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Michal Jastak04/15/13
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JPA - Hibernate - Type mapping on package level

When we are finally mature enough to use some custom types mapping in JPA, we usually stuck with some provider specific solution, because JPA itself doesn't define any mechanism for doing it.

Omri Erel04/15/13
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Cloud Computing Challenges and Related Security Issues

So, everyone wants to know about cloud computing challenges and related security issues. How severe are they, what are they, and should we be concerned?

Esther Derby 04/14/13
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A Tale of a Too-Hands-Off Manager

Managers of self-organizing teams need to discern when it’s time to step in and when to step back, allowing the team to solve the problem on its own. How do you know when a light touch is called for and when action is needed?

Comsysto Gmbh04/14/13
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Cassandra 1.1 – Tuning for Frequent Column Updates

Cassandra is known for its good write performance. But there are scenarios, when you might run into trouble – especially when particular use case generates heavy disk IO. This could be the case for columns which receive frequent updates. However, you can avoid those problems, with proper configuration, or just by updating to recent Cassandra version.

David Bland04/14/13
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How to Create a Business Model Canvas in Google Docs

A Business Model Canvas is an easy to use, lightweight and powerful tool for anyone looking to sketch out business models. It is quickly becoming the preferred strategic management tool for start-up organizations.

Chris Haddad04/14/13
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A New IT Plan: Enterprise DevOps PaaS, APIs, and Ecosystems

Open source PaaS, Open APIs, and Open Ecosystems are accelerating agility, empowering developers, and enabling innovative business strategies. In a recently published white paper, I describe how adopting a New IT plan can create a responsive IT team.

Jessica Thornsby04/14/13
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Apache Subversion Team Releases 1.7.9 and 1.6.21

The Apache Subversion team has announced two new releases: Subversion 1.7.9 and 1.6.21. Subversion 1.7.9 improves the error messages for svn:date and svn:author props, and it improves the logic in mod_dav_svn’s implementation of lock, as well as a list of other features and fixes

Johanna Rothman04/14/13
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We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership

Choosing to be a manager without being a leader is like choosing to drive across the country without a map. Choosing to be a leader without having management skills is like choosing to be a fish without gills. You have to know where you’re going, and you have to know how to breathe in your environment.

Todd Merritt04/14/13
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Who Benefits From the Use of Design Patterns?

Who benefits from the use of design patterns is like asking who benefits from clean air or a good education. All of the stakeholders of a project benefit from the use of design patterns.

Nicolas Frankel04/14/13
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The Middle Path Approach

I’ve been doing software development for most of my career, so that I think myself as a software developer (or software architect), even though I’ve dabbled in solutions engineering more than once.

Lakshan Perera04/14/13
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My First Three Months with Nitrous.IO

Last 3 months has been the most exciting and yet challenging period of my life. I migrated from Sri Lanka to Singapore to join with an early-stage startup called Nitrous.IO.

Kay Cichini04/14/13
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Download Files from Google Drive/Docs Programmatically with R

Following up my last post on how to download files from the cloud with R...

Gaurav Mantri04/14/13
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Windows Azure Primer–Basics

That’s it for this post. Pretty long post, eh!!! In the subsequent posts, we’ll explore functionality in greater details.

Lukas Eder04/14/13
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Inadvertent Recursion Protection with Java ThreadLocals

Now here’s a little trick for those of you hacking around with third-party tools, trying to extend them without fully understanding them (yet!).

Dinuka Arseculeratne04/14/13
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SuperMan Bound by Java Monitors

We will make use of Java Monitors to help SuperMan listen to his Kryptonian father as well as come back in time to save the world from dooms day.