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Oscar Berg04/23/13
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My 7 Work Mantras

This morning I decided to share my "work matras" with my followers on Twitter. Right now I keep them in a note in Notes, but I would really like to put them on a wall or have them as my background on my devices.

Christopher Taylor04/23/13
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API Companies Are Hot Properties

So why is API management so hot right now? Partly because of cloud computing’s rise. Suddenly, it matters enormously to have ways for the rapidly expanding number of cloud offerings to communicate with each other and with the organizations signing up for their services.

Tomasz Dziurko04/23/13
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XStream – XStreamely Easy Way to Work with XML Data in Java

Learn what XStream is capable of and how it can be used to easily map XML data to Java objects. You won't regret it.

Rob J Hyndman04/23/13
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My New Forecasting Book is Finally Finished

My new online fore­cast­ing book (writ­ten with George Athana­sopou­los) is now com­pleted. I pre­vi­ously described it on this blog nearly a year ago.

Mark Needham04/23/13
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Puppet: Installing Oracle Java

In order to run the neo4j server on my Ubuntu 12.04 Vagrant VM I needed to install the Oracle/Sun JDK which proved to be more difficult than I’d expected.

Eric Minick04/23/13
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In Agile, Put Retrospective First

This morning I was speaking with some of our friends at VersionOne at the Mile High Agile Conference. We were discussing Agile practices and the phrase “Kanban-ish” came up.

Dustin Marx04/23/13
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Book Review: Effective Unit Testing: A Guide for Java Developers

It is easy for me to recommend this book to Java developers who feel they have room to improve in writing of unit tests of Java applications. I also know many Java developers (including myself) who could benefit from reading this book.

Justin Bozonier04/23/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Generate Music Algorithmically

The algorithm of the week is a Markov Chain. Using this technique you leverage a little bit of probability to do some light machine learning. In this case, input a song and have the computer create an original work based off the patterns you’ve taught it.

Anders Abel04/23/13
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Can You Handle An Elite Performer?

Employers ask for elite performers, but they should be careful – they could get what they ask for… If they find an elite performer, do they have the elite organization required to match the new hire?

Lorna Mitchell04/23/13
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The Economics of Developer Recruitment and Training

This isn't a rant about salaries, the skills of new graduates, or the trials of dealing with recruiters, although each of those is worth a post in itself. It's about the mathematics of providing your organization with the talent it needs at the time that it needs it.

Larry Franks04/23/13
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Last Week's Cloud Links from the Silver Lining Blog

The Silver Lining Blog runs a weekly "Pie in the Sky" linklist focusing on Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Azure, and a few other topics. Check 'em out here.

Andreas Kollegger04/23/13
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Neo4j NASA Space Apps Challenge

This past weekend, a team from Neo Technology participated in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Pernilla, Tobias, and Mattias from Neo Technology joined forces with our friend Hatim . . .

Arthur Charpentier04/23/13
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I'll Be in Vegas, Trying to Win Against the House

Suppose I go to Las Vegas with an initial wealth s (say $100). The goal is to find the strategy which maximizes the probability to leave Las Vegas with 2s (here $200). Should I play big, or small? A probabilist goes to Vegas.

Gary Sieling04/23/13
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Cobol v. Fortran

I thought it’d be interesting to compare how many people admit to knowing ancient programming languages on their LinkedIn pages. This is in a contrast to my post on the popularity of hip JVM languages Scala and Clojure.

Ryan Wang04/23/13
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JVM Run-Time Data Areas

This is my note of reading JVM specification, with a diagram which helps me understand.