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Chris Haddad03/21/13
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PaaS and Backend as a Service (BaaS)

During the API Strategy Conference panel discussion on Backend as a Service (BaaS), I was struck by the lack of clarity around BaaS market space boundaries and roadmaps.

Christopher Taylor03/21/13
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Data and Connectedness Create a Reputation Wild West

Welcome to 24 x 7 x 365 connectedness and the challenges that come with an always-on world. That world is generating data, loads of data. And the more we’re ‘on’, the more data, and the more reason to be ‘on’. It’s a never ending cycle of chasing our data tail.

Maarten Ectors03/21/13
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AWS: Awkward Features to Fix, Enterprise Features to Add

AWS is used by more and more enterprises today but Amazon should work on several awkward “features” that make daily usage by enterprises difficult.

Mikio Braun03/21/13
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CAP Theory Misconceptions

If you’ve ever listened to a NoSQL talk, you’ve probably come across the CAP theorem. The argument usually goes like this . . .

Paul Hammant03/21/13
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The Cost of Unmerge

One of the reasons you’re going to choose a Trunk Based Development (TBD) model, is because you’re doing concurrent development of consecutive releases.

Arthur Charpentier03/21/13
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Surveillance States, How Open Source Threatens SAS, and More Data Links

This week, Arthur Charpentier brings us the Internet as surveillance state, how Mahout and R threaten SAS, the social structure of news, and much more.

Andreas Kollegger03/21/13
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Neo4j.org 3.0 Launch

A new year, a new look - after gathering a lot of feedback for the launch of neo4j.org after GraphConnect last year we decided to invest more time and effort to make the site . . .

John Cook03/20/13
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Preparing for Google Reader Going Away

Most of you who subscribe to this blog use Google Reader or use an RSS reader that depends on Google’s Feedfetcher. Here’s a snapshot from before Google announced the end of Reader.

Jose Asuncion03/20/13
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5 Improvements To Be Considered If You’re Writing Your Next Custom Web Service Client

Of course the first thing most people would tell you is to look for existing solutions. But even then, there are those times when you need to write your own. Here are just of my reflections on it.

Dan Diephouse03/20/13
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Introducing Dataloader.io – Simple, Free, No Download Data Loader for Salesforce

One of the first integration problems that companies encounter when using a new application is data loading. Whether it’s a migrating data from an old product to a new one, managing and cleaning data, warehousing data, or replicating it from one place to another, it’s a painful task.

Jerry Nixon03/20/13
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DevRadio: UX Guidance for Handling Large Data in Windows 8 Apps

In today’s episode, Tyler showcases the Netflix and Newegg apps for Windows 8 as good examples of apps that make it easier for users to find and process information.

Mike Cottmeyer03/20/13
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My Perspective on Remote Work

The proclamation by Marissa Mayer last month, informing Yahoo employees that working from home is no longer an option, really seemed to bring an important conversation front and center.

Chen Harel03/20/13
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The AWS Olypmics: Speed Testing Amazon EC2 And S3 Across Regions

A speed test conducted between AWS EC2 instances and S3 across regions (source code included) in 2012 and 2013.

Vijay Narayanan03/20/13
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Role of Systematic Reuse in Enterprise Integration

Are your teams taking advantage of integration points? Or is each integration point implementing identical or similar functionality in an inconsistent fashion?

Tom Howlett03/20/13
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Flow and Attachment

I open the standup with no expectations of where it will go. We walk the board starting on the right. I read out the name of stories in turn and those who’ve been working on them happily or reluctantly report them done and ready to pull.