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Jonathan Callahan02/10/13
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Using R — .Call(“hello”)

In this post we will implement .C() functionality using the .Call() function.

Col Wilson02/10/13
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MapReduce with Mongoose and CoffeeScript

After searching the InterWeb for a decent MapReduce example coded in CoffeeScript I came up blank and decided to write my own. This one uses Mongoose too - well why use anything else?

Mitch Pronschinske02/10/13
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ZeroMQ: Popular and Controversial

I found a very good review of ZeroMQ from Pieter Hintjens, a veteran in distributed software. He not only had a strength and weakness review of ZeroMQ, but he also had an interesting and critical take on a popular message queue, RabbitMQ.

Dave Fecak02/09/13
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Tips To Overcome Ageism In Hiring As a Software Professional

I am starting to see that many of the contacts I made back in the late 90′s are now having some concerns about ageism during a job search.

Brian Gracely02/09/13
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The Cloudcast: Enabling Business Through Mobility

Aaron and Brian talk with Brian Katz (@bmkatz) about the evolution of mobile apps for the Enterprise, including UI design, alignment between business and IT, security models and what to expect in 2013.

Mitch Pronschinske02/09/13
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Designing Hypermedia APIs

Ruby on Rails did a lot to bring REST to developers, but its conception leaves the REST devotee feeling a bit empty. "Where's the hypermedia?" she says. "REST isn't RPC," he may cry. In this talk, Steve will explain how to design your APIs so that they truly embrace the web and HTTP. Pros and cons are discussed.

Arthur Charpentier02/09/13
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Natura Non Facit Saltus

Or "Nature Makes No Leaps." As a starting point, assume that we do not want to use segmentation techniques: everyone will pay exactly the same price.

Eric Gregory02/09/13
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Google's Introduction to Datastore

This Google Developers tutorial explores App Engine's Datastore service, driven by Google Bigtable.

Armel Nene02/09/13
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Hacking Liferay – Securing Against Online Vulnerabilities

Liferay CE is stable enterprise portal, as more companies start to adopt it, therefore security becomes a very important aspect of the deployment.

Rob Allen02/09/13
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Migrating to BitBucket from Subversion

As I needed to migrate over one hundred repositories from Subversion to BitBucket, I automated it via a simple shell script.

Johanna Rothman02/09/13
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Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 3

Here's another example of distributed teams that shows how helpful a Kanban board can be. It lets you know, for example, if the developers are producing more than the testers can handle.

Tom O'connor02/08/13
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Building and Scaling PDFTribute

My good friend, Patrick Socha, so moved by the outpouring of data associated with the twitter hashtag #pdftribute set up a quick and dirty twitter archive, extracting tweets containing links. I had a look at this, realised it looked awful on mobile (I was on a bus at the time!), and requested the source on Git.

Zac Gery02/08/13
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Coding Standards Are Overrated

As a development team grows, so does its complexity. This complexity manifests itself in many areas including team member interactions, increased project administration, and evolving communication strategies.

Don Pinto02/08/13
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How to Move from MySQL to Couchbase Server 2.0: Part 2

This time, we’ll start by looking at how to write those Views and specific elements of the SQL queries, like WHERE and GROUP BY clauses, and the process . . .

Marko Rodriguez02/08/13
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Polyglot Persistence and Query with Gremlin

Complex data storage architectures are not typically grounded to a single database. In these environments, data is highly disparate, which means that it exists in many forms . . .