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Gil Zilberfeld02/22/13
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Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist

Recently I’ve come to value experiments. I value them so much, it seems all I’m doing is experimenting.

Tathagat Varma02/22/13
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63 Things it Means to Be a Project Manager

Let's face it, being a project manager is not for everyone. We place a truckload of expectations on a project manager and then use an extremely asymmetric yardstick to evaluate their work.

Benjamin Mitchell02/22/13
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Ineffective Pushback to a Pushy Manager

How do you deal with a manager who believes that a software development team needs to go faster and should be pushed? I want to review some of the responses to my earlier blog and test the idea that they would create a productive conversation that would lead to effective outcomes.

Bootstrap Mark...02/22/13
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Bootstrap's Top 10 Big Data Predictions for This Year, Part 1

Big data is one of the dominant marketing topics of 2013 and Bootstrap believes that every technology related company needs to define their big data positioning and value-proposition.

Nahuel Dalla Vecchia02/22/13
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Trap your Alerts: An SNMP How-to using Java and Mule Enterprise Console

So what does the Mule team have to offer for gathering statistics about distributed Servers, apps and their corresponding status (among other things)? We took a look at two possible approaches: Polling information using MMC REST API and Using MMC’s Alerts system.

Pascal Alma02/22/13
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Combining Mule with Altova MapForce

As promised in our previous blog about Altova Mapforce we will show in this post how to combine the result of the generated code of Altova Mapforce with a Mule application. As we have shown before, the Java code that is generated by MapForce is divided in two parts...

Eugene Ivantsov02/21/13
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5 Reasons Why in 5 Years Desktop IDEs Will Be Dead

Yes, this is not a joke! In 5 years, all developers will code in the cloud. Not only will they code there, but also build, test, run, debug and deploy apps in the cloud. This is inevitable, although it does not seem obvious at the moment.

Allen Coin02/21/13
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How One Startup Uses Scala to Handle Exponential Growth

Lucidchart is a startup with an interesting story to tell about migrating from a PHP framework to Scala, and dealing with the growing pains of scaling to manage user growth.

Lukas Eder02/21/13
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Easy Mocking of Your Database

The importance of doing the right test-driven development is to find a good ratio of what kind of code is to be covered…

Greg Ness02/21/13
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I Have Seen the Beginning of the End of Cloud Migration. Have You?

An entire industry of cloud-related consultants and service professionals has grown up in a few short years, empowered by the complex and risky process of cloud migration . . .

Ben Kepes02/21/13
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Is Cloud a Revolution or an Evolution?

One of the reasons for setting up the CloudU program and certificate was a desire to scale the one-on-one work I do helping small and large businesses and the people that work . . .

Tim Spann02/21/13
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Mongo Links: Java, Scala, Groovy, and Tutorials

Here is a lengthy list of MongoDB-related links for devs interested in using the popular NoSQL solution with Java, Scala, Groovy, and more.

Cedric Beust02/21/13
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Coding Challenge ("Light" Edition)

This coding challenge is a bit different from the previous one ([1] [2]) because it is shorter and also a bit more closely tied to Java.

Oleg Nikolaenko02/21/13
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Bug-safety code: design pattern Null Safe

Programming on Java (and some other languages) programmers often deal with string variables and other types that represented object-boxed of simple types for example: Boolean, Integer, Double.

Craig Flichel02/21/13
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Comparing Job Development in Quartz and Obsidian

Getting your program code to the point that it satisfies the functional requirements provided is a milestone for developers, one that hopefully brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.