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Erich Styger01/03/13
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PWM and Shell for a LED

Controlling a LED is a great starter for any embedded project: simple and you immediately get feedback if it works.

Todd Merritt01/03/13
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What is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

The ERP acts a go between for various independent departmental systems so that they can integrate with one another. Here's analogy using Rice Krispies...

Lukas Eder01/02/13
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A Database Landscape Map

So you want to go with the flow and implement your next application on top of some NoSQL, NotJustSQL, NewSQL, AlmostSQL, SQL++, NextGenSQL, and what not, just to be sure not to miss out on some of the latest developments in the data business

David Pollak01/02/13
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Deploying a Simple Lift App on Escalante Using OpenShift

OpenShift and Escalante just work with Lift. Thanks for Galder for creating Escalante and lowering to barriers to entry for Lift.

Istvan Szegedi01/02/13
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Machine Learning Using Microsoft HDInsight on Azure

One of the key Microsoft HDInsight components is Mahout, a scalable machine learning library that provides a number of algorithms relying on the Hadoop platform.

Esen Sagynov01/02/13
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The Availability and Operational Stability of NoSQL

In this article, I will analyze the distribution and availability of these products from the operational aspect. The selected targets are Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB.

John Sonmez01/02/13
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You're Only a Beginner Once - Dig a Little Deeper

I was reading an interesting study last week about how willpower seems to grow like a muscle. This study got me thinking about how all kinds of seemingly unrelated skills tend to aid us in tasks that don’t directly use them.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/02/13
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Sendmail Using Nullmailer and a Gmail Account on a Linux Server

When you run VPS servers or other “low end” boxes it is common scenario need to setup a outgoing email mail transfer agent to get reports from cron jobs or enable PHP scripts to send email.

Roger Hughes01/02/13
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Super Fast Tomcat Installation using FTP and Version Control

A simple way of creating tomcat server installations in seconds.

Giorgio Sironi01/02/13
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SOLID principles: are they enough for OO?

A new definition of an object-oriented structure can be used to evaluate how SOLID principle enforce, favor, or limit you in writing OO code. I'm not saying you should only write OO code, but if you want to call it this way...

Andriy Redko01/02/13
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Implementing Producer / Consumer using SynchronousQueue

Among plenty of useful classes which Java provides for concurrency support, there is one I would like to talk about: SynchronousQueue. In particular, I would like to walk through Producer / Consumer implementation using handy SynchronousQueue as an exchange mechanism.

Peter Pilgrim01/02/13
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List of Agile Developer Terminology for New Programmers

There is so much new stuff that we have to explain to people new to programming. One person had to coach a graduate developer on writing unit tests. Another person had to explain the reasons why dependency injection is better than dependency lookup.

Dustin Marx01/02/13
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Significant Software Development Developments of 2012

2012 was another big year in software development across many different areas and types of development.

John Cook01/02/13
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Finding 2013 in Pi

My youngest daughter asked me this morning whether you can find the number 2013 in the digits of pi. I said it must be possible, then wrote the following Python code to find where 2013 first appears.

Stoimen Popov01/02/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Bucket Sort

What’s the fastest way to sort the following sequence [9, 3, 0, 5, 4, 1, 2, 6, 8, 7]? Well, the question is a bit tricky since the input is somehow “predefined”. First of all, we have only integers and fortunately they are all different. Here we can sort the sequence very quickly.