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Andreas Kollegger04/23/13
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Neo4j NASA Space Apps Challenge

This past weekend, a team from Neo Technology participated in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Pernilla, Tobias, and Mattias from Neo Technology joined forces with our friend Hatim . . .

Arthur Charpentier04/23/13
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I'll Be in Vegas, Trying to Win Against the House

Suppose I go to Las Vegas with an initial wealth s (say $100). The goal is to find the strategy which maximizes the probability to leave Las Vegas with 2s (here $200). Should I play big, or small? A probabilist goes to Vegas.

Gary Sieling04/23/13
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Cobol v. Fortran

I thought it’d be interesting to compare how many people admit to knowing ancient programming languages on their LinkedIn pages. This is in a contrast to my post on the popularity of hip JVM languages Scala and Clojure.

Ryan Wang04/23/13
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JVM Run-Time Data Areas

This is my note of reading JVM specification, with a diagram which helps me understand.

Markus Eisele04/23/13
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OTN Interview by Yolande Porier about Java EE 7

After the successful first Devoxx UK a few weeks back my interview with Yolande Porier from Oracle Technology Network finally got published on Parleys.

Patrick Debois04/23/13
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What if Devops was Invented by Coca Cola?

Ever wondered what Devops would look like when it would be invented by Coca Cola? Enjoy my Ignite session from Devopsdays Paris 2013.

Don Pinto04/23/13
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10 Things Developers Should Know About Couchbase

As a developer, I’ve been using Couchbase Server for couple of months now and I love it. Having written several apps myself, I’ve come to learn many (but not all) of the ins-and-outs of Couchbase.

Steve Rogalsky04/23/13
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Facilitating a retrospective with 50 people in an hour

We had just under an hour to eat lunch and complete the retrospective. Second, there are about 50 volunteers - allowing everyone to have a voice in such a short time frame would be a challenge.

Ryan Wang04/23/13
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How to Convert Array to ArrayList in Java?

This is a question that I wanted to take a look at for myself, because it is one of the top viewed and voted questions in stackoverflow.

Paul Lothridge04/23/13
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NuoDB Releases 1.0.2

NuoDB 1.0.2 is a maintenance release of NuoDB's elastically scalable SQL cloud database. Here's what's new . . .

Eric Genesky04/23/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Apr. 23)

Today: The Digital Public Library of America (and their APIs), TokuDB goes open source, jQuery 2.0, and how superior technology will only distract you. Also: what does it look like to wring out a washcloth in space?

Reza Shafii04/23/13
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Mule ESB 3.4 Announced - Feature List

New features include improved HA where users can add and remove new nodes to and/from a cluster dynamically.

Christian Posta04/23/13
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Plugging the HawtIO Monitoring Webapp into a Stand-Alone ActiveMQ Instance

HawtIO is a new pluggable HTML5 dashboard for monitoring ActiveMQ, Camel, Karaf, Fuse Fabric, Tomcat, and other technologies. Actually, I was completely surprised to see the list of plugins already available and how HawtIO has already gained so much good traction. Not surprisingly though… it does some pretty cool stuff…

Senthamizh Chel...04/23/13
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Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.

Krzysztof Biga04/22/13
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Intellij IDEA 12 Android Support Review

A quick review of Intellij IDEA 12 Android development support.