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Mike Christianson02/20/13
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Clojure, Java, and Sleeping Barbers

My friend Matt wrote a pretty rad (yep, I used that word) implementation of the “sleeping barber” program in Clojure. Matt’s code had an almost sentence-like simplicity to it

Tom O'connor02/19/13
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How I Broke AWS OpsWorks (Already)

I thought I'd have a play with AWS's latest offering "OpsWorks" and see if they've done us all out of a job. Well, kinda.

Blaise Doughan02/19/13
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Leveraging MOXy in your Web Service via JAX-WS Provider

In this post I'll demonstrate how to leverage MOXy in any application server by using the JAX-WS Provider class.

Chris Travers02/19/13
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Building SOLID Databases: Dependency Inversion and Robust DB Interfaces

Dependency inversion is the idea that interfaces should depend on abstractions not on specifics. According to Wikipedia, the principle states . . .

Jens Schauder02/19/13
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Shu Ha Ri and Code Metrics

Shuhari is a Japanese martial arts concept describing the stages of learning to mastery. While a master can and will break rules at will, most of the time she won’t because the rules align with what is the right thing to do. The same goes for code metrics.

John Sonmez02/19/13
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Principles Are Timeless, Best Practices Are Fads

After writing The More I Know The Less I Know, I received a few emails talking about how there are absolute best practices that should always be followed in software development. I wanted to distinguish best practices from principles at this point.

Ben Kepes02/19/13
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Clown Computing–Entertaining and Attention Grabbing but a Flawed Thesis

Recently I attended Webstock, a conference in Wellington, New Zealand that is well known for bringing together technology, design and general brain stimulation.

Chase Seibert02/19/13
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Why Database Integrity Matters

Given the rise in popularity of NoSQL solutions, typically set apart by their explicit forfeiture of traditional RDBMS features, you might think that age old concepts like ACID transactions and foreign key constraints are simply antiquated.

Wayne Beaton02/19/13
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Accepting Committers with Code

Most of the open source projects that I’m familiar with don’t tend to take significant contributions unless they come with development resources

Mark Needham02/19/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Bellman-Ford in Python Using Vectorization/Numpy

I recently wrote about an implementation of the Bellman Ford shortest path algorithm and concluded by saying that it took 27 seconds to calculate the shortest path in the graph for any node.

Mark Needham02/19/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: SQL Style GROUP BY Functionality

This is all explained in more detail in the documentation but I thought it’d be interesting to write about it from the perspective of someone more used to writing SQL and trying to work out how to achieve the same thing in Cypher.

Venkatesh Kris...02/19/13
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What Can Boeing Learn From Agile Methods?

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s grounding issue is currently the talk of the town. Do you think that Boeing has ignored some fundamental principles of product development?

Edmund Kirwan02/19/13
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How Many Classes and Packages Should You Have?

When is our software neither over-encapsulated, with too many packages and classes, nor under-encapsulated, with too few? When is it just right?

Mark Needham02/19/13
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Data Science: Don't Filter Data Prematurely

Last year I wrote a post describing how I’d gone about getting data for my ThoughtWorks graph and one mistake about my approach in retrospect is that I filtered the data too early.

Pascal Alma02/19/13
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Replacing Standard Mule Transformer w/ Custom Implementation

Although there is a lot of documentation about Mule ESB the issue in this post still took me some time to get it right. In this post I give a complete example of how I replaced standard Mule functionality (a transformer in this case) with my own implementation.