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Dan Haywood02/14/13
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Apache Isis Core 1.1.0, Isis Shiro Security 1.1.0, Isis Wicket Viewer 1.1.0

A few days ago we (that is to say, the Apache Isis team) pushed out a new point release of Apache Isis Core (v1.1.0), along with two of its components

Geraint Jones02/14/13
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Spring JMS with ActiveMQ

The example below is the bar minimum needed to get up and running with transactions and message converters using ActiveMQ and Spring. It's very straightforward to use this queue with Spring.

Mario Sannum02/14/13
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Take a Chance and Develop Yourself

What makes a great developer? Is it using the correct programming language?

Hubert Klein Ikkink02/14/13
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Groovy Goodness: Apply Mixin to Object Instances

In Groovy we can add extra functionality to a class with so-called mixins.

Bill Digman02/13/13
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Introduction to JCache JSR 107

Resin has supported caching, session replication (another form of caching), and http proxy caching in cluster environments for over ten years.

Troy Hunt02/13/13
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The Ghost Who Codes: How Anonymity is Killing Your Programming Career

Ultimately, complete lack of public profile doesn’t make someone a bad programmer. On the other hand, a rich track record of engaging with the community, asking questions, demonstrating enthusiasm and actively participating in the industry gives you a bloody good head start on the ghosts.

Jim Bird02/13/13
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Rule of 30 – When is a Method, Class or Subsystem Too Big?

A question that constantly comes up from people that care about writing good code, is: what’s the right size for a method or function, or a class, or a package or any other chunk of code?

Boris Lam02/13/13
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Sample Apps: Spring Data MongoDB and JSF Integration Tutorial (PART 1)

In this series of tutorials, a sample case study application will be built with different technologies. In this tutorial, a sample JSF application with Spring Data MongoDB will be covered.

Roger Hughes02/13/13
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Synchronising Multithreaded Integration Tests

Testing threads is hard, very hard and this makes writing good integration tests for multithreaded systems under test... hard. This is because in JUnit there's no built in synchronisation between the test code, the object under test and any threads.

Carlo Scarioni02/13/13
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On Programmers and Programming Languages. Your Opinion?

This is a small article in which I want to talk about a couple of issues that I sometimes talk about with my colleagues at work, but most of the time keep to myself. These are two subjects that I would like to know the general software community’s opinion about.

Michael Dubakov02/13/13
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Single Point of Failure - Don't Expect the Best Solution from One Person

Many teams rely on the Product Owner, Business Analyst, etc. and expect solutions and specs from them. A team doesn’t care about the solution, but does care about completeness of the specification. Sometimes this works, in most cases — not.

Ben Kepes02/13/13
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Dropbox Matures Corporate Product

I’ve been a harsh critic of Dropbox in the past – mostly because I feel they lack maturity – both as a company and as a product . . .

Nikita Salnikov...02/13/13
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Cryptic Error Messages in Java

We are dealing with complex stuff in Plumbr. Hacking JVM internals, bytecode manipulation, data mining – we are all over it.

Mainak Goswami02/13/13
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Singleton Design Pattern – An Introspection w/ Best Practices

In this article we are going to take a deeper look into the usage of the Singleton pattern. It is one of the most simple design pattern in terms of the modelling but on the other hand this is one of the most controversial pattern in terms of complexity of usage.

Eric Gregory02/13/13
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Dev of the Week: Doug Rathbone

This week we're talking to Doug Rathbone, who blogs about automation and much, much more at Diary of a Ninja.