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John Cook05/08/13
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Ramanujan Approximation for Circumference of an Ellipse

There’s no elementary formula for the circumference of an ellipse, but there is an elementary approximation that is extremely accurate.

Mitch Pronschinske05/08/13
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Git Going with Distributed Source Control

Many development shops have made the leap from RCS, Perforce, ClearCase, PVCS, CVS, BitKeeper or SourceSafe to the modern Subversion (SVN) version control system.

Michael Dubakov05/08/13
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BMW and UX: Same But Better

Any interface develops in cycles. Someone comes up with a new interface, users start bringing in their feedback — that’s the stage of step-by-step improvements. One has to rework some parts of the functionality and mix in new features gradually, without having people learn from scratch.

Eric Gregory05/08/13
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Voice-Controlled Home Automation with Android

Doug Gregory demonstrates his Android-powered home automation system, and how he made it work.

Paul Hammant05/08/13
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Android and The Art of War

I’m not going to attempt to match aspects of Google’s plan to individual chapters of Art of War. I’m just going to do a rollup instead with aspects around weakness, confrontations, focusing resources and diverting your opponent’s, tactics, timing and maneuvers.

Mitch Pronschinske05/08/13
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Deploying CXF SOAP Web Services on Tomcat and Karaf

This introduction shows the deployment of CXF-based SOAP web services as a WAR on embedded or standalone Apache Tomcat and as an OSGi bundle on Apache Karaf. How to create SOAP clients-both OSGi and standalone Java--is also covered.

Allan Kelly05/08/13
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Dialogue Sheets - Update & New Planning Sheet

Last month InfoQ carried an update on the use of retrospective dialogue sheets. The use of these sheets continues to grow and I continue to receive good feedback.

Jay Fields05/08/13
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Recovering Lost Post Data

I recently typed out a long, thoughtful response in a textarea. I clicked submit, like I've done millions of times, and I got the dreaded "session expired" error message.

Arthur Charpentier05/08/13
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Data News: "Algorithms Every Data Scientist Should Know" and More

Arthur Charpentier's regular roundup of stats and data science-related links points us to algorithms every data scientist should know, a free ebook on probabilistic programming and Bayesian methods for coders, and much much more.

Gary Sieling05/08/13
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Entity recognition with Scala and Stanford NLP Named Entity Recognizer

The following sample will extract the contents of a court case and attempt to recognize names and locations using entity recognition software from Stanford NLP.

Andreas Kollegger05/08/13
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Graph Cafe is Starting in Belgium and Netherlands

I guess I can no longer keep it a secret: I really do like beer. And Graphs. So every opportunity I get I will try to talk about both

Peter Lawrey05/08/13
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Cliff Click, Charlie Hunt and Doug Lea on 'The Future of the JVM'

This expert panel on the Future of the JVM includes Cliff Click, Charlie Hunt and Doug Lea.

Eric Gregory05/08/13
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Dev of the Week: Zemian Deng

This week we're talking to Zemian Deng, a Java developer working for the Bank of New York Mellon.

Ankur Kumar05/08/13
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Apache CXF vs. Apache AXIS vs. Spring WS

This blog does not try to compare all available Web Services Development Frameworks but focuses only on three popular approaches regarding three Open Source frameworks: Apache CXF, Apache AXIS & Spring WS.

Martin Fowler05/08/13
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User Journey Test

User-journey tests are a form of BusinessFacingTest, designed to simulate a typical user's "journey" through the system. Such a test will typically cover a user's entire interaction the system in order to achieve some goal. They act as one path in a use case.