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Adam Benoit04/13/13
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The Problem with Kids Corner in Windows Phone 8

As a father, I was very happy to see the announcement of Kids Corner as part of Windows Phone 8. “Finally” I thought, “I can now simply hand my phone to my daughter and be able to go back to work while she plays with the Talking Kitten app or others I have installed for her. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

Trisha Gee04/13/13
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How Mechanical Sympathy Got Me to the Airport on Time

Lets talk about mechanical sympathy. Martin Thompson has been making this term very popular in software development, so it's best to read his description of why he used the term.

Edwin Dalorzo04/13/13
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Java Lambda Expressions Basics

A lambda expression represents an anonymous function. It comprises of a set of parameters, a lambda operator (->) and a function body.

Eric Genesky04/13/13
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How to Compare NoSQL Databases

The CEO of Thumbtack Technology discusses benchmarking across NoSQL solutions, including Couchbase, Aerospike, MongoDB and Cassandra.

Tobias Mayer04/13/13
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Timebox != Commitment

Procrastinating this evening, I got lost in a long stream of tweets about timeboxing, fascinated at how much disdain was aimed at a simple unit of time, and how it was blamed for sloppy workmanship, poor quality, panic and many other dysfunctional behaviors.

Todd Merritt04/12/13
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What are the challenges of implementing an ERP system?

When a company decides to rollout an ERP system as part of its core business processes they must consider and provide solutions for the following general challenges.

Chris Haddad04/12/13
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Application Services Governance Components

Application Services Governance is a necessary step towards building a responsive IT organization and achieving business agility.

Christopher Taylor04/12/13
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Great companies benchmark differently

These are just a few of the things I’ve noticed about how really good organizations approach benchmarking.

Eric Genesky04/12/13
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Deploying an App to a Java Cloud Service

From Oracle, here's a 3-minute video on deploying an application to a Java cloud service.

Alan Skorkin04/12/13
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Ruby – Why U No Have Nested Exceptions?

One of the things we almost always do these days when we write our libraries and apps, is use other libraries. Inevitably something will go wrong with those libraries and exceptions will be produced.

Eric Gregory04/12/13
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Kivy: Building GUI and Mobile Apps with Python

This Pycon 2013 talk dives into Kivy, an open source Python library for building cross-platform GUI and mobile apps.

Giuseppe Vettigli04/12/13
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Odd-Even Sort Visualized

The Odd/Even sort is a sorting algorithm which uses the concept of the Bubble Sort to move elements around. Unlike Bubble sort, the Odd/Even sort compares disjointed pairs by using alternating odd and even index values splitting the sorting in different phases.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis04/12/13
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reStructuredText in PyCharm, Firefox, and Anger

I spend a lot of time writing Python package documentation in reST. Nevertheless, I find reST's markup permanently unlearnable, so I format docs by trial and error: I type a few backticks and colons and angle-brackets and random crap,sphinx-build the docs as HTML, and see if they look okay.

John Berryman04/12/13
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Modifying Solr Result Relevancy Via An “Auxiliary Boost” Field

English is a confusing language. I mean, does it really make sense that you can park in a driveway or drive in a parkway? Also, I’ve always been amused that there actually exists a class of words that are their own antonym – so called “auto-antonyms.”

Markus Eisele04/12/13
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JavaEE 7 with GlassFish on Eclipse Juno

Java EE 7 is hot. The first four JSRs passed the final approval ballot recently and GlassFish 4 reached promoted build 83 in the meantime.