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John Cook03/15/13
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Outliers and Kettleballs

When you reject a data point as an outlier, you’re saying that the point is unlikely to occur again, despite the fact that you’ve already seen it. This puts you in the curious position of believing that some values you have not seen are more likely than one of the values you have in fact seen.

Eric Genesky03/15/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #18

This week we have a couple illuminating articles from two database experts from two leading NoSQL enterprises. Kristina Chodorow of 10gen and Mark Needham of Neo4j. Also, if you haven't checked it out, you can download DZone's Couchbase Refcard herein.

Paul Hammant03/15/13
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Facebook's Trunk Based Development (Take 2)

A week ago, I wrote an article before on Trunk Based Development (TBD) at Facebook, but there’s newer source material. At InfoQ’s QCon this time, Chuck Rossi presented newer TBD practices and release workflow at Facebook.

Jeremiah Orr03/15/13
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A Case for Putting Off Documentation Until the End

I have a bad habit of putting off documenting my code as long as possible; it's often my last task before I submit a pull request.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz03/15/13
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Futures in Akka with Scala

Akka is actor based, event-driven framework for building highly concurrent, reliable applications. Shouldn't come a surprise that concept of a future is ubiquitous in a system like that

Dave Fecak03/15/13
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Enterprisey Developers, Acronyms, and Discrimination

Unlike the boom periods for startups in the past, it appears that today’s startup is much less likely to choose Java as the primary development platform.

Mitch Pronschinske03/15/13
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10 Things You Can do to Better Lead Your Agile Team

Agile leadership is different. Agile teams don’t like to be micromanaged, command and control doesn’t work, and yet how many agile projects get bad, or the wrong style of leadership applied to them? It kills projects, demotivates teams, and gives agile a bad name.

Mitch Pronschinske03/15/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/15)

Google Reader reader decides to shut down and most of the internet is pissed. Plus, Netflix puts up serious cash to start a community and we find a live SO v. GitHub programming language popularity graph

Roman Pichler03/15/13
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Nonfunctional Requirements

Explore nonfunctional requirements that apply to the entire product or to important features early on. This helps you create a great user experience, and make the right architecture and technology decisions.

Eric Genesky03/15/13
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Free Download of the Definitive Graph Databases Book

Neo Technology and O'Reilly Media have teamed up to bring you the definitive book on graph databases, which they've creatively titled Graph Databases.

Esther Derby 03/15/13
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Motivation Misfires

Some managers still assume that “workers” won’t work without carrots (or sticks). It doesn’t occur to them that carrots might not be the preferred diet.

Matt Werner03/15/13
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O'Reilly Strata Conference: Interview with Rich Dill at SnapLogic

I spoke with Rich Dill at Strata in Santa Clara, CA on February 27th to learn about SnapLogic's solutions and making Big Data easier to use.

Filip Ekberg03/14/13
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Seeing Problems Differently

We always have interesting discussions at work, both philosophical and mostly programming discussions. Sometimes the things people say make you think a while longer.

Jessica Thornsby03/14/13
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Subversion’s SVN Annotate Command

Apache Subversion’s ‘svn annotate’ command allows users to view a line-by-line breakdown of all the changes that have been applied to a human-readable file in your working copy.

Rafał Kuć03/14/13
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SolrCloud HOWTO

What is the most important change in 4.x version of Apache Solr? I think there are many of them but Solr Cloud is definitely something that changed a lot in Solr architecture.