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Arthur Charpentier02/22/13
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What Ockham Really Said, the Math of Marital Ruin, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier's link roundup takes a Big Data-fied look at porn star names, misconceptions about Ockham's Razor, and the mathematics of marital discord.

Paul Hammant02/22/13
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Continuous Delivery: Professionals vs. Amateurs

Where a performance becomes automatic for the performer through practice, and where repeated performance has value, then there could well be a transition from amateur to professional for the performer.

Jessica Thornsby02/22/13
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Hadoop Console: Simplified Hadoop for the Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the latest release in our string of Big Data announcements: the WANdisco Hadoop Console (WHC.) WHC is a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy for enterprises to deploy, monitor and manage their Hadoop implementations, without the need for expert HBase or HDFS knowledge.

Mitch Pronschinske02/22/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/22/13)

The JDK 8 dev preview is pushed back and Riak 1.3 is released. Plus, some uncommon opinions about the Agile Manifesto and Write Once, Run Everywhere.

Eric Gregory02/22/13
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Electric Cloud Announces Android Software Delivery Solution

One of the biggest challenges to efficiency for Android manufacturers is building, testing, and releasing machines for each version of Android OS, all while Android is constantly evolving under their feet.

Jessica Thornsby02/22/13
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Fetching Previous Revisions in Subversion

One of the fundamental features of Apache Subversion is that it remembers every change committed to the central repository, allowing users to easily recover previous versions of their project.

David Isbitski02/22/13
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Package Deployed for Dev or Authoring Mode Error in Windows App Cert Kit

If you are getting this error message when running the Windows App Certification Kit, don’t panic: This package was deployed for development or authoring mode. Uninstall the package and re-install it normally.

Johannes Brodwall02/22/13
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What is the Right Iteration Length?

When picking iteration length for an agile project, there are mainly two forces that you have to balance: The rate of learning is proportional with the number of iterations, rather than the length of the project.

Eric Gregory02/22/13
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Fabian Hüske on Large-Scale Data Analysis Beyond Map/Reduce

In this talk, Fabian Hüske of the Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) group at Berlin Technical University delves into the PACT programming model.

Gil Zilberfeld02/22/13
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Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist

Recently I’ve come to value experiments. I value them so much, it seems all I’m doing is experimenting.

Tathagat Varma02/22/13
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63 Things it Means to Be a Project Manager

Let's face it, being a project manager is not for everyone. We place a truckload of expectations on a project manager and then use an extremely asymmetric yardstick to evaluate their work.

Benjamin Mitchell02/22/13
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Ineffective Pushback to a Pushy Manager

How do you deal with a manager who believes that a software development team needs to go faster and should be pushed? I want to review some of the responses to my earlier blog and test the idea that they would create a productive conversation that would lead to effective outcomes.

Bootstrap Mark...02/22/13
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Bootstrap's Top 10 Big Data Predictions for This Year, Part 1

Big data is one of the dominant marketing topics of 2013 and Bootstrap believes that every technology related company needs to define their big data positioning and value-proposition.

Nahuel Dalla Vecchia02/22/13
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Trap your Alerts: An SNMP How-to using Java and Mule Enterprise Console

So what does the Mule team have to offer for gathering statistics about distributed Servers, apps and their corresponding status (among other things)? We took a look at two possible approaches: Polling information using MMC REST API and Using MMC’s Alerts system.

Pascal Alma02/22/13
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Combining Mule with Altova MapForce

As promised in our previous blog about Altova Mapforce we will show in this post how to combine the result of the generated code of Altova Mapforce with a Mule application. As we have shown before, the Java code that is generated by MapForce is divided in two parts...