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Brian Gracely09/15/12
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It's DevOps, or it's the Wrong Conversation

IT people often try and justify new technology with technology reasoning. It's analogous to answering a question with another question.

Sadayuki Furuhashi09/15/12
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Understanding the Book-Crossing Dataset: Visualizing Status Data

Looking at “action” data, or rather, a type of inaction: how can we identify users who are lazy about rating books?

Ricci Gian Maria09/15/12
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WCF over HTTPS, Compression, and Binary Binding

Using compression to reduce traffic between clients and server.

Rodrigo De Castro09/15/12
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MongoDB, Maturity, and "let's implement ourselves"

One common theme I've seen in the past few years is developers downplaying products and features that typically take a long time to implement and to get to a mature state.

Chris Haddad09/15/12
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ESB Use Cases Driving a a Successful ESB PoC

Do you have clear architecture, solution, and ESB PoC guidelines describing how your organization can wisely select integration infrastructure components and products?

Vijay Narayanan09/14/12
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5 Tips to Ease Reusable Asset Integration

Resuable software assets need to be created and evolved with two perspectives – functional value and ease of integration. A library that offers little functional value and is difficult to integrate into an application is unlikely to get wide adoption. Are there tips to balance these two perspectives? I think so and here are some pointers:

Mahdi Yusuf09/14/12
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The Philosophy of it All

I am a person who is all about the philosophy of it all. If you are going to do something or anything do it right and do it to the best of your abilities.

Rob Sanders09/14/12
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Cross-Device Mobile Apps Powered by Azure and SQL Azure

This session is about the Stock Trader application which started out life as a sample Java application featuring data tier scale out, a HTML5 UI, an Android, Windows Phone and iPhone app with a significant shared code base.

Geoffrey Papilion09/14/12
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Configuration only Deployments: Reduce outage windows by 90%

Monitoring configuration is complicated, and the depths that you can configure alerts and tests seems endless. It may seem like a waste of time to invest in some options, but others can really help you eliminate states that send hundreds of alerts.

Zemian Deng09/14/12
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Improving java.util.Properties

The Java built-in java.util.Properties class could really use some love. I have written a slightly improved version called timemachine.scheduler.support.Props, and below are some features that I use often.

Pedro Duque Vieira09/14/12
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Style a Stage in a Minimalist Way

There are various modes in which you can style a window in JavaFX. Sometimes it may be interesting to style it in a minimalist way without any window decorations but only the ones provided by the OS such as a drop shadow in Windows 7.

Eric Sedor09/14/12
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MongoDB Performance Tuning with Dex

For those of you who haven’t met him, Dex is an open-source python tool that suggests indexes for your MongoDB database.

Anders Abel09/14/12
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You’re a Top Developer!

Nowadays blogs and other web resources have largely overtaken books as the main source of information. Did that solve the problem? Do people read more? In my experience: Unfortunately not. The basic pattern persists: Most developers don’t care.

Allen Coin09/14/12
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Azure Beats Amazon in Cloud Development Survey

According to a new survey from Evans Data Corporation, the preferred cloud among developers is Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Veera Sundar09/13/12
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8 Common Code Violations in Java

At work, recently I did a code cleanup of an existing Java project. After that exercise, I could see a common set of code violations that occur again and again in the code. So, I came up with a list of such common violations and shared it with my peers so that an awareness would help to improve the code quality and maintainability. I’m sharing the list here to a bigger audience.