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Tathagat Varma03/06/13
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So, Does Agile Really Kill Innovation?

In continuation of my earlier blog post on ‘Does Agile Kill Innovation?’, the question continues to be, does agile implicitly become the rate-limiting step for your innovation process?

Pascal Alma03/06/13
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Using Saddle When Riding The Mule ESB

Saddle is an extension of the Mule enterprise service bus (ESB). It allows the graphical configuration, administration and monitoring of the mule system. Furthermore, it eases the message handling and extends the connectivity of the Mule ESB.

Olga Kouzina03/06/13
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Mastery vs. GTD

One of my favorite books, called "Mastery", gently reminds us of the basics for any learning making readers aware that the mass culture quest for scoring, quick wins and quick fixes at any rate proves wrong in the long run and brings along the consequences more grave than one can imagine.

Krishna Prasad03/06/13
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JUnit Testing of Spring MVC application: Testing Spring Webflow

In this blog I will demo how to build a Spring Web Flow based application using Test driven development (TDD).

Kristina Chodorow03/05/13
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My Google Interviews

Most of the questions were basically variations on things in Cracking the Coding Interview, so I figured I’d share them.

James Sugrue03/05/13
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Socialize Your Apps The Easy Way With Scringo

Today Scringo go out of private beta with their first public offering. If you've ever wanted to build a community around your app, and take advantage of real social networking, you have to look at this.

Allen Coin03/05/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/5/13)

Today: The Mars Rover gets a BSOD, Chicago moves to GitHub, The Pirate Bay moves to North Korea (allegedly), and 4 Reasons Why It's Hard to Find Good Developers.

Dustin Marx03/05/13
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Recent Java 8 News

Java 8 developments are starting to dominate the news again. Recent posts cover extending Milestone 7 of JDK 8 to ensure its feature complete.

Daniel Bartl03/05/13
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An Online Recommendation Engine with MongoDB and Mahout

This is the second entry of the series of blog posts about building an online recommendation system based on MongoDB and Mahout.

Jason Baldridge03/05/13
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Using Twitter4j with Scala to Perform User Actions

This post shows how to control a Twitter user’s actions using Twitter4j. The primary purpose of this functionality is perhaps to create interfaces for Twitter like TweetDeck

Greg Ness03/05/13
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Hybrid Cloud Requirements

A few years ago, through a series of challenges faced after Neopath / Cisco and while at Mayfield Fund, our team ran into how complex this gulf really was . . .

Greg Ness03/05/13
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The Cloud's Next Killer Apps

I think the new cloud killer apps for enterprises will leverage cloud-integrated data centers (or true hybrid cloud adoption), and will strategically transform IT operating models . . .

Tobias Mayer03/05/13
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The Inadequacy of Feedback

Or more accurately, the inadequacy of the after-course evaluation process to gather meaningful and actionable feedback.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz03/05/13
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Herding Apache Pig: Using Pig with Perl and Python

the past week or so we got some new data that we had to process quickly . There are quite a few technologies out there to quickly churn map/reduce jobs on Hadoop (Cascading, Hive, Crunch, Jaql to name a few of many), my personal favorite is Apache Pig.

Paul Hammant03/05/13
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Trunk-Based Development at Facebook

Here's a 52-minute video that should be mandatory for all developers and their management to watch, even if after watching it they decide to not do the same. It’s all about toggles, Trunk Based Development (TBD) and Branch by Abstraction.