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Howard Lewis Ship03/08/13
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Red Code, Green Code, My Code, Your Code

I had a very odd interchange with my friend Merlyn over lunch; he started talking about red code vs. green code (in the context of supporting both callbacks and promises inside NodeJS).

Josh Adell03/08/13
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Storytellers and Prognosticators: Lessons in Communication Style

I tried to come up with different personas for the different types of communicators on my team. So far, I've broken the communication styles down into these general personas:

Eric Genesky03/08/13
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NoSQL Data Storage - Myths and Truths

Here's a one-hour presentation by Maksims Rebrove that not only introduces, but also dispells some common myths surrounding NoSQL solutions.

Ian Skerrett03/08/13
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Eclipse User Stories

I love hearing what people are doing with Eclipse. It really is amazing the great software people have built on top of Eclipse.

Roman Pichler03/08/13
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Backlog

The product backlog is an important tool: It lists ideas, requirements, and new insights. But is it always the right tool to use? This post discusses the strengths of a traditional product backlog together with its limitations. It provides advice on when to use the backlog, and when other tools may be better suited.

Greg Ness03/08/13
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Cloud Computing and Banking Security

I have talked about security in cloud computing many times before, explaining why it is just as safe as conventional networking security, even citing its benefits over the conventional.

Bilgin Ibryam03/08/13
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Indexing Data in Solr from Disparate Sources Using Camel

Creating a Camel route to index all the data from a relational database table and local file system is simple, that's the first step in indexing data in Solr from many sources using Camel.

Christopher Taylor03/08/13
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Privacy Rules are the First Casualty of Big Data

In our haste to study larger and larger amounts of data and find information, there’s a point getting lost in the excitement...those are people who often haven’t given their permission for their data to be used for just any purpose.

Jessica Thornsby03/08/13
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All About SVN Copy

Apache Subversion’s commit command allows you to quickly create a copy of item(s) at both the working copy and the repository level. It’s most commonly used in creating branches.

Doug Turnbull03/08/13
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Why FoundationDB Might Be All It's Cracked Up To Be

When I first heard about FoundationDB, I couldn’t imagine how it could be anything but vaporware. Seemed like Unicorns crapping happy rainbows to solve all your problems.

Arthur Charpentier03/08/13
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Congrats! You're Cool - and More Data Links of the Week

This week's data link roundup from Arthur Charpentier asks if people really have priors in Bayesian stats, and gives data crunchers cause to whip out the sunglasses, Law and Order-style.

Sam Kyatham03/08/13
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SLF4J with Logback

It is common that most of the developers use their own logging frameworks at the time of development and that force organizations to maintain configuration for each logging framework.

Rob J Hyndman03/08/13
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Makefiles for R/LaTex Projects

Make is a mar­vel­lous tool used by pro­gram­mers to build soft­ware, but it can be used for much more than that. I use make when­ever I have a large project involv­ing R files and LaTeX files, which means I use it for almost all of the papers I write, and almost of the con­sult­ing reports I produce.

Jason Sherman03/08/13
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Android: MQTT with ActiveMQ

This demo is just the basics of using the ActiveMQ MQTT client and it provides the starting point to building something such as a mobile chat application.

Kevin Remde03/08/13
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Dynamic Memory – Not Your Father’s Memory Overcommit: Part 3

Part 3 of our “20+ Days of Server Virtualization” series is about Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V. As the title suggests, this is not your Father’s Memory Overcommit.