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Paul Underwood02/12/13
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Exploring Test Driven Development

In this post we will investigate test driven development and how we can use it to improve our development process.

Swathi Venkatachala02/12/13
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Hadoop Hangover: Launch a Hadoop Cluster CDH4 Using Apache Whirr

This post is about how-to launch a CDH4 MRv1 or CDH4 Yarn cluster on EC2 instances. It's said that you can launch a cluster with the help of Whirr and in a matter of 5 minutes! This is very true if and only if everything works out well!

Arthur Charpentier02/12/13
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Pills, Half Pills, and Probabilities

Yesterday, I was uploading some old posts to complete the migration (I get back to my old posts, one by one, to check links of pictures, reformating R codes, etc). And I re-discovered a post published amost 2 years ago, on nuns and Hell’s Angels in an airplaine.

Steve Rogalsky02/12/13
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How to Prioritize a User Story Map

It is no wonder that when Jeff Patton showed me how to create a user story map and use it to create thin application slices to prioritize agile projects effectively that I was hooked.

Bilgin Ibryam02/12/13
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On Making My First Commit to Camel

Contribution is important in the open source community, and one project that I had meant to contribute to for a while was the Apache Camel project. I remember it was last year. It was a camel-fop component.

Mitch Pronschinske02/12/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/12/13)

More security woes for Ruby on Rails and a new core API server for Chef, made with Erlang. Plus Memcache on SSD and DNS art.

Martin Harris02/12/13
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6 Tips for Good Scrum

If you are doing these, then you're doing very well at Scrum indeed, and are likely to get better over time.

Nicolas Frankel02/11/13
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The Case for Spring Inner Beans

On one hand, 99% of developers conscientiously apply encapsulation and limit accessibility and variable scope to the minimum possible.

Erich Styger02/11/13
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Eclipse Workspace Tips

The ‘workspace’ thing is one of the most important things in Eclipse to understand. To mess around it can cause a lot of pain. So I have collected some ‘lessons learned’ around workspaces.

Howard Lewis Ship02/11/13
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Crafting Code in Clojure

Clojure is craftable: that is, in Clojure you have the option to craft at your code to make it more concise, easier to read, and easier to maintain.

Paul Underwood02/11/13
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Using The New Twitter API V1.1

From March 5th 2013 Twitter are removing there current API and it will be fully replaced with the new API V1.1. This means that any application that is currently using the old API will stop working on March 5th. The main feature of the API is that requests need to be authenticated before they will work correctly.

Eric Genesky02/11/13
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Highly Connected Data Models in NoSQL Stores

A presentation on the key ideas behind NoSQL databases, including strengths and weaknesses. Alistair Jones will also discuss Neo4j usefulness for managing and querying connected data.

Ben Kepes02/11/13
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Dell Boomi Announces New Milestones and Partnerships

Only days after the announcement that Dell was going to return to private ownership, Dell subsidiary Boomi has come out with some news about its integration platform

Pierre - Hugues...02/11/13
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Java 8: From PermGen to Metaspace

As you may be aware, the JDK 8 Early Access is now available for download. This allows Java developers to experiment with some of the new language and runtime features of Java 8.

Dan Haywood02/11/13
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Using Google Guava’s Ordering API

We’ve been playing a bit more with Google’s Guava library – what a great library! The most recent thing we used it for was to sort out the comparators for our domain objects. Here’s how.