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Krzysztof Biga04/22/13
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Intellij IDEA 12 Android Support Review

A quick review of Intellij IDEA 12 Android development support.

Ian Mitchell04/22/13
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An Agile Health Check: The Daily Stand-Up in Practice

The rules of a stand-up are simple. Every day the team should assemble for a maximum of 15 minutes so that they can assess progress towards the Sprint Goal, and self-organize in order to overcome any impediments. In this article we look at how to use the daily stand-up as a "health check" for gauging an agile team's well-being.

Krishna Kumar04/22/13
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The Work From Home Question

Everyone is talking about the Yahoo! memo ending work from home for employees. I am reminded of an article on Rands in Repose about telecommuting.

Nicolas Frankel04/22/13
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Design by Contract and Bean Validation

I must confess that despite all benefits of defensive programming, I usually limit myself to not expose mutable attribute to the outside world. Why is that?

David Pollak04/22/13
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Code of Conduct for Communities

I think that codes of conduct should be positive definitions of expected behavior rather than a series of prohibitions. Here's the code of conduct I'll use for my next conference.

Brian Gracely04/22/13
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The Mobilecast: App Development & Lessons Learned at Festo

Brian and Steve Damadeo have a lively conversation about doing mobile app development. They talk through the steps that Steve’s team have taken in the last few years to develop solutions at Festo and come up with a set of lessons to be used when going through the process.

Jim Bird04/22/13
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Architecture-Breaking Bugs – when a Dreamliner Becomes a Nightmare

The history of computer systems is also the history of bugs, including epic, disastrous bugs that have caused millions of $ in damage and destruction and even death, as well as many other less spectacular but expensive system and project failures.

Chris Travers04/22/13
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A Distributist View on Software Freedom

It's worth noting off the bat that Distributism arose as a critique both of Capitalism and Communism and represents something with some of the ideals of both sides, but altogether different in character than either.

Hubert Klein Ikkink04/22/13
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IntelliJ IDEA Knows How to Format Spock where: Blocks

IntelliJ IDEA keeps amazing me. Last week I learned the code formatter of IntelliJ IDEA 12 supports Spock specific where: block formatting. Spock has great a great feature called data tables.

Patrick Mcclory04/22/13
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Deploy Windows Azure VMs with RightScale for Rapid Testing and Validation

With Microsoft’s announcement today of the general availability of its IaaS solutions, it’s only appropriate that we press on and get technical with how to use Windows Azure within your dev/test workflow.

Ryan Wang04/22/13
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What Can We Learn From a Java HelloWorld Program?

This is the problem everybody knows and I don’t talk about Syntax here. Instead, I want to see what the .class file look like when .java file is compiled, and how JVM load the class and invoke the main method.

Steven Lott04/22/13
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Legacy Code Preservation

When software is revised for a new framework or operating system or database or when an algorithm is converted to a new language, then we're "converting" (or "migrating") software. We're preserving code, and preserving the knowledge encoded.

Ryan Wang04/22/13
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How to Format Java Code Using Eclipse JDT?

Yo probably format your code often by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F or right clicking Source -> Format. This function is also provide in JDT, so you can also format your Java code in code.

Eric Genesky04/22/13
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An Interview with the Author of DZone's Repository Management Refcard

DZone's Repository Management Refcard was released this week. Carlos Sanchez, the card's author, answered a few questions about his professional experience, the authorship of the card, and . . .

Dustin Marx04/22/13
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Browsing the COS Naming Service Namespace with Groovy

In this post, I convert the Java code providing for the third example (browsing the namespace) to Groovy for a script that is easy to use to check objects in the namespace.