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Eric Genesky04/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Apr. 26)

Today: Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, safety in Rust 0.6, a clean architecture framework, and Ruby on Rails creator David Hansson on when empathy can be insulting. Plus: a 14-year-old McDonald's hamburger.

Mitch Pronschinske04/25/13
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Future of Testing and Quality

This session will look at the added complexity of Cloud, Open Source and Software Complexity on testing professionals through the lens of 2 years worth of research.

Mitch Pronschinske04/25/13
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Modern Enterprise Application Configuration with Spring

The Spring family of projects have long been some of the most important tools in the enterprise Java developer's toolkit. Very often though, Spring is characterized as being too dependent on XML-based configuration.

Andreas Kollegger04/25/13
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Gmail Email Analysis with Neo4j - and Spreadsheets

A bunch of different graphistas have pointed out to me in recent months that there is something funny about Graphs and email.

Peter Lawrey04/25/13
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Why a synchronized StringBuffer was never a good idea

StringBuffer is a synchronized class for mutable strings. The main problem with making it synchronized is that (1) It was usually used as a local variable so making it synchronized just made it slower. (2) It was never a good idea to use it in a multi-threaded way.

Martin Fowler04/25/13
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Broad-Stack Tests

A broad-stack test is a test that exercises most of the parts of a large application. It's often referred to as an end-to-end test or full-stack test. It lies in contrast to a ComponentTest, which only exercises a well-defined part of a system.

Andriy Redko04/25/13
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Fault Injection with Byteman and JUnit: Do Even More to Ensure Robustness of Your Applications

The time when our applications lived in isolation have passed long-long ago. Nowadays applications are a very complicated beasts talking to each other using myriads of APIs and protocols, storing data in traditional or NoSQL databases, sending messages and events over the wire .

Michael Kopp04/25/13
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So What? – Monitoring Hadoop beyond Ganglia

Over the last couple of months I have been talking to more and more customers who are either bringing their Hadoop clusters into production or that have . . .

Greg Ness04/25/13
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Hybrid Cloud Will Transform Disaster Recovery

Enterprises spend billions every year maintaining (and powering) duplicate racks and even entire datacenters, solely for occasional potential use, in the event of an unforeseen outage or disaster.

Mohamed Sanaulla04/25/13
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Template Method Pattern- Using Lambda Expressions, Default Methods

Consider the following scenario: Assume there is a workflow system in which 4 tasks have to be performed in the given order so as to successfully complete the workflow. Some of the tasks out of the 4 tasks can be customised by different workflow system implementation.

David Winterbottom04/25/13
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A Useful Git Post-Checkout Hook for Python Repos

Every now and again, an innocent python developer checks out a new Git branch then proceeds to bang their head against a bug caused by an orphaned.pyc file from the previous branch.

Johannes Brodwall04/25/13
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Scrum as an Impediment to Agility

As I’m working with smaller and more agile projects, I’m increasingly seeing the classic way that Scrum is executed as more of an impediment to agility than a helper.

Paul Wells04/25/13
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Ten Reasons Why CASE Tool Programming is Harder Than, say, Game Programming

CASE tool development is weighed down by a number of additional concerns which leave reduced development resources to devote to the graphical layer. This article lists those additional other concerns.

Eric Gregory04/25/13
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Make Yourself a Data Scientist

Troy Sadkowsky runs through some common challenges in becoming a data scientist, how to overcome them, and his own professional story.

Paul Underwood04/25/13
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Recreate The GitHub Search Box

In this tutorial we are going to recreate a slide out search box just like what you will find on Github.