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Nicolas Frankel03/28/13
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Devoxx France 2013 – Day 1

Rejoice people, it’s March, time for Devoxx France 2013! Here are some notes I took during the event.

James Sugrue03/28/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Binary Clock

This week's challenge is to calculate how many occurrences of 1 would happen in an entire day of watching the binary clock.

Tommy Patterson03/28/13
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Virtualization - An Overview of the System Center VMM

As our virtualization environments continue to grow with VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen Servers we need to take a new look at the management capabilities we require to properly do the job of VM administration.

Paul Wells03/28/13
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8 Myths About Software Modeling Tools and Modeling Languages

Software tool catalogs and awards competition categories in particular still adhere this antiquated classification of development tools without waking up to the fact that the industry has long since grown skeptical of wild claims about programmer productivity from modeling tools and moved on to better approaches.

Ryan Wang03/28/13
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HashMap vs. TreeMap vs. HashTable vs. LinkedHashMap

There are 4 implementations of Map in Java SE – HashMap, TreeMap, HashTable and LinkedHashMap. Their different designs determine their usage.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis03/28/13
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Review of "MongoDB Applied Design Patterns" by Rick Copeland

There's a lot of bad advice out there regarding MongoDB. As I wrote in my last review, even smart sources can encourage risky methods.

Mohamed Sanaulla03/28/13
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Introduction to Default Methods (Defender Methods) in Java 8

We all know that interfaces in Java contain only method declarations and no implementations and any non-abstract class implementing the interface had to provide the implementation.

Mike Stonebraker03/28/13
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Writing VoltDB Apps in Java Q&A

NewSQL and NoSQL databases present developers with a new and interesting programming model where there are fewer connections to the database . . .

Michael Sahota03/28/13
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Anatomy of Peace – A Model for Communication

Our relationships with others form the foundation of our reality. Sadly, we are habituated on twisting and distorting our “reality” of these relationships to protect our ego. The net result is that we are the authors of much of the conflict in out lives.

Raghuraman Bala...03/28/13
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AWS VPC NAT Instance Failover and High Availability

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a great way to setup an isolated portion of AWS and control the network topology.

Eric Genesky03/28/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/28)

Today: Mozilla introduces Persona and a web-based Unreal engine, Glass may be born in the USA, the Spamhaus/Cyberbunker showdown escalates, and some puns about floats.

Jos Dirksen03/28/13
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Movie color analysis with XBMC, Boblight, Java and D3.js

In this update I want to show and explain a visualization experiment I've been working on when I get a couple of moments of time

Daniel Doubrovkine03/28/13
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Doctors, Surgery, and Open Source

“It sounds like this patient really needs to be seen first thing tomorrow morning," he said. "If she doesn’t have a Medicare coupon, we’ll see her for free.” There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here for everyone writing software, too.

Brian Pince03/28/13
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Windows Azure Mobile Services Releases HTML5 Client

Windows Azure Mobile Services is a service platform that is part of Windows Azure. The team focuses on delivering valuable services to mobile app developers, on any platform.

Pankaj Taneja03/28/13
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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Technology has been taken over by the Cloud. Putting it in simple terms, ‘Cloud’ is the new meme used to describe nirvana from clogged up computers and saving files directly to the internet. So how does it work?