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Hubert Klein Ikkink02/01/13
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Groovy Goodness: Append Values to Appendable Objects

Since Groovy 2.1 we have a couple of extra methods available for objects that implement the java.lang.Appendable interface. A lot of Writer objects implement this interface.

Vladimir Carrer02/01/13
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Writability: Write in Your Browser

Yesterday I found an incredible post on creating a one line browser notepad by Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga. The idea is using your browser as a minimal, distractions-free text editor.

Arthur Charpentier02/01/13
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Regression on Categorical Variables

This morning, Stéphane asked me tricky question about extracting coefficients from a regression with categorical explanatory variates.

George London02/01/13
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The Simple Reason Twitter Will Win the Sharing War

I am extremely skeptical of “Zuckerberg’s law” (i.e. that the amount people share will double every year) because I just don’t believe that my life (or yours) generates that quantity of interesting content.

Eric Genesky02/01/13
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Your Script Just Killed My Site

This video is presented by Steve Souders, who works on web performance and open source initiatives at Google.

Peter Pilgrim02/01/13
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Can’t Change; Won’t Change

I witnessed Agile adoption inside investment banking organizations. Sad to say, it did not happen. Instead, lip service was paid to say SCRUM, for example.

Olga Kouzina02/01/13
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Meetings Are....

You're probably familiar with the “Meetings are Toxic” maxim from the “Getting Real” book by 37 signals. I tend to agree with it. In short, meetings are huge energy drainers and productivity flow breakers, so the deal is to figure out if this energy drain is actually worth it.

Simeon Franklin02/01/13
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Modesto Scripting Language Meetup.com API Mashups

I'd really like to redo this with a micro-framework for routing and the PHP client libraries to handle emitting TwiML - but exactly what is going on might be less clear.

John Cook02/01/13
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Continued Fractions with Sage

My previous post looked at continued fractions and rational approximations for e and gave a little Python code. I found out later there’s a more direct way to do this in Python using Sage.

Ben Kepes02/01/13
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More Proof that Shadow IT is a Growing Issue

for a start, it’s truly bizarre that such a high proportion of organizations admit the existence of rogue IT – clearly the barriers to sanctioned adoption are simply too high and that’s what is forcing people to access via workarounds.

Lakshan Perera02/01/13
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Realie Project: Data Structures & Storage

Last couple of days, I found some time to work on my individual research project for the degree course. The topic area I selected for my project was on "Real-time Web".

Hirvesh Munogee02/01/13
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This Trashman Generates a Clean Stylesheet from Old CSS

CSSTrashman is an online tool which allows you to supply a URL and it scans the website and generates a new clean CSS file from the existing styles.

Mitch Pronschinske02/01/13
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10 Web Peformance Tuning Tricks

Join Richard Campbell as he opens up his web performance tuning toolkit and walks you through ten different techniques for improving web performance, rating each by difficulty, risk and reward. You will learn about a variety of techniques for reducing payload size, latency, server and client compute times.

John D'Emic02/01/13
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Cheat Sheet: Asynchronous Message Processing

You want to get more done in 2013 so you’re going to need to switch from synchronous to asynchronous processing to do more with the same resources.

Peter Schuh02/01/13
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Sometimes Help is Closer than You Think... If You Stop to Think

Thanks to the power of the inter-webs, a team that collaboratively thinks its way through tough spots, and management that is willing to back outside-the-box solutions, we were able to meet a deadline that we previously thought was impossible.