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Eric Genesky02/05/13
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An Updated Database Landscape Map

The folks over at 451 have updated their Database Landscape Map to accomodate some significant modifications and additions to the original map . . .

Jim Bird02/05/13
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Don’t Take the Technical Debt Metaphor Too Far

Because “technical debt” has the word “debt” in it, many people have decided that it makes sense to think and work with technical debt in monetary terms, and treat technical debt as a real financial cost.

Ryan Carter02/05/13
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Local WebHooks with Mule Cloud Connect and LocalTunnel v2

When using an external API for WebHooks or Callbacks as discussed in Chapters 3 and 5 of Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect . . .

Marcin Grzejszczak02/05/13
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Drools Decision Tables with Camel and Spring

As I've shown it in my previous post JBoss Drools are a very useful rules engine. The only problem is that creating the rules in the Rule language might be pretty complicated for a non-technical person. That's why one can provide an easy way for creating business rules - decision tables created in a spreadsheet!

Eric Minick02/05/13
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In Search of Organizational Consciousness

While general anesthesia is designed to make a surgery patient unconscious, we actually know very little about what consciousness actually is. One of the models of consciousness put forward by Giulio Tononi is that a conscious mind is an integrated mind.

Duncan Brown02/05/13
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DZone Love

It would seem that the good folks at DZone have sent me a goodie box (or, as I call it, a "swag bag" because it rhymes and I'm easily amused) . . .

Arthur Charpentier02/05/13
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Overdispersion with Different Exposures

In actuarial science, and insurance ratemaking, taking into account the exposure can be a nightmare (in datasets, some clients have been here for a few years – we call that exposure – while others have been here for a few months, or weeks).

Mansur Ashraf02/05/13
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Testing MapReduce with MRUnit

A tutorial on how to use MRUnit to test MapReduce jobs. MRUnit is a testing framework that lets you test and debug Map Reduce jobs in isolation without spinning up a Hadoop cluster.

Dave Rooney02/05/13
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People are Funny

The top New Year's Resolutions are always to lose weight, start exercising, and to stop smoking. Of course, those resolutions are usually broken. So, I suppose that it shouldn't be a surprise that agile teams break resolution as well.

Mark Needham02/05/13
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R: Mapping Over a List of Lists

I needed to know how many values were in the variables one, two and three. I thought I could probably put those lists into another list and then use apply or one of its variants to get the length of each one.

Gary Sieling02/05/13
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A Solr CSV DataImportHandler Sample

The following will import a two field CSV file into solr, assuming two columns, name and count. The name field is always quoted.

Luis Atencio02/05/13
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Notes on Continuous Delivery

In the rapid changing software world of today, companies and individuals have come up with many methods in order to minimize the time to market gap, i.e the time it takes for your idea to materialize in production.

Claus Ibsen02/05/13
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Camel 2.11 - Camel web applications without Spring

I just want to emphasize that the goal of this new camel-servletlistener component is to allow people to easily bootstrap their Camel applications in any web container, without the need to be tied to any particular 3rd party framework such as Spring.

Ralf Quebbemann02/05/13
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Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 7

Most Linux desktops / window managers support it out of the box: Multiple virtual desktops. I really miss the feature on Windows 7.

Mitch Pronschinske02/05/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/5/13)

A bunch of lecture videos just dropped for the programming languages course at Brown University. You'll also want to check out a new tool for changing website backrounds at will. Plus, you'll hear about a powerful new JS heatmap tool, the new release of Gradle, and more.