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Giampiero Granatella03/26/13
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Create a Blog in 15 minutes with Portofino 4

I made a video tutorial on how to develop a blog with Portofino 4. Portofino is an open source Java Web Framework with LGPL license, that allow you to fast develop enterprise applications.

Max De Marzi03/26/13
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Permission Resolution with Neo4j – Part 3

Let’s add a couple of performance tests to the mix. We learned about Gatling in a previous blog post, we’re going to use it here again.

Bilgin Ibryam03/26/13
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Accessing AWS Without Key and Secret

If you are using Amazon Web Services(AWS), you are probably aware how to access and use resources like SNS, SQS, S3 using key and secret . . .

Dalip Mahal03/26/13
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No Experience Required!

Did you know that we have never found a relationship between a developer's years of experience and code quality or productivity?

Dustin Marx03/26/13
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Monitoring Key JVM Characteristics with Groovy, JMX, and RuntimeMXBean

In this post, I look at more specific scripts that access a narrowly focused subset of these platform-exposed values available in the RuntimeMXBean.

Ben Forta03/26/13
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More On ColdFusion On AWS

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the availability of ColdFusion 10 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To better explain this offering, Adobe engineer Chandan Kumar recorded this video . . .

Eric D. Schabell03/26/13
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jBPM5 Developer Guide review

I had previously done a review on the first jBPM Developer Guide that Packt offered and was not very impressed. When approached this time I was hesitant to review when asked, but thought it deserved at least a look.

Wayne Adams03/26/13
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Data Analysis Training via Coursera

I recently finished the coursera course "Data Analysis," which immediately followed and somewhat overlapped "Computing for Data Analysis," also from coursera.

Tom O'connor03/26/13
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The Tech Interview: One Size Does Not Fit All

The tech interview process is broken. Fundamentally. I'm disheartened to find that certain terrible interview experiences aren't the exceptions, they're the rule.

Sander Mak03/25/13
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A Year of Blogging Analyzed with R

Since this is a programming blog we’re going to hook into the Google Analytics API. And this time, without using my standard tools of trade. Instead of using a JVM based language, I’m turning to R to do some number crunching.

Alexey Ragozin03/25/13
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Java as a Platform for Deployment Automation

Most popular tools for deployment automation are written in Python and Ruby. How about Java? Why not use it? Actually, I'm using it, replacing a lot of tasks usually employing shell scripts with code in Java. It works great, thanks to small missing piece - remote execution of Java code using SSH infrastructure.

Mikko Ohtamaa03/25/13
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Using Nullmailer and Mandrill for Your Ubuntu Server Outboud Mail

Getting a good SMTP server for your small business web application is difficult. You usually rely on the your local VPS server provider having some kind of SMTP server in local network.

Mark Needham03/25/13
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Incrementally Rolling Out Machines with a New Puppet Role

Last week Jason and I with (a lot of) help from Tim have been working on moving several of our applications from Passenger to Unicorn and decided that the easiest way to do this was to create a new set of nodes with this setup.

John Cook03/25/13
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Interview with Sacha Chua

I spoke with with Sacha Chua last week. We talked about entrepreneurship, Emacs, having eclectic interests, delegation, and more.

David Shaw03/25/13
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You Can Be Comfortable And Productive At The Same Time!

An office might not seem like an unhealthy working environment when compared to factories and car garages. Working in an office demands sitting for long periods of time working in front of a computer which means comfort and right posture is of the utmost importance.