.x (Scala) application

In continuation of Play 2.x (Scala) is it a Spring MVC contender? – Introduction, in this blog, I will demonstrate how to use play20-auth to adopt to coffee example.