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Mike Hadlow04/06/13
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Lua as a Distributed Workflow Language

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about ways of orchestrating long running workflows in a service oriented architecture.

Mohamed Sanaulla04/06/13
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Function Interface- A Functional Interface in the java.util.function Package in Java 8

If you are exploring the APIs to be part of Java 8 and especially those APIs which support lambda expressions you will find few interfaces like- Function, Supplier, Consumer, Predicate and others which are all part of the java.util.function package, being used extensively.

Eric Genesky04/06/13
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Big Data Cloud Interviews VoltDB

Here's an interview with Michael Stonebraker of VoltDB from Big Data Cloud back in January.

Magnus Palmér04/05/13
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Lightweight Testing of Heavyweight IBM Message Broker Solutions

This article shows a hands-on approach of how you can test your IBM WebSphere Message Broker solutions in a simple way using modern Groovy and Java tools.

Isaac Taylor04/05/13
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Reading Logs Disabled in Jelly Bean

Just a heads up for anyone looking to read the standard ADB logs directly within your application. From Jelly Bean and up, you won't be able to access them on a non-rooted device.

Mitch Pronschinske04/05/13
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Publishing a SOAP TEIID service

Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores. See how to publish a publish a TEIID web service using WSO API Manager in this screencast.

Sam Kyatham04/05/13
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Accessing System Variables Inside Spring Apps

Sometimes it is mandatory to to use environment/system variables or jvm parameters to make the applicaiton to work as expected in different environments.

Mark O'neill04/05/13
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Orchestration of a JSON API with a SOAP Web Service w/API Server

A frequent question about the Axway/Vordel API Server is "Is it possible to orchestrate multiple calls to different APIs or Web Services?". The answer is "Yes", and in this blog I'll show how. Along the way, we'll see how to configure JSON Path on the API Server.

Leigh Shevchik04/05/13
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Ward Cunningham Joins New Relic

In his prestigious career, Ward Cunningham has worn many hats: inventor of the Wiki, co-creator of Extreme Programming, Code For a Better World Fellow, CTO, published author, and more. But we think he may have save the best for last — Staff Engineer at New Relic.

Wayne Beaton04/05/13
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Eclipse at GitHub

Almost all Eclipse Git repositories are mirrored at GitHub. The mirrors were initially set up two years ago by the nice folks at GitHub with relatively little input from us.

Robert Nyman04/05/13
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Thoughts On Blink, Google’s New Rendering Engine

Yesterday, Google announced that they’re moving from the WebKit rendering engine to their own, named Blink, for Chromium. What does this mean for Chromium-based products and for WebKit?

Matthias Marschall04/05/13
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Is DevOps Just a Fad?

There are DevOps tools and DevOps job ads. People talk about culture and sharing and being nice to each other. Sounds pretty fishy, right? The only thing missing is a DevOps certification and we’re done with the DevOps hype. Is DevOps really just a fad? Let’s take a closer look…

Jim Bird04/05/13
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How Do You Measure DevOps?

If you’re trying to convince yourself (or the team or management) that your operations program needs to be changed for the better, and that trying a DevOps approach makes sense – or that your operations organization is improving, and that whatever changes you have made actually make a difference – you have to measure something(s). But what?

Tomasz Nurkiewicz04/05/13
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Scala traits implementation and interoperability. Part II: Traits linearization

The dreadful diamond problem can be mitigated using Scala traits and a process called linearization.

Allen Coin04/05/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/5)

Today: Programming is terrible, but what can you do about it? An interview with Alan Key, the new Facebook Home, and the story behind O'Reilly's book cover animals.