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Kin Lane04/18/13
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The API Pipes, From Resource to Last Mile

This post is an aggregation of ongoing thoughts I'm having around my role in the API space, a diagram I drew the other day while enjoying an IPA . . .

Dustin Marx04/18/13
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JDK 8 Javadoc Tweaked For Methods Listings

Since it's beginning, Javadoc output has been largely static HTML with navigation links and simple stylesheet styling of its appearance.

Swathi Venkatachala04/18/13
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Monitoring S3 Uploads for a Real Time Data

If you are working on Big Data and its bleeding edge technologies like Hadoop etc., the primary thing you need is a "dataset" to work on.

Trevor Parsons04/18/13
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Setting the Umask when Using Capistrano

After a bit of research, I discovered that the secret is to put the umask statement in my .bashrc file before the line that says [ -z "$PS1" ] && return as when Capistrano logs into the server, it doesn't have an interactive shell (and so $PS1isn't set.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/17/13
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Google Play Store Now Shows Different Screenshots for Tablets and Phones

While this might sound like a minor update, it actually has pretty strong implications to designers and developers.

Pascal Alma04/17/13
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Implementing WireTap EIP in WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

One of the EIP patterns is the WireTap. In this pattern you can extract a copy of the message from the flow without interfering the process. The way to do this in the WSO2 ESB is by simply using the Clone mediator in the proxy service.

Jurgen Appelo04/17/13
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How I Organize My Work (with 'Remember the Milk')

Frequently people ask me, “How can you be so productive?” The question seems a bit strange to me, because I often consider myself not productive at all!

Ross Mason04/17/13
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Metanga: The Tech Behind Their Billing SaaS

By having our connector set up in a CloudHub integration app, we can have multiple integrations running simultaneously off of the same SaaS instance. For example, we have five different financial systems integrations (NetSuite, Intacct, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks Online and Desktop).

Rob Allen04/17/13
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Heroku’s Add-On Provider Summit – London

We’re just back from Heroku’s Add-on Provider Summit in London where we were getting the skinny on Heroku’s upcoming addon provider roadmap!

Allan Kelly04/17/13
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Requirements and Specifications

In everyday colloquial usage of the words Requirements and Specifications are pretty interchangeable. In general teams, and Developers in particular, don’t differentiate. There are usually one or the other, or neither, and they are both about “what the software should do.”

Rauf Issa04/17/13
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Cloud Job Scheduler on EC2

Grand Logic is pleased to announced a new release of our JobServer Cloud edition product. JobServer Cloud edition allows our customers to access and use the powerful job scheduling, job processing, workflow and SOA messaging features available in JobServer from a cloud environment.

Mitch Pronschinske04/17/13
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DevBytes: Bitmap Allocation

Learn how to speed up bitmap loading and reduce garbage collection in Android by reusing existing bitmaps.

Mitch Pronschinske04/17/13
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Another Look at Application Integration with SwitchYard

If you haven't seen some of the previous introductions to SwitchYard, now's your chance to hear about Red Hat's replacement for JBoss ESB.There's something for everyone in this talk. Especially for Java EE developers.

Mitch Pronschinske04/17/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/17)

Computer dinosaurs still walk the earth. This story, plus a cool Mac Terminal easter egg, a prominent game written in QBASIC, and a Python heart monitor that only needs a webcam.

Jeremy Tess04/17/13
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Typemock's Community for Devs in the Early Stages of Unit Testing Adoption

The numerous benefits of unit testing have been well documented and extensively written about but surveys conducted by Typemock show that in many cases, unit testing is dropped after the first negative experience despite their financial and professional value and before its benefits become apparent.